Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Uprising in England in 2011

Source: Pan Afrikan Voice

The interesting thing is that nobody knows what's happening. When these same events takes place abroad, journalists and politicians in Britain can immediately identify the causes.Therefore,all we're hearing from the people in charge here and their media, is their half baked ideas.
I think it would be a sad day in Britain if talks of using water cannon and bringing in the army were to be seriously considered. Look at other parts of the world where there measures have been implement by desperate regimes and see if people just rolled over.
David Lammy was so incensed, almost at the point of having an heart attack, because his (white or apolitical black) constituents told him that "what's going on is a disgrace".

Diane Abbott thinks some kind of "curfew should be imposed to prevent people from leaving their homes".

The Home secretary Theresa May think that what's taking place is "pure criminality". Hopefully she'll recognise criminality when so called and failing businesses begin to make fraudulent insurance claims.

Do you recall hearing any of the above saying their colleagues who fraudulently claimed monies from the public purse or the bankers who paid themselves excessive bonuses;The supermarket raking it in and paying their staff minimum wages,the utilities who make billions in profits and continuing to hike up prices are criminals?

The killing of Mark Duggan would appear to be the straw that broke the camel's back. So no amount of getting his family to condemn the reactions of people is going to intimidate protesters.

We've seen police excess rewarded and never punished.There is the case of the Hackney Man leaving the pub with a chair leg in a bag being shot by the police; There is the murder of an innocent man murdered at Stockwell tube station; The murder of the paper seller in the city and now Mark Duggan.

In each of those cases the police attempt to lie their way out of their illegal actions. Consequently costing the taxpayers millions of pounds for some meaningless enquiry-report which always let the police off and the eminent judge richer.

David Cameron was one of the MPs, who made immodest claims for his Kitchen refurbish. The same person who want to repay the deficit quickly though painful and telling us that "we're all in it together".

Cameron is not loosing his job, his family and friends are not affected by the cuts he is spearheading. When the electricity, gas prices and transport cost increases he and his millionaire cabinet colleagues won't even notice.

People are concerned about not having any meaningful say, no representation and while they have no future, they see the privilege others milking the state - paying for nothing and having a way of claiming for everything.

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Lynn Nackson said...

I had no idea all this was going on in England. Sadly, I see the similarity in the USA and fear similar uprisings. I live in abject poverty. I am 61, mentally ill, physically disabled, and am not even allowed a grant to pursue my art. I am an American. Lynn Nackson