Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Red Salute to Taylan Demerji Oglu (Kanaan Aktash) Guerilla Leninism Units

Guerilla  Leninism Units mourned the fighter Taylan Demerji Oglu (Kanaan Aktash) who was martyred in the Resistance of the Age in Afrin.

This came in an official statement issued by the leadership of the Guerilla-Lenin Units in Rojava.

The statement said “The enemy does not fight, yes it does not fight, it uses its military techniques and cowardly methods, each of which is a war crime.”

The statement  “The revolutionary forces, as well as the people of Afrin, the heroes, are launching a heroic campaign against the barbaric forces. There is not one village or one town that has not established a heroic epic against the enemies.”

The fighter Taylan Demerji Oglu (Kanaan Aktash) who was martyred in the resistance of the Age in Afrin. “Comrade Taylan has been in Afrin since the first day of the resistance, led the missile unit and inflicted painful blows on the enemy, and joined the convoy of martyrs with 4 fighters of the Liberation Forces (BÖG) and the People’s Protection Units by air strike.”

The leadership of the Guerilla -Leninism units said in a statement that the fighter had contributed in his struggle to “strengthen their revolutionary march, so that the red flag would remain forever.”

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