Friday, January 29, 2010

Prachanda's speaks to Gautam: leave UML and join Maoist party

Unified CPN (Maoist) chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda made a public invitation to UML vice-chairman Bam Dev Gautam to leave his party and join the Unified CPN (Maoist).

Inaugurating the first convention of the pro-Maoist National Civil Servants Federation in the capital Friday, in which Gautam was one of the invitees, Dahal said the Maoist party was ready to hail Gautam if he revolts from the UML.

The Maoist chairman also revealed that he and vice chairman Mohan Baidya had held several meetings with Gautam to discuss the possibility of unity between the leftist forces. Saying that Unity between communist parties can be reached only on ideological grounds, Dahal mentioned that his party would not go for unity with "defeatists and revisionists".

UML vice-chairman Bam Dev Gautam Gautam, who spoke earlier at the programme, did not say anything publicly on Dahal's call.

The UML vice chairman, who was Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister in the erstwhile Maoist-led government, is known for his soft stance towards the Maoists for which he has been criticised by a section of UML. He has publically challenged his party's decisions on numerous occasions including the UML's position on the President's move in the army chief episode.

Source: Nepal News but edited by Democracy and Class Struggle to reflect actual comments of Prachanda in video.

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