Friday, August 31, 2018

Zakharchenko murder is an act of terrorism - The Minsk Accords are Dead they died with Zakharchenko

Democracy and Class Struggle says the Minsk agreement is dead - it died with  Zakharchenko .

“The assassination of the DPR head makes the Minsk accords devoid of sense,” Russian parliament speaker Alexander Volodin said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin lauded Zakharchenko, who was 42, as “a true people’s leader” and promised Donetsk residents that “Russia always will be with you.”

A statement from the Donetsk said on the killing  “it was conducted by special operations forces of Ukraine under control of US special services.”

“Instead of fulfilling the Minsk accords and finding ways to resolve the internal conflict, the Kiev war party is implementing a terrorist scenario,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said of Zakharchenko’s death.

 “Having failed to fulfill the promise of peace, apparently they decided to turn to a bloodbath.”


Zakharchenko’s murder “must show to the whole world what some people may have known … for some time, which is that Ukraine is not interested in a political settlement,” Laughland said. 

He also said that Poroshenko stated just recently that he is “adamantly opposed”to the idea of Ukraine’s federalization, which effectively means that he is against any autonomy for the eastern Ukrainian regions and is not eager to fulfill the Minsk Agreements.

His words were echoed by Jatras, who said that “if anyone had any doubt that the Minsk process was absolutely dead, this should end all such doubts.” Pavic, meanwhile, said that the murder was apparently “intended to undermine the new impetus given to the Minsk process after the latest Putin-Merkel meeting.”


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