Saturday, February 24, 2018

United States imposes" largest ever "sanctions on North Korea

Democracy and Class Struggle says the United States is not interested in peace on the Korean Peninsula and has never been since 1945 when in an office in Washington without the consent of Koreans drew up the 38th Parallel and divided North and South.

Peace on the Korean Peninsula means the USA has no justification for interfering in the internal affairs of South Korea and limits the US Asian Pivot Strategy against China,

The Korean People are interested in Peace on their peninsula but they will have to demonstrate their desire for Peace with active measures against the US and Japan - the principal warmoners in North Asia in the coming weeks and months.

The sanctions are just a slow war and leading to faster war - the People of the Korean Peninsula can walk quietly to their death led by global pied piper of death the United States or they can make some radical decisions to survive in the next weeks and months.

A strategy for survival is key followed by tactics to limit US and Japanese influence and military effectiveness in North Asia which also happens to be in Russian and Chinese self interest.

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