Thursday, March 15, 2018

Defend Afrin: The Attacks on Afrin are attacks on the People

QAMISHLO-Erdogan, who inherited the mentality of genocide and the beliefs of his Ottoman ancestors and the legacy of Turkish Republic, is now leading an attack on Afrin to eliminate the democratic system in Rojava and North Syria.

The people of Afrin from different constituents stressed that the aim of this attack is the democratic system, so young people of all components are fighting shoulder to shoulder against Turkey.

Ottomans failed in fusion of peoples

Ottomans entered Middle East in 1000 BC via Iran. They took control of the peoples and countries of the area. Ottomans strengthened their authority in the name of Islam. 

However, many peoples and beliefs lived in the area, such as Kurdish people (Alawites, Muslims and Yezidis), as well as Armenians, Syriacs and many other minorities.

These peoples always sought to run their own affairs and fought against Ottoman Empire, where history mentions many popular revolts, but all these revolts were subjected to massacres. 

One of those peoples that have long demanded independence is Kurdish people.

Kurdish people fought many revolts against Ottoman Empire from 1806 to 2020.

All these revolts were met with iron and fire. Massacres were committed against Kurdish people, in addition to massacres against Armenians and Syriac since 1915, which killed more than 1.5 million people, and displaced more than 50,000 people.

Turkish Republic is an extension of Ottoman heritage

After the founding of Turkish Republic, it also carried with it the legacy of their Ottoman ancestors based on genocide and racism. On June 25, 1927, Turkish Grand National Assembly passed Resolution No. 1146, which stipulates the socialization and Islamization of all national and religious minorities in Turkey.

After this decision, Kurdish princes declared many revolts against Turkish Republic. These revolts spread from 1924 to 1935 and to continue the PKK revolution in 1978 to the present day.

Turkish state described Kurdish democracy movement with terrorism. With the emergence of PKK, between 1982 and 1999, Turkish state burned many Kurdish villages, displaced thousands of Kurds from their homes and killed thousands.

Erdogan is committed to the inheritance of one color

After IS mercenaries attacks on Syria, the people of Rojava committed themselves to a democratic ideology that accommodated all nationalities and beliefs, consolidated its unity with other peoples. In Rojava, Kurds live side by side with Arabs, Turkmen, Syriacs and Armenians fleeing from the oppression of Turkish state.

These peoples have been living in a state of democracy since 2011 amid the building of a democratic system. All components study in their own language and practice their beliefs freely, and protect their own areas and organize it.


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