Saturday, July 14, 2018

Pro-Trump US Congressmen in Moscow Get Standing Ovation from Russian Parliament - Why ?

Pro Trump United States Republican Congressmen visit Moscow and ask Russia not to interfere in US Elections and criticize Russia bringing Crimea back into Russia and they get a standing ovation from the Russian Duma.

The Question we ask is why ?

Have they bought into the recent United States strategic planned deception of the Helsinki meeting with their "partner"?

They remind me of volunteers for the gallows.

Clearly these people in the Russian Duma are not fit to lead Russia and show the sickness of the Russian Ruling Class which is so high on Trumpness* that it cannot even see who is a friend and who is an enemy.

It is time for real Russian Communists to step forward and expose this nonsense.

PS: US penetration of Russian Intelligence is very deep and recent US Indictments of Russian Intelligence are evidence of that deep penetration of GRU.

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