Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Catalan Parliament reopens after suspension of self-rule : Independence Parties retain majority control

Democracy and Class Struggle says with pro Independence leaders still in Spanish prison or Brussels it is remarkable achievement that the pro Independence Parties still retained control of the Catalan Parliament. 

Ines Arrimadas Garcia of Citizens showed how anti democratic she was trying to have the votes for imprisoned or exiled pro Independence Party members  nullified.  

The determination of the Catalans to create their own national path is undiminished and we support their right of self determination as part of the struggle for democracy and self determination in Europe.

Self determination was always part of socialist struggle - but you would not think that if you heard the appalling unionism of the PSOE which verges on social fascism in the words of our like minded comrade in the Basque country Juan Manuel Olarieta.

The 1917 Bolshevik Revolution should have reminded people about the struggle for Socialism was also a struggle against Empire and for self determination but the revisionists have buried the true meaning of  the October Revolution but Democracy and Class Struggle is determined that it will never be forgotten in theory or practice.

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