Monday, August 21, 2017

The Provocations Against North Korea Begin Again - China and Russia ask for a Freeze in Military Drills in Exchange for North Korea Nuclear Freeze

Democracy and Class Struggle says there has been a Peace Offer from North Korea on the Table for some years and China and Russia echo that proposal - but US has put assassins into South Korea to kill the North Korea leadership called the Naval Seals - so who in the world would TRUST the USA.

There are also other specialist US Units in South Korea for subversion of North Korea as well as some specialist South Korean Units.

The fact that the military control of US Nuclear Bombers from Guam discussed making a nuclear attack on North Korea from outside South Korea because of objections of nuclear attack from South Korean territory by President Moon Jae-in should send shivers down anybodies spine - remember we have an unstable individual in the White House and remember China would aid North Korea in event of a nuclear attack.

Smash the US Asian Pivot in North Asia and win the battle for Peace.

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