Friday, February 16, 2018

Spokesman of YPG: We do not oppose any party wants to support us

The spokesman for the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Afrin, Brusk Hasakah, said that they do not oppose any party if it wants to support them, pointing out that their forces did not formally invite the forces of the regime or Russia to enter Afrin.

This came during a telephone call to the spokesman of (YPG) in Afrin, Brusk Hasaka, during his participation in the news of Ronahi channel.

He said “We are not fighting only one side, but we are fighting several sides. We are fighting Turkey, the second force in NATO, and those who claim to be a free army and al-Qaeda.”

Brusk explained that Afrin is Syrian land and its Kurdish people are part of the Syrian people. 

He pointed out that the rumors that the People’s Protection Units and the Syrian Democratic Forces demanded that the forces of the regime or Russia enter Afrin are not correct and said that “the rumors that have emerged are far from reality and we did not formally request them to enter Afrin.”

He stressed that they do not oppose the offer of any party, support, as happened in Kobani when the international coalition supported them in the fight against IS.

He pointed out that the whole world was looking at Afrin and its forces with a “small eye,” and referred to the Turkish statements to enter Afrin within two days, but the resistance shown by our forces and the people, amazed the world and proved the contrary.

He concluded by saying that they took their will from the resistance shown by the martyrs and the people in confronting the aggression

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