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The Mass Line In France - Yellow Vests and the Struggle - French Maoists

In the first place, Marxism differs from all the primitive forms of socialism in that it does not connect the movement to some form of unique and determined combat.

He admits the most varied methods of struggle, and he does not "invent" them; he limits himself to generalizing, organizing, and making conscious the forms of struggle of the revolutionary classes, which arise spontaneously in the dull course of the movement.

Absolutely hostile to all abstract formulas, to all the recipes of doctrinaires, Marxism wants us to consider attentively the mass struggle which is unfolding and which, as the movement develops, progresses in the consciousness of As a result of the worsening economic and political crises, new and increasingly varied methods of defense and attack are constantly emerging.

Lenin, The Partisan War

In the masses there exist in germs the right ideas, the just forms of mobilization. It is the masses who make history: only what speaks to the masses, which helps them to organize is right.

Any abstract speech about what is "morally" good is to throw in the trash.

There are many good things in this movement: willingness to fight for lower prices, willingness to organize, unwillingness to let things go, etc.

There are also many reactionary elements: centralization of the discourse on taxes, on gasoline, on immigration ... it is a class vision, bourgeois, which infiltrates into the ranks of the proletariat, even more in the zones. where the ideological hold of the National Front can be important.

The government is also trying to use the far right as a scarecrow, acting as if this movement in its entirety was led by Le Pen and the "ultra-right", which can only have the effect of giving credit to the fascists who display themselves as "popular" but who in reality defend the interests of the French imperialist big bourgeoisie.

Faced with this, we must reinforce the positive elements, then crush the negative elements, "separate the wheat from the chaff" as they say.

How? By synthesizing fair slogans, putting them into practice, strengthening their organizational hold. These slogans must be simple, effective, not to be lost sight of by activists.

The first is: "we are always right to revolt". Yes, the masses are right to revolt! Yes, there are problems, but the central aspect is the will to fight and to organize, the concrete political experience.

The second is: "general decline in the cost of living" (which is nothing more than "general rise in wages"). We must insist on this point: it is above all the profits of the capitalists that must be attacked because they are the reason for our exploitation, that it is our work that produces everything, all the riches.

The third is: you have to physically resist the police, "fight the repression". Revolutionary violence is necessary for any real and lasting transformation of society. We place ourselves on the side of those of the masses who suffer the repression because they and they have dared to raise their head and resume their affairs in hand; on the other hand, we have nothing to do with the fascist vermin that winds up in the movement to distil its venom.

Secondly, we must reinforce certain ideas in the movement: we must remember that the ecological catastrophe comes from the way the economic system is organized: its fundamental law is "the most profit possible in a minimum time" to the greatest contempt of all the rest. We are fighting for a world where the basic law of the economy will be "the maximum satisfaction of the ever increasing material and cultural needs of all society". We must also explain to the progressive militants the class interest of the bosses, the bourgeois in the slogan of lower taxes on gasoline.

A spark can start a prairie fire!

Today there is great anger in the working class and the proletariat, against the bosses, against the government, against the state. There can be brutal explosions where the masses will hit their enemies, where there will be big overflows.

The role of the Communists is to blow on the fire and direct the flames in the right direction, not to try to extinguish it. We must be everywhere with the masses when there are just demands, when the proletarian slogans can be put forward. We are not afraid to fight. Every movement of struggle is traversed by the contradictions of society.

There can be no "pure" movement, perfect movement. A pure movement is a movement without the masses, it is a dead movement.

There are examples of aggression's and behaviors directed by locally visible fascists within

Translated from French Maoist Statement - just a part of statement - any mistakes our ours not French Maoist Party PCM.

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