Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Jordan Peterson, Max Stirner, and Other Spooks

Just a reminder of how going back to Marx's critique of Max Stirner can illuminate our age.

Nice to see that Jordan Peterson is reaping the whirlwind of his condescending arrogance - which in truth is profound ignorance not just about Marxism but about life in general,


Anonymous said...

i've heatd Peterson described as a liberal? is this correct?

Anonymous said...

Petersen is a conservative not a classic liberal - but also critically an enabler of fascism - he is one of those who opens the door to alt right but decries no responsibility for his actions - similar conservative characters arose in Wiemar Germany who facilitated the Nazis - but they denied their intellectual responsibility for it.

He to quote an Alt Right site Petersen is a ferryman taking people across to the far right shore - but when people disembark he says he is not responsible for what the do.