Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Eight Youths Incident at Guangdong University of Technology has caused a public uproar : Mao still speaks to the Youth of China

The recent arrest and manhunt of eight youths for participating in a [Marxist] reading session at Guangdong University of Technology (GUT) caused a major public uproar. 

Numerous students and other people have expressed solidarity with the youths and called for justice.'

The severe handling and the public response to the “Eight Youths” Incident are unheard of. 

The incident has yet to be publicly confirmed by the police since their intrusion of the reading session on November 15th, 2017. Zhang, Sun, Zheng, and Ye are bailed from remand while the other four youths are still wanted.

On 15 November, two youths taking part in a leftist reading circle at Guangdong University of Technology in Guangzhou, were arrested by police on the ridiculous pretext of “illegal business operations”. 

This was later changed to “gathering crowds to disturb social order”, a very common charge against worker activists and others. 

Half a month later, two organisers of the reading group were detained on the same charge. 

Four other participants are still wanted by the police.
At least seven of the eight youth are Maoist comrades.

Three staff members from a well-known labour NGO in Guangdong were sentenced to harsh prison terms in 2016

So the growing number of young leftists, representing the radicalisation of the Chinese masses, and their attempts to propagandise Maoism as contemporary Marxism, seems very dangerous to the CCP whose rule is based on “capitalism with Chinese characteristics”.


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