Sunday, January 28, 2018

Red Salute to a brave Avesta Khabur who sacrificed her life to destroy a tank and several Turkish invaders in the village of Hemmam

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:40 A.M.) – A female fighter within the Kurdish People’s Protection Units paramilitary group has blown herself up amid an ongoing offensive by Turkey-led forces in Syria’s Afrin region sources report.

Sources following developments in Afrin are reporting that a Kurdish female fighter by the name of Avesta Khabur has blown herself up to in an attempt to turn back an armored assault by the Turkish Army.

The incident is said to havetaken place in the village of Hemmam and that it resulted in Avesta Khabur taking the lives of several Turkish troops along with her own as well as the destruction of a battle tank.

Sources are vague about the conditions in which Avesta Khabur carried out the suicide bombing.

It is hard to believe that it was a preempted Islamist-style martyrdom operation in the fashion that jihadist factions carry out such attacks.

If the reports are true then rather it is case that Avesta likely found herself surrounded by enemy forces and – seeing no way out – then committed to the suicide attack against the Turkish Army.


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