Monday, July 1, 2013

Egypt massive anti-govt rally in Cairo's Tahrir Square 30 june 2013

Huge protests across Egypt calling for the resignation of President Mohammed Morsi have taken place through the night, with some outbreaks of violence.

In the capital, Cairo, tens of thousands of people massed in Tahrir Square and outside the presidential palace in the biggest demonstration there since the 2011 revolution.

At least one person was killed in clashes at Cairo's headquarters of Mr Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood movement.

Four others died in clashes elsewhere.

Millions of protesters across the country accuse the country's first Islamist president of failing to tackle economic and security problems since taking power a year ago.

Democracy and Class Struggle welcomes the exposure of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt but is well aware that other pro - neo liberal contenders are trying to hi jack the people's movement, we have warned about Otpor but they are only one of many organisations and states like Qatar and Saudi Arabia trying to subvert the Egyptian Revolution, until a revolutionary party, a united front and people's army come into existence in Egypt guided by Marxism Leninism Maoism there will be no permanent gains from the struggle.


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