Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Why Does the West Hate Putin ? Prof. Alexandr Buzgalin

Democracy Class Struggle says Putin has passed his sell by date and should make way for revolutionary socialist forces who will defend Russia against West - the system Putin has put in place will not survive him personally - a third collapse of the Russian State will come about if Russia depends on a market economy.

Russia has limited time to construct a defensive socialist economy and as long as Putin defends a market economy it is historic time lost -preventing the Russian Economic Renaissance which is necessary to Russia's existence. It is short sighted bourgeois politics.

Buzgalin may have some good ideas and some bad but he knows that Russia's existence is dependent on a return to the socialist road Putin does not.

However Putin hatred in the West has been taken to new heights by the Magnitsky Affair and how who this was created visit here :

It is a paradox that Browder's Crony Capitalism is the enemy of Putin who defends Oligarchic Capitalism


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