Monday, February 26, 2018

Peace Opportunity missed for Korea - US not interested in talks unless precondition of De-nuclearisation met

Democracy and Class Struggle says this report from South Korean TV confirms that no meeting occurred between Kim Young - chol and Alison Hooker of the NSC.

The United States is not interested in talks unless its pre-condition of de- nuclearisation is met.

If this is the US idea of negotiations there are not or never will be negotiations with North Korea.

However talking in one thing actions are something else and US provocative actions speak louder than words.

1. The United States is proceeding with the joint military exercises with South Korea which simulate invasion of North Korea and decapitation of its leadership.

2'  The United States is proceeding with "interdiction" on the high seas of North Korean and its trading partners ships an ACT OF WAR.

3.The United States may be planning according to Foreign Policy a  major cyber attack on North Korea as a prelude to military assault.

With these provocative lines in place War is coming o the Korean Peninsula and nothing other than radical decisions in Seoul will stop it - but Moon Jae-in does not give us any confidence in his ability to restrain US drive to War.


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