Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Stalin is More Popular than Lenin in Russia

Democracy and Class Struggle does not always agree with Caleb Maupin on Russia but this video brings out a very important contradiction in Russian and Western mindsets about Stalin and to a lesser extent about Lenin..

Democracy and  Class Struggle looks for the silences about Russian History in West - what is not said for example in Western history books on Russia and Fascism is the existence of a Russian Fascist Movement in the 1930's just like fascist movements in other European countries - many Russian White Emigre organisations by the beginning of the 1930's called themselves Fascist based on Mussolini's Corporatism - I particularly have NTS in mind which was formed in exile in Yugoslavia which penetrated Soviet Military..

Other Russian Fascist Movements like the All Russian Fascist Union had a daily newspaper Nashe Put which was published in Harbin Manchuria and called for military to overthrow Stalin - something that nearly happened in 1937.

They are famous for saying Trotsky and their interests were similar - interestingly they were not anti semitic..

Then there were actual Russian Nazis the vicious anti semites the Rondists who translated Mein Kampf into Russian.

Russian Fascism is presented in West as a phantom in Stalin's deranged mind but it was an actual  Russian reality the story of which will enter the history books at some future time when we have real Russian histories not the ideological trash of the Robert Conquest school of disinformation and lies that passes for western truth.

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