Saturday, January 30, 2010

Statement from Democracy and Class Struggle to the Meeting of MLM Organisations in Paris 30th to 31st. January, 2010

Democracy and Class Struggle welcomes the meeting in Paris on 30th - 31st January 2010 which seeks to develop Marxist Leninist Maoist Party building in Europe.

In Britain we have embarked on the preparatory stage of party building through the Co-ordination Committee of the Revolutionary Communists of Britain.

We agree with the Maoist Communist Party of France in the paper Drapeau Rouge concerning the rise of Fascism in Europe and Party building in the following statement

Modern Fascism or Fascisation ? Revival of Fascist Organisations danger of return to Fascism in its initial form

"It is not the case today that the principal question of opposing fascism is to prepare to assume leadership of a United Front, it is a question of the Party.

The adherents of fascisation put off the appointed day with the excuse that it is necessary to win the masses over before building a Party. In fact it is necessary for links to be built with the masses in struggle led by the Party and to learn with them the fusion of theory and practice. They lament the absence of a Party but refuse to go to the masses under the Maoist banner contrary to those communists and Maoists who preceded us and who built the vanguard parties of their day".

Democracy and Class Struggle calls on all those present at the Paris meeting to support the call for a higher level of solidarity with the current struggle of the Indian Maoists has outlined in the campaign Wake Europe up to the crimes of the Indian State with Spring Thunder Europe 2010.

We also welcome your call for International Red Aid at a national and iternational level as a means for developing the necessary higher levels of solidarity than at present.

We welcome the meeting in Paris has a contribution to the building of Marxist Leninst Maoist Parties throughout Europe and wish your meeting every possible success.

Democracy and Class Struggle - Britain


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