Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Genesis of a Political Assassin - Tom Watson and his Parliamentary Labour Party

This is not hidden it is in your face - Tom Watson plans the political assassination of Corbyn it is in public view.

The Labour Party is in a wonderful  position to win the coming Election but Tom Watson would rather destroy the Labour than let it win under Corbyn.

Learn your history of the British Imperialist Labour Party do not repeat past mistakes.

Corbyn has come to remind me of the Fisher King in the Wolfram von Eschenbach version of the Grail legend - trapped in the Grail Castle and mortally wounded, unable to help the land and the people because of the wicked and corrupt knights who surround him. He needs to be asked the question that frees him:

'Sir, why do you suffer so?'

(P.S. for pedants - I know this is actually a hermit depicted in a 14th century French MS - but the likeness is uncanny)


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