Thursday, March 29, 2018

Russia's Dilemma ! Top Russian Pundits: Cooperation With West Useless; Russia Needs To Become Self-Reliant

Democracy and Class Struggle says Russophobia has replaced anti Communism in West and places Russia in a dilemma - is there anything Russia  can do to normalize relations with the West ?

The answer is no there is nothing they can do under current global capitalist imperialist system  -  except return to socialism of a more self reliant kind and kick out the liberals and atlanticists and stupid conservatives that fostered illusions about the West and build a strong Russia on a new self reliant socialist revolutionary base.

The Soviet Union was respected in the world despite its revisionist  degeneration - it was also feared.

Before its revisionist phase the Soviet Economy was minimally affected by the world economy.

Respect comes from fear if friendliness does not work.

While the main problem for Russia is Western Russophobia Russia does not always play it cards correctly - there are always those who for money even in the FSB and other security organizations who think their positions are a new capitalist opportunity to make themselves rich.

The only way to bring loyalty is to bring a new socialist culture back to Russia.

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