Monday, July 23, 2018

Russia's Fifth Column - The Oligarchic Profit Patriots

Another day another traitor

Democracy and Class Struggle says the problem with Russian Traitors is the Traitorous Oligarchic capitalist system.

Russia needs a Patriotic Socialist System - no elevating entrepreneurs in the FSB and SVR who think positions only mean mean money and not country.

We strongly disagree with Professor Buzgalin who stated Oligarchs are also Russians - they are not their only loyalty is too money not Russia. 

Russia is a means not end for them.

The CIA still has deep penetration of Russian Intelligence Networks and Mike Pompeo publically boasts about it.

If you want to protect Russia rid yourself of the treacherous clans and build a socialist system.

The acid test of Socialism in 20th Century was the defeat of NAZIS in Second World War by Socialist Patriotism 

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