Saturday, January 30, 2010

Statement from Revolutionary Praxis to the Meeting of MLM Organisations in Paris 30th. to 31st. January, 2010

Dear Comrades,

We are unable to attend this important meeting but we support the general objectives you have set out.

It is vital that Maoist communists strive to develop their revolutionary parties in countries where they exist and to struggle to form MLM organisations and parties in countries where there are none, as in the case of Britain. The main aim of Revolutionary Praxis is to work towards forming a Maoist political organisation in Britain.

We do not consider that a revival of Marxism-Leninism- Maoism in Britain is likely to come from old elements left over from past decades. Rather we need to look towards younger people of radical and revolutionary inclinations in order to form a new revolutionary organisation. That is why we carry out agitation and propaganda work among students and other young people. Many young people in Europe today are drawn towards anarchism rather than Marxism and this is a trend against which there needs to be strong ideological struggle.

In Britain there is a strong economist current, propagated by revisionists and Trotskyists, which sees trade unions as proto-revolutionary organisations. While recognising the necessity for workers living under capitalism to engage in trade union struggle as a defensive tactic, Revolutionary Praxis denounces attempts to limit the class struggle in Britain to routine trade union activity. Also in general we oppose revolutionaries participating in the elections run by the capitalist state. Soon there will be a General Election in Britain and as in the past we will be campaigning on the streets for people not to vote as a protest against the fake "democracy" under which we live.

In Europe there is an emergent capitalist imperialist state: the European Union. Our enemy, the bourgeoisie, is becoming increasingly organised at a continental level and this necessitates stronger ties and greater co-operation among the MLM organisations and parties in Europe so that we can fight back against this transnational body which oppresses us all..

We have been and are engaged in solidarity work with the Maoist-led revolutionary struggles in Nepal and India, especially because there are still very strong links between these countries and British imperialism. Our general attitude towards the parties leading these struggles is that firstly we support them and only secondarily do we criticise them. Also we campaign against the vicious imperialist wars waged on the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. This work is very important because pro-imperialist ideology is still strong among the working class and middle strata in Britain and needs to be vigorously combatted.

Related to the persistence of imperialist ideology in Britain is the persistence of racism and the growth of fascist organisations. Revolutionary Praxis participates in the struggle against this extreme reaction and especially against growing Islamophobia at the present time.

Solidarity work with revolutionary struggles in other countries is important but insufficient by itself. Most of the Maoists in Britain today are not prepared to go further and form a MLM political organisation in Britain. It must be recognised that effective, practical solidarity with anti-imperialist struggles abroad will be severely limited in the absence of an effective, Maoist revolutionary party in Britain.

We support the proposal to form and develop an international Red Relief. If they are not doing much else, some comrades in the imperialist countries can at least provide some material aid to comrades in more difficult circumstances.

We support the call for a new international conference with the aim of achieving greater unity among the MLM organisations and parties around the world. In particular we consider it important that there is principaled struggle to overcome the present division between those grouped in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and those in the International League for People's Struggle. There is a need for a new MLM international publication as a means of building and strengthening unity among Maoist communists at an international level. This could be website based and downloaded into printed format as appropriate in different situations.

We send you our revolutionary greetings and wish the conference every success in attaining the stated objectives.

Workers and oppressed people of all countries, Unite!


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