Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Media on Trial - A Critique of British Media Coverage of the Syrian Crisis

Democracy and Class Struggle is publishing a critique of the British Media coverage of Syria-  not because we agree with all the critique but because is essential for us to expose the warmongering words and actions of the British State on the Question of Syria.

In fact we would be failing in our revolutionary duty if we suppressed or banned the point of view expressed in this video - which some of the Left in Wales and certainly the British State want to do and are actively doing.

The pressurized forced withdrawal of the invitations to these speakers on Syria at the Merthyr Rising in Wales led to the principled resignation of its director who would not agree to withdraw the invitations.

What was banned in Merthyr was finally allowed somewhere in a tent in Leeds so we all have an opportunity to hear the message that some on the Left and the British State does not want us to hear on the Question of Syria and the British Media - and you can judge for yourself what sort of people on the Left who call themselves anti War these people are - who would deny us access too the views expressed above in the video.

                             NO TO ECHO CHAMBER POLITICS 

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