Friday, August 17, 2018

Glen Greenwald Defends Alex Jones - No Surprize Here !

Democracy and Class Struggle says the debate around Alex Jones and hate speech on Google and Facebook and You Tube is no longer abstract but concrete and has real world implications as the families of the Sandy Hook victims found out.

Sam Biddle makes points similar to ourselves above - while we are against hate speech we do not see Google or Facebook or You Tube as judges of it - that should be socially determined and regulated not corporately and these tech monopolies should be broken up.

We also know that at periods of history that hate speech has been falsely used against the Left - but we are not dogmatists we evaluate our position today from current balance of class forces today not yesterday.

We welcome the take down of Alex Jones by activists like Right Wing Watch creating pressure on the tech giants limiting Alex Jones activities as part of the class struggle - they took down Alex Jones because of social pressure not desire.

We see freedom as a class concept  unlike Glen Greenwald who at best espouses an abstract anarchist view of freedom and not a revolutionary socialist one,

It is not a surprise to us for all his corporate denunciations he is happy to take  Pierre Mofad Omidyar money for the Intercept - 
we respectfully suggest that Glen Greenwald do his next investigative journalism article on Pierre Mofad Omidyar and the CIA instead of using anti corporate rhetoric to cover his tracks.

Glen Greenwald's  defense of Alex Jones is essentially the slippery slope defense. - but we are under no illusions that these tech giants act on behalf of US and Israel to close down or suspend sites at will as the recent actions on two Venezuelan sites show - this is nothing new. 

These and similar actions were done before Alex Jones takedown and irrespective of Alex Jones.

We have maintained than in event of war with Iran a large number of existing sites will be taken down by the US and Israeli Governments including our own.

In fact these take downs have already been simulated as part of US and Israeli Information War Games.

Glen Greenwald can volunteer for the gallows of free speech for Alex Jones and Nazis and Fascists but we do not have to follow his ahistorical view of the freedom struggle against fascism and nazism which was defeated by bullets not by Glen Greenwald's rhetoric.. 

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