Saturday, July 28, 2018

Larry Wilkerson on the Trump Putin Summit

Democracy and Class Struggle says Larry Wilkerson says in a back handed way the Trump Putin Summit was wasted and useless.

We do not agree with Colonel Larry Wilkerson - from the Israeli point of view it was a victory and they were very loud in its praise of Summit and there were tacit agreements and accommodations from Russia over Golan Heights and Syria and Iran.

In fact from what we can glean Putin did not defend Iran with any conviction and has facilitated an attack on Iran,

Russia has spoken about removal of Iranian forces from Syria.

We do not think that Colonel Larry Wilkerson is ignorant or stupid and why he did not point to the fact that this meeting had made a War with Iran more likely - would invalidate the meeting completely - a meeting between two men facilitating a war on another country is not something to be welcomed or supported.

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