Monday, March 26, 2018

Russian diplomats expulsions: What message is the US sending to Russia?

Democracy and Class Struggle says it was not difficult to see this coming - Trump has proved to be the liability we said he was all along and those voices in the Russian Foreign Ministry who knew this were ignored. 

Whatever the truth of Putin's role in relation to Trump of late we have noticed much Putin hubris during the election and not the modesty we were used to seeing from him.The blatant carousel voting was hardly hidden from voting booth cameras that even the CPRF had to protest.

The inter capitalist contradictions and inter imperialist and anti hegemonic contradictions are all in play with the most warlike USA  bringing on board Bolton and Pompeo with one aim war - from Iran to North Korea to Syria.

Putin had better play a better game of chess - or simply throw Trump under the Mueller bus and normalize US Russian relations - the consequences of everything going in wrong direction at the wrong time is horrendous and that spells nemesis.

We find the Salisbury incident an incredibly convenient event for the anti Russia lobby irrespective of who carried it out - we find it difficult to believe Russia would be so stupid as to do it - but hubris does make people do stupid things.

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