Tuesday, January 15, 2019

NKVD General Lyushkov's Defection to Japan - Key Documents

Democracy and Class Struggle first learnt about these documents in the Japanese Archives from Robert W Thurston's Life and Terror in Stalin's  Russia 1934 - 1941 it led us into an investigation of the Russian Fascist Movement in Harbin and Russian Trotskyist Movement in Soviet Far East.

NKVD General Lyushkov's defection was the highest ranking Soviet defector at the time of his defection in 1938.

Several Japanese remembered that Lyushkov originally said he was a trotskyite or conveyed the ideology - Lyushkov stressed that Trotskyite ideology was required to convert the Russian People and cause them to lose respect for Stalinism.

After settling in Tokyo Lyushkov moved from Trotskyism to Liberalism according to his Japanese captors reverting ocassionally to "pure" Leninism..

We think that these non Soviet Documents provide powerful evidence of anti Soviet Military conspiracies in Soviet Far East in prelude to Second World War and the fact that Lyushkov identified himself as a Trotskyist to his Japanese interrogators speaks volumes about Trotskyism in Russian Far East..

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gerdowning said...

The link that you posted is evidence at first hand that Stalin was a homicidal maniac of the first order, whose main concern was to execute whoever might possibly oppose him. He had no concern whatsoever for socialism, let alone communism.

The man defenced to Japan because he was ordered back to Moscow, he knew to be shot, so he did what any sensible person would do, he defected to avoid being murdered.
And he spilled the beans on Stalin. Stalin used Kirov's assassination in December 1934, which he may well have arranged himself, to begin the Great purges, 1,000 officially recorded execution a day between 1936-38, not counting those starved to death in the Gulag and executed without record. All remaining leaders of the great Russian Revolution, Lenin's comrades in arms, were murdered on the ridiculous charge that they were agents of imperialism at the time of the revolution. Stalin played no significant part in that or any other revolution.

The bit that 'proved' that Lyushov was a 'Trotskyite' proves nothing of the sort. Vague and unsourses allegsation put forward as proof positive, in the manner of Stalinism and Groiver Furr. Here is the passage that Nicholas thinks is so dammning:

"Among the current Russian-language books which Lyushkov acquired during his forays into the Kanda book district were some Trotskyite items. Several Japanese remembered that Lyushkov originally said he was a Trotskyite or conveyed that impression. Lyushkov stressed that Trotskyite ideology was required to convert the Russian people and cause them to lose respect for Stalinism, He did not say that the Stalinist regime would fall but insisted that it had to be overthrown. External pressure was imperative. Never did Lyushkov turn his back on what he called pure Leninism, and he continued to praise the kolkhoz (collective farm) system. Despite his eagerness to see Stalin deposed, he did not favor bringing in Russian emigres from Manchuria or elsewhere to form a new regime. After settling down domestically in Tokyo, Lyushkov struck the Japanese as having ceased to be a Trotskyite and having become a so-called liberal communist Only his violent anti-Stalinism- no doubt fostered by the loss of his family and relatives - was now apparent, a personal hostility that transcended ideological considerations. 75

"Several Japanese remembered that Lyushkov originally said he was a Trotskyite or conveyed that impression." So they can#t remember what he said, if he said it and we don't know who they are. And then "Lyushkov stressed that Trotskyite ideology was required to convert the Russian people and cause them to lose respect for Stalinism" no sourse need for this either, just assertions, this time not extracted under toirture, suffice for proof. And "Lyushkov struck the Japanese as having ceased to be a Trotskyite and having become a so-called liberal communist" again what "japaneese"? when. And the silly man was upset by the "loss of his family and relatives" (executed by Stalin because he would not agree to be executed himself?)

Come now Nicholas, a more honest defence of the Russian revolution would le3ad you to recognise that it was Sta;lin who betrayed that great heritage of revolutionary internationalism not least by pacts with the West, them Hitler than Churchill and Roosevelt. Which, obviously of necessity, required the ababdonbment of all revolutionary aspirations in the imperialist and fascist states.

Anonymous said...


The problem is that Trotskyism is a cult, like a religious cult. Devoted
Trotskyists ignore evidence. We now have a great deal of evidence that

* the Moscow Trials defendants were guilty of at least those terrible
crimes to which they pleaded guilty;

* Trotsky lied consistently in all his post-1935 writings about Stalin
and the USSR, beginning with his lies about the Kirov murder;

* Trotsky was indeed collaborating with the Nazis and the Japanese
fascists, against the USSR;

* The Tukhachevsky Affair military commanders were not only
collaborating with Germany and Japan, but were also working together
with Trotsky, in order to arrange the defeat of the USSR if the fascist
powers invaded.

Trotskyist historian Pierre Broué discovered a number of Trotsky's lies
back in the 1980s and 1990s. But Trotskyists since then have ignored his

One reason is that they entirely refute the Dewey Commission
conclusions, since Trotsky lied consistently to the Commission, which
would never have found Trotsky "not guilty" if they had known what Broué

I now have two books on Trotsky's lies and conspiracies. By the end of
the current year, 2019, I will have published a third book on Trotsky's
conspiracies with fascists and saboteurs.

It turns out that it was not Stalin, but Trotsky, who was lying and
collaborating with fascists!

Trotskyists just refuse to face the evidence. But materialists,
including Marxists, base their conclusions on evidence and reasonable
deductions from evidence.

Therefore, to the extent that one is a Trotskyist, one is NOT a Marxist
at all. Trotskyists are idealists.

Trotskyists perform a valuable job for the imperialist ruling classes,
in that they (a) spread every anti-Stalin and anti-Soviet lie they
possibly can; while (b) claiming to be the "real communists."

This gives a "red cover" to their anticommunist and anti-Stalin lies,
something that the overt anticommunist writers cannot lay claim to

Unknown said...

Poor old Gerry - he lives in alternative Trotskyite political world designed for white Western losers & counter-revolutionary no-hopers.
But if you want another real laugh, ask him why the Big Bang didn't happen? He actually believes that Hawkins & all modern physicists are wrong, holding that BB merely replaces divine creation! His vast cosmological ignorance of matter, energy and negative energy proves no barrier to pontificating wooden-top, anti-scientific 'certainties' & comprehensively complements his demented anti-comm, fanatical Trot whingeing. This shows he also exists also in alternative physical, as well as political universe!
"Planet Earth to Gerry..." lol

gerdowning said...

You and the Pope believes his big bang theiry. The Pope made him an honary member of the Varican science department, a contradiction in terms but an honour he gladly accepted because his big bang was perfectly in line wirh God made the wirod, and the big bang. His philosophical understanding of dialects was non existant.