Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Police lied about Mark Duggan death the IPCC already expose fact that Mark Duggan did not fire gun.

The bullet the police claim hit one of their men's radios was of police issue and not from Mark Duggan's gun.

This is already revealed by police IPCC investigation.

This makes the call for an independent investigation into this police execution of Mark Duggan even more important.

Contrary to the nonsense in the right wing media in the UK it was "robust" aggressive policing that shoot first and asks questions later policy of the metropolitan police that killed Mark Duggan.

The Daily Mail is calling for more aggressive policing and denying that the 70 per cent cut back in youth services in Tottenham is relevant to the current social explosion.Littlejohn in the Mail has a theory of violent shopping and not aggressive policing or government cut in EMA and youth services has the basis for the current social explosion.

This right wing nonsense must be combated with cool reason and facts- this Con Dem government like Littlejohn in the Daily Mail have lost contact with reality.

The Youth in rebellion have had the reality of cuts and aggressive policing in their face. Unlike the Daily Mail and Littlejohn who are removed from this daily grind people know the truth in their life and hence the social explosion we are witnessing today.


Anonymous said...

If you pull out a gun in front of the police surely they should shoot you, or do they wait to be shot themselves...?

Chris Deacon said...

the gun Mark Duggan was ALLEGED to have been carrying was later 'found' by 'the wayside'.

HOW did a police issue bullet become lodged in a police radio? is the question I want answered.

Chris Deacon said...

the gun alleged to be in the posession of mark duggan was later 'found by the wayside'.

HOW did a police issue bullet become lodged in a police radio??

this question needs to be answered.

Anonymous said...

actually the gun was found still in his sock

Anonymous said...

That's BS, you honestly believe that gun was put in the sock. It was planted on him their trying to wiggle their way out. It's another Ian Tomlinson, Charles de menez, and Smiley culture.