Wednesday, May 30, 2018

How to lose the class struggle: The Italian Communist Party's metamorphosis : Luka Bogdanić:

Democracy and Class Struggle says the Crisis in Italy is also a crisis of The Left in Italy and its roots are in the destruction of the Italian Communist Party. 

The roots of Italian Communist Crisis between revolution and reformism in Post Second World War started with the Salerno turn.

The Chinese Communist Party also in the 1980's discussed changing its name and began a series of Confucian Projects but decided to retain its name but reject class struggle politics ie reject revolutionary communism but rebirth it in a Confucian form today expressed in the reform communist confucian harmony speeches of Xi Jingping.

Georgio Napolitano a leading member of the miglioristi faction within the PCI, which promoted a social-democratic direction found his personal reward in being made President of Italy for the destruction of a revolutionary Italian communist movement.

                          miglioristi faction meets confucian communist


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