Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Art of No Deal : Korea: Moon Chung-in on Trump's All or Nothing Deal leads to nothing

The US should seek the gradual denuclearization of North Korea because an “all-or-nothing” strategy will not help break an impasse in talks, a special national security adviser to South Korea’s president said on Tuesday. 

Moon Chung-in said both sides were to blame for the breakdown of their latest talks in Vietnam.

However, the US appeared to have suddenly toughened its stance and called for North Korea’s complete denuclearization despite earlier suggestions that it might agree to a phased approach, Reuters quoted the adviser to President Moon Jae-in as saying. 

“The US made excessive demands on North Korea to reach a big deal, whereas Chairman Kim [Jong-un] was overconfident that he could persuade [President Donald] Trump to get what he wants for closing down the Yongbyon main nuclear complex,” Moon Chung-in said.


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