Saturday, March 31, 2018

Putin: The Documentary - Democracy and Class Struggle on Putin

Democracy and Class Struggle's view of Putin is contradictory because Putin himself is contradictory - we might even say he reflects the contradictory character of the reality of our times - the good and the bad - we think that will be the verdict of history.

Putin see's State Capitalism and the market economy as a road to the future - he sees Communism just as a past dream -  we see it as a future reality as Marx said Communism is the real movement in society it is not just an ideal/dream.

We see the future as socialist and the development of a non market economies - in its early transitional form based on self reliance and Russia will have to recognise that real movement to survive.

The historic fact is that Putin has earned his place in history by stabilising and rebuilding Russia on a bourgeois basis -  whether that base will lead to an ultra conservative new Russian Fascism or a new revitalised Communism is still an open question and Putin by triangulating left and right has made it so.

Rectification of the International Communist Movement is underway but proceeds very slowly in Russia which still carries much revisionist baggage.

Russia's investment in revisionist communism was very high - which is why the baggage is so heavy.

Our view is that Putin has passed his sell by date and new leadership from the revolutionary Communist Left needs to emerge in Russia NOW or Russia may even lose its current real gains if a Post Putin Capitalist Russia is left to Russian conservatives, liberals and Atlanticists - the real capitalist lickspittles in Russia.

Democracy and Class Struggle says Putin has an ambiguous relationship to Communism and CPSU for him the revisionist Communist Party was part of the Russian State Structure that needed to be preserved in a retrospective way.

Hence his admiration for Tolstoy the legal scholar and his former teacher who is not a communist but defends revisionist CPSU.

The only person in Soviet History that comes near to Putin's Russian State worship is Lavrentia Beria who thought Marxism Leninism clap trap but believed deeply in the Russian/Soviet  State despite the fact he was a Georgian - Beria was also one of the most competent organisers as his role in Soviet Atom Bomb project showed. 

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