Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Questions on the Uprising in England in 2011 - reply to a German Comrade

What are the reasons for the rebellion ?

The current rebellion in England was triggered by the Metropolitan police execution of Mark Duggan in Tottenham on 4th August 2011.

However the Metropolitan police shoot first ask questions later goes back years to the execution of Charles de Menendez on the London Underground.

The killing of Ian Tomlinson, the death on arrest of Smiley Culture,with the execution of Mark Duggan acting as the final straw in a line of recent police killings.

Who are the participants ?

The participants in the rebellion are the inner city youth from the deprived boroughs which have been at the receiving end of the savage Con Dem Government cuts.Youth services in the borough that Tottenham is in have been cut by 70 per cent.

The combination of government cuts and aggressive policing has led to this social explosion.

What role is the Left Playing ?

The movement is largely spontaneous with some organised Anarchist elements, especially skilled in utilising new communications technologies like blackberry messenging.

The movement has the "faceless" character of many European,North African and Middle East protests to defend key organisers.

The traditional left has been active in the anti cuts campaign and the March 26th and June 30th mobilisations and strikes.

However the traditional left are tailing and not leading the current protests.

The social democrats from the deprived inner London boroughs like David Lamy and Diane Abbott are condemning the uprisings and even calling for curfews.

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