Monday, December 10, 2018

What is Gender - What is Sex?

Democracy and Class Struggle says we need to ensure that comrades get a deeper understanding of Gender issues and not become unintentional mouthpieces of reaction.

Social Conservatism is one of the last trenches of ideological combat in battle to overthrow capitalism.

Neo fascist syncretism is  the hybrid of radical economics with social conservatism.


Anonymous said...

This is bullshit. Judith Butler's work is highly questionable. Not accepting these ideas does not make someone a Nazi

Capitalism is promoting gender confusion

nickglais said...

Fascism and in particular Nazism is associated with a militant authoritarian patriarchal culture - this was investigated in 1930's by Wilhelm Reich in the Mass Psychology of Fascism and in a later work What is Class Consciousness which he wrote in Denmark - search on DCS for these works.

This authoritarian patriarchal culture on the right is resurging and we defeat it by a more democratic family culture which is not worried about gender variation - and recognizes that variation in sexuality as part of the human experience,