Friday, July 13, 2018

Is Trump Pro or Anti Russian ? A Russian Ruling Class View and Democracy and Class Struggle View

Is Trump an enemy or a friend of Russia ?

This is also a class question because the softness towards Trump comes from the Russian Ruling Class who likes the anti globalist and deep state right wing/fascist Trumpian rhetoric.

The Russian ruling class today on Friday 13th announced once again that Trump is a "partner"

The attempt to push Trump into some grey area and not define him as an enemy will cost Russia dearly.

The Russian working class is fed up with this "partner" talk and know an enemy when they see one and does not have capitalist ruling class Trump shit in their eyes.

In 1931 Stalin recognised that the forces gathering in Europe were an existential threat to Russia - The Soviet Union created a new military industrial economy by a socialist planning system and within ten years it withstood the acid test of the 1941 Nazi attack on Russia and brought victory.

Today Russia is a state run market economy not a socialist economy and its market economic vulnerabilities are well known to its enemies in the West.

It has a ruling class that cannot even recognise an enemy or is very reluctant to name one.

The chosen partner for the new strategic United States existential threat to Russia is Poland and the wet dream of the Intermarium still lives in Polish expansionist hearts - it was gifted by Brzezinski to the Pentagon and is Pilsudski-ism in our times.

Reality and militant materialism will provide the answer to the question - is Trump Pro or Anti Russian not worshipping in the Russian Orthodox Church by Putin.

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