Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Revolutionary Voices from Panama denounce US Military base and coming attack on the Bolivarian Republic Of Venezuela

We communists (Marxist-Leninists), who, on the contrary, have long denounced and condemned Valera's anti-nationalist and anti-Latin American movements, today come to express our condemnation and rejection of this legitimization of this Yankee military base that is damaging to our national sovereignty. 

It is also violating the spirit and letter of the Treaty of Neutrality of the Isthmus of Panama, in the face of planned and ongoing attacks against the sovereignty and integrity of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the now "black beast" chosen to attack, threatening stability and Peace throughout the Continent south of the Rio Grande.

But, this military base that -together with those existing in Colombia, Guyana, Brazil and Peru- points to the untying of a criminal war of aggression against Venezuela. War of armed aggression already to its point of realization, assigns to Panama the filthy role of strategic rear base base of this unjust aggression violating International Law, of the UN Charter and of that ministry of colonies of the OAS.

Our accusation comes from the brief visit to the government of Panama, at the end of last year, of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo -the one who, by "chance", acts as a direct representative of the aggressive fascist Trump, before the infamous Grupo de Estado. Lima-, in charge of stopping any "prochina" veiledness of Varela that puts into question the hegemonic position of US imperialism and its plans to solve the malignantly the so-called "solution of the crisis in Venezuela" or, with the recourse of the military option direct, or else a military-fascist coup d'état.

Firmly rejecting the aggressive plans of Yankee imperialism and the complicity of the extreme right-wing sectors of the Isthmian oligarchy, the (Marxist-Leninist) Communists of Panama demand the immediate withdrawal of the pro-imperialist "Grupo de Lima" and that it be dissolved now. Panama should not serve as a platform for imperial aggression. 

Also convening all the patriotic, democratic and authentically revolutionary proletarian forces of our country to be constituted, following the example of our fighters and martyrs of January 9, 64, in a United Anti-imperialist and anti-oligarchical Front with a view to the rapid expulsion of said military base and any other existing base in our country; that no Panamanian soldiers be used as cannon fodder or die in that dirty war of aggression that only interests US imperialism; to prevent Panama from serving as a base for aggression against a brotherly Latin American people. 

Against Yankee imperialism, for peace and the unity of the peoples of all America!



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