Saturday, August 12, 2017

Trump's America's Alt Right Supporters use Vehicles to Run Down Black Lives Matter and Anti Fascist Protestors

Democracy and Class Struggle say Alt Right Trump Supporters Bannon Bastards and Milo Scum behind violent attacks on Black Lives Matter and Anti Fascists in Charlottesville including driving car into crowd killing and injuring protesters.

Three Dead (one protester) and Thirty Injured of anti Fascist Protesters according to latest reports.

Wake Up America it not Just Trump attacking North Korea and Venezuela and Iran it s also allowing Trump's Justice Department run by a White Bigot - preparing to attack the American People.

What happens abroad by USA is coming home - fight with all your might and smash the Alt Right in USA.

Justice is not with Trump and Sessions it is with the People and they need to exercise it as the US Government is creating the injustice and violence.

Reports from Charlottesville say the police stepped aside to let the Alt Right Fascists attack the protesters according to Brian Becker which confirms the Trump/Sessions State collaboration which has now become overt.

Trump make a moral equivalent between racists and anti racists in his "all sides" condemnation - he is devoid of morality he is on his way to hell - do not let him take the American People there.

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