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Interview with Comrade Kiran : Revolution has not paused; it is developing on slow or, fast speed.

(An interview with the chairman of CPN-Maoist Comrade Kiran)

1. International

How do you evaluate present international situation?
Electronic communication and information technology has developed significantly since some decades. It is a qualitative progress in the sector of productive force.

But, the hegemony of imperialism is there in this area, and American imperialism is dreaming of unipolar world system by standing on this base.

But, the crisis which has rapidly grown around 2008 A.D has affected United States of America and several European countries. The crisis is the consequences of unproductive investment in army sector and cut off of the financial capital from production.

Imperialism doesn't have the real solution of this crisis, as consequences of development and rapid growth of such crisis in United States of America and other countries, on the one hands the peoples of all over the world are being attracted toward socialism and fed up with imperialism and one on the other, the possibility of workers movement also being strong in the developed countries.

In competition with American Imperialism other competitive forums are also developing now. In this situation there is not possibility of fulfillment of the dream of unipolar world system of American imperialism.

American imperialism and its allied forces are accelerating their movement of interference now Libya to Syria by capturing the oil stock of Middle East including the Arab countries to avoid the crisis and they themselves are circling on the maze of this movement.

Presently, in the world development of the contradictions among the imperialist countries and the contradictions between capitalist  and  proletariat  class  becomes sometime slow and sometime fast.

Even now the contradictions between imperialism and the oppressed countries is static as the principal contradictions. Revolution is the main tendency of the world even today.

Observing in totality, we get objective situation favorable for revolution. But, the
subjective condition is weaker in comparison.

The set back of Revolution on Peru and emergence of capitulationism and rightist liquidationism in Nepal is the subject of worry. But in some of the countries of the world there are serious attempt of revolution and CPI (Maoist) is presenting itself effectively in this area. In this time, the main duty of the revolutionary communists of the world is to build the subjective situation strong and start to prepare for revolution by focusing on the struggle against imperialism and reaction.

Revolution has not paused; it is developing on slow or, fast speed. History of revolution is based on the dialectics of ebb and flow. Defect of all types of imperialism and reaction and victory of scientific socialism is inevitable. At last, no one can stop the progressive development of history and speed and velocity of revolution.

Can you please, describe in briefly about the international communist movement since after the death of Mao to till now?

After the death of comrade Mao, revisionism has got opportunity to raise its head forcefully in international communist movement and rightist revisionism is being the main danger for revolution in world level. Today, international communist movement has divided in two by one. There is a severe struggle of do or die, between revolutionary line and opportunist line. The revolutionary communists are moving forward by waging strong struggle against rightist revisionism and raising the red flag of Marxism-Leninism- Maoism and communism in new height.

How is the condition of Revolutionary Internationalist  Movement (RIM)  at present?  How does Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist is perceiving its future?

Now, the situation of Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) is somewhat weak and ill managed. It can't move in this present situation. It should organize in a new way. The concern parties and organization have to pay enough attention on it. At last, its future seems bright.

Comrade Chairman, let me go on some theoretical queries. There is difference in time analysis of imperialism at present and its development between neo-Marxist and the bourgeois thinkers, what is the analysis of CPN-Maoist regarding it?

Lenin has defined imperialism as monopoly capitalism. In its essence, even today imperialism is same as Lenin has analyzed about it. But, there is little bit change and development on its form. Though, imperialism itself is globalized, but because of development on electronic information technology and the success of imperialism to capture on it, imperialism is being more and widely globalized than past.

Even in Lenin's time the capitalist thinkers and revisionist elements were active to glorify the imperialism. Even today such thinker and elements who glorify the imperialism have emerged. It is not new and strange. Though there is change in form of imperialism but not in essence. Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism and it is monopoly capitalism.

                  Not only bourgeois thinkers and neo- Marxist but even the UCPN (Maoist) has declined through the Chun-Bang meeting that many of analysis on imperialism of Lenin and Mao has been irrelevance now. Almost all of the comrades of the newly organized CPN-Maoist were there in that meeting; how does your party, CPN-Maoist, review this decision?

The analysis of imperialism in the passed proposal of Chun Bang meeting is based on pessimism, liquidationism and national capitulatism. This proposal is against the analysis of imperialism made by Lenin and norms developed by Mao. After such analysis about imperialism, the proposal has severely deconstructed Marxism-Leninism-Maoism by saying that the party-line and tactics developed by Lenin and Mao is irrelevant. One of the main features of neo- revisionism has manifested in such analysis of imperialism. This analysis has pushed the offensive and revolutionary essence of Marxism in defensive condition.

At the Palungtar extended meeting Baburam has analysed about two new features of imperialism; as financial capital and Hyper-Dominance of American imperialism and said that the tactic and party-line of new democratic revolution and socialist revolution developed by Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Revolutionary
Internationalist Movement have lost its validity and need a new party-line. What is your party’s view?

The analysis of Imperialism by Bhattarai is the continuation of the description submitted at Chun Bang. This description is far back from the analysis made by Lenin. And this proposal is in favor of accepting the Imperialism stragically as real Tiger by going back from the analysis of Mao about which he has said that Imperialism is merely Tiger tactically. From this analysis they have gone back from the establishment of new democratic Republic in the name of development of tactics and strategy and adopting the opportunist tactics and line of Loktantrik Ganatantra (democratic republic).

At present in the world, in what form and essence of colonialism has existed?

After Second World War imperialism has adopted a new form in the place of colonial oppression. But in essence it is same as colonial oppression. Such new form of oppression is known as neo-colonialism. In this course, they create the agent in the concerned country, make puppet government by this agent and fulfilled their economical, political, cultural and strategic interests by this government. This method is different than the direct military intervention. They can use method of military intervention if needed or, can merge the concerned country by different way. New-colonialism is more danger than old type of colonialism.

How do you respond Baburam Bhattarai’s view that says the national struggle of oppressed states against the imperialism especially American imperialism is impossible?

The principal contradiction of the present world is the contradiction between imperialism and oppressed countries. Even today American imperialism is the main oppressor for the oppressed countries. Baburam has hidden and destroyed this reality. It should be taken as the shameless protection and act of agent of Imperialism.

After WW-II and especially after 1970 bourgeois economists, neo-Trotskyites and neo-Marxists has made various research on the development of globalized form of imperialism in their way. And by this they try to prove Lenin’s analysis of imperialism useless now. But Marxists-Leninists haven’t objectively studied and researched

about the development of capitalism or, imperialism. How your party observes this situation? And, do you have any plan to fill the vacuum?

By understanding the developing features of imperialism to unveil the illusions created by bourgeois economist and Trotskyites and to develop the party line and tactic, the process of study needs to forward. Party is serious on it.


How do you prove the relevance inevitableness and necessity of the CPN- Maoist which has recently formed by the split of UCPN (Maoist)?

Correlation is needed among the basic principle, party line, main strategy and tactics to be remaining united any revolutionary communist party. But, it didn't seem among us.

Marxism–Leninism-Maoism has been adopting as the guide line principle of party but Prachanda-Baburam group presented the terms Maoism and Mao-thought as parallel being eclectist. Instead of taking the political line and tactic suited for new Democratic Republic, they have adopted opposite line, tactic and strategy of reformism and parliamentarism. Instead of creating a united front with the forces that are against feudalism and imperialism, expansionism, the policy of creating united front with the opposite forces had adopted.

The need was to take stand against class-enemy and to make party as the frontline of proletariat but they have caught the way of national capitulationism and class-capitulationism. There was not any other option than to break relation with opportunism and the declaration of new party was an inevitable need.

National Convention of your party held on 16-18 June of this year has declared the Prachanda-Baburam group as neo- revisionist. In what issues they are different than old and modern revisionist so, you have categorized them as neo-revisionist?

Yes, the Nation Convention of our Party, Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist that concluded on 16-18 June, 2012 has defined and described Prachanda-Baburam group as neo-revisionist group. There is similarity between traditional and modern revisionism and neo-revisionism in essence but is difference in form.

Traditional revisionism openly and overtly opposes and discards the basic principles of Marxism such as dialactical
and historical materialism, class-struggle, armed-struggle, proletariat dictatorship etc. Modern revisionism opposes Marxism from under the veil of Marxism. 

But neo-revisionism hits on Marxism by pretending the acceptance of principles of Marxism and on the name of creative implementation of Marxism and opposition of dogmatism.

Neo-revisionism has adopted traditional (old) revisionism's rightist and centrist tendency and eclectic thought. It also uses the modern revisionist norm i.e. veil of Marxism. More, it opposes the dogmatism and in the name of creative use and uniqueness of Marxism it opposes Marxism. Such types of neo-revisionism should take as the totality of rightist liquidationism, class capitulationism and national capitulationism. It liquidizes and discards revolutionary theory, politics, organization, proletarian stand, etc. In essence, traditional (old), modern and neo all types of revisionism should be taken as a form of capitalist thought.

Prachanda-Baburam has passed the proposal of “Development of democracy in 21st century” by the full meeting of Central Committee in 2004 and claimed it as the higher development thought of proletarian democracy given by Marx, Engels, Lenin and Mao. How does your party take this?

In the full meeting of Central Committee of the then CPN (Maoist) held on April 2004 (Jestha, 2060 B.S.) the proposal of "Development of Democracy in 21st century" has passed. In this proposal, it has mentioned that to develop the democracy not only co-operative but also competitive role can be managed even with friendly parties.

But, after accepting the peace process when the competition started with other parties more than friendly parties and they made plan for multi-party competition as the norms of old (Traditional) capitalist.

Regarding the democracy, at that time it was cleared that proposal was in opposition of class struggle and proletariat dictatorship. So, we have opposed the proposal of development of democracy as the proposal which is not for development of democracy in reality but it is with the objective to make base to jump on bourgeois parliamentarian system.

How do you see the famous Chun-Bang meeting of CPN (Maoist) and the party-line adopted by that meeting? 

The political party-line which had passed by the Chun Bang meeting of Central Committee
held on September-October 2006 is basically rightist opportunist. 

In the condition of rapidly development on the construction of people's governments (People's commune) and establishment of base area, the forwarding policy of making United Front on the base of establishment of Loktantrik Ganatantra (democratic republic) and making the plan of strategic attack for was in fact contradictory.

 Do you also agree with Prachanda-Baburam that it is impossible to reach in new democratic republic without crossing the phase of bourgeois democratic republic in the context of our country?

Yes, the slogan of bourgeois democratic republic is the slogan of old capitalist democratic revolution against feudalism. France had seen as a role model in the world which had completed the capitalist democratic revolution by raising the slogan of democratic republic by opposing the feudalism. But, the world has changed a lot. Capitalism has taken the form of imperialism. Capitalist class has lost its progressive characteristic. As the most progressive and revolutionary class, the proletariat class has born and developed in the world. Two World Wars have concluded.

The socialist revolution has completed in Russia in the leadership of Proletariat class and we have the history of several countries which are in this direction. In this background the capitalist-democratic revolution in any semi-feudal, semi-colonial, or neo-colonial country will not as same as old but it will be new. The form of such revolution will not only in against of feudalism but also against imperialism. This is true for Nepal also.
By observing all of this it is cleared that to talk about the different Phase of bourgeois democratic republic in the context of Nepal is to go back in one hand and to show the devotion to imperialism and expansionism on the other hand.

There is blame on you that on the recently concluded National Convention you have presented illusionary view regarding basic and principal contradictions. How do you defend it?

It is not true to say that our party-line was not clear before the partition of party and has not seemed basically different than of Prachanda- Baburam. We have declared Prachanda- Baburam faction as neo-revisionist group.

There is difference in party-line between our party, CPN- Maoist and neo-revisionist group theoretically, politically, on organizational view point etc, and
it can be presented briefly in this way: 

First: Question of guideline principle. There are two sides in this question.

One side is related with the use of both terminologies, Maoism and Mao-thought. We have accepted Marxism- Leninism-Maoism as the guide-line principle of our party. The neo-revisionist group believes in Marxism-Leninism-Maoism/thought. We had been struggling from the beginning by saying that we shouldn't use the terminologies such as Maoism and Mao-thought as parallel. From the National Convention which had concluded recently, we have decided to use only the term Maoism. But, the neo-revisionist group has used both.

Regarding the question of guideline principle of the party, the difference between our Party and neo-revisionist group related on the question whether assimilate the principle correctly or, distorting and wrongly define it. In this context, an article with title "Today's Marxism" (Rato Jhilko. Quarterly, year-I, Issue – 1 July-September, 2009) written by Baburam Bhattarai is notable. 

He has talked about the re- establishment or re-definition of Marxism. It says" The science and thought – system higher than Marxism may be invented immediately?" It is a serious question on Marxism. In this article, he has wrongly described the already accepted essence and principles of Marxism such as class- struggle, use of force and proletariat dictatorship.

Along this, he has also has written in this article, "The Marxists of present world have to think about the reality that today's world is being a bit more Trotskyite than Stalinist. It is notable that this article has become the foundation base of neo-revisionist group. All reactionary and opportunists are praising for this article. We are strongly opposing this article.

Second:  Question on analysis of imperialism. Lenin had explained imperialism as the monopoly capitalism and Mao also had used the same analysis as base. According to this analysis they had determined the strategy and tactics of proletarian class. Even today, we basically view that the analysis of imperialism and the policy determined by Lenin and Mao on the basis of this analysis is correct. 

But, the neo-revisionist group says that the analysis of Lenin and Mao is irrelevant and they portrait imperialism as immortal and claimed that we can't mobilize struggle against it. After such analysis they gave up the policy and program of new democratic revolution and have adopted the policy and program of Loktantrik Ganatantra (democratic republic).

Third: Question on basic program. We have adopted the program of new democratic republic as the basic program of our party in the context of Nepal which is in the situation of semi- feudal, semi-colonial and neo-colonial. But, neo- revisionist group has given up the program of New democratic revolution has almost concluded and strategy to, conclude the remaining task of revolution has automatically connected with the strategy of making plan for socialist revolution. On one side, they have mixed the democratic and socialist revolution being eclecticism and on the other, they are presenting the establishment of democratic republic as democratic revolution. It should be understood as the discards of policy and program of new democracy.

Fourth: Question on protection of national sovereignty. We are specially focusing on the issue of protection of national sovereignty and in this question we are talking about the struggle against Indian expansionist intervention. But, neo-revisionist group has left the issue of national sovereignty and is sinking on the quicksand of national capitulationism.

Fifth: Question on principal contradiction. We have passed the view that says even now, there is national comprador capitalist – class, bureaucratic capitalist class and feudal class with Indian expansionism in one side and Nepalese peoples in other side and there is principal contradiction between them.

But, neo- revisionist are going back from the previously passed decision on this issue of principal contradiction and are presenting themselves with unstable, unclear, and abstract views. In brief, they have adopted the policy of serving as agent of the Indian expansion.

Sixth: Question of formation of revolutionary communist Party. We want to create a new type of revolutionary communist party as the political frontline of Nepalese proletariat class. But, in opposing of this, neo-revisionist group has exercised to change the color of revolutionary communist Party and to transfer it in opportunist Party. 

Lenin has told about the intimate relation between imperialism and revisionism and on the protection and in support of imperialism the revisionism grows. This has implied on the neo-revisionist group. The neo- revisionist group has changed the revolutionary communist party into elite party. That's way we are in break up with such opportunism.

You have a blame that in the time when you were in UCPN (Maoist) your group hadn’t clear on party-line and even after the
formation of CPN-Maoist also your party has not basically difference party-line than of Prachanda-Baburam. How do you address this?

The decision taken by our National Convention regarding the principal contradiction is theoretically and objectively correct. On his book entitled 'On contradiction' Mao has clearly mentioned that theoretically in any semi-colonial and semi-feudal country when the enemy force stand on single line two basic contradiction related with the protection of national sovereignty and establishment of democracy dissolves within each other and can be changed on a single principal contradiction. On the subject and issue of studying the practical and concrete objective situation of present Nepal, we are paying attention especially on it.

For example Nepal is now not only on the condition of neo-colonial but also in semi colonial and semi-feudal situation. Now Indian expansionism has taken the political force that represents comprador capitalist class which is in favor of India and has constructed the puppet government as the tool of fulfilling its interest. Indian expansionism is presenting itself as the barrier of Nepalese democratic revolution. So, principally and practically our vision about basic and principal contradiction is correct and scientific.

What do you say on the saying that for the degeneration of UCPN (Maoist) in this level the unclear and compromising way of your group in two-line struggle is responsible?

Yes, we have made some errors, mistakes and weaknesses. We have made self-criticism about our metaphysical, fideism and liberal weaknesses and issues. Even in the course of two line struggle, we couldn't be aware on it which was our mistake. It is necessary to learn lesson from such mistake.

After the split both of Maoist parties are competing to take support of ethnic groups. By observing this, people’s are saying that even the newly formed Maoist is not serious to correctly address the problems of Nepalese peoples by class-struggle and by giving the right solution of ethnic problem.

There is not any competition on ethnic issues. Ethnic issue is a main issue of Nepalese new democratic revolution. We mainly focus on the question of class. But it doesn't mean that we leave ethnic issue. There is special identity or importance of ethnic problem and we have to search solution according to this problem.

But again, at last the ethnic problem is class problem.

 How seriously have you taken the issue of Citizenship which is uses to be big issues times and again?

 Yes, the question of Citizenship has seriously linked with the national sovereignty in Nepal. There are two sides of this problem. First, the poor peoples who dwell in Madesh/Tarai can't get citizenship easily even now. Second, several Indian citizens are getting citizenship easily. We have taken this condition seriously.

Are you satisfied with what the Nepalese peoples have got in return of their sacrifices in movements, struggles, and people’s war?

There is no question of satisfaction. In the whole Nepalese revolution and in course of great people's war, peoples have made records of sacrifice, bravery and contribution. We can't limit us only with the goal of republic and secularism. Our country was in the condition of semi-feudal and semi-colonial situation when we had started the people's war and even now it is in the same condition. The main task is to liberate the country from semi-feudal, semi-colonial and neo-colonial situation and to conclude the new democratic revolution.

Then CPN (Maoist) has deviated from Leninist organizational structure. In this context you have taken the leadership of the party. What are your plans on it?

Yes, party has become unmanaged since it became open. We are serious on this situation.

The action of breaking up with the opportunism and formation of new party has provided important base to make a new type of discipline and revolutionary party.

We have to work hard to make the party a real vanguard of proletariat. To the present, we have decided to make a code of conduct. We are going to organize a general congress of the Party soon. To make the revolutionary party, on the one hand the revolutionary ideological and strategic line plays important role and on the other side the purification movement also should mobilize when needed. We are also serious on these issues.

What types of plan and programs are there with newly formed CPN-Maoist to resolve the contemporary political, economic, cultural problems?

The Party policy is to go to struggle by picking up the current problems related with existing political  and            economic  issues,  national democracy and livelihood. 

Party is seriously thinking about the mobilization of struggle on the issue of protection of national sovereignty. Along this we have decided to start struggle on the issues of inflation (highly raising price of goods), fertilizer, and raising price of petroleum products and struggle against corruption by taking action against corrupt peoples and unveiling them publicly.

Than Party leadership has already dissolved the revolutionary communes, base areas, People’s Liberation Army. In this situation what kinds of plans and programs do you have to fulfill the promise that you have done in the initial days of People’s war? Even now we are rigid on fulfilling the promise that we made in front of the peoples. We have decided to forward the preparatory task effectively related with ideological, political, and organizational and struggle to conclude the new democratic revolution.

At last, a query on Marxist philosophy, we haven’t got any significant development in the area of philosophy of International Communist Movement after Marx, Engels and Lenin. But science has developed significantly  and  excessively.  New branches of science have come in existence

Bourgeois philosophers are saying that natural science, Biology, military science, chemistry etc., have invented many things which has pushed Marxist norms and values back. What do you think, which is the best way for Marxist in this situation?

In the area of philosophy on the international communist movement, Mao has contributed after Marx, Engels, and Lenin. Mao has lifted up the philosophy in qualitative height and we never can forget his contribution.

Yes, in various branch of science there is significant development. The whole world know that the bourgeois thinkers are saying that with the new invention on science, Marxist philosophy are irrelevance. We have to focus on two issues on this context. First, the bourgeois philosophy of today is the post-modernist philosophy and it is in opposition of total objective reality, history, revolution, class liberation and science.

Marxists have to condemn on it logically and are doing so. Second, it is necessary to develop and make dialectical and historical materialism prosperous on the base of new thought and development in on science. But, we have to understand that the development and progress on the various branch of science has clearly protecting the Marxist philosophy and rejecting the capitalist philosophy.

Source: Maoist Outlook

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