Sunday, May 13, 2018

Bolton and Trump will achieve the impossible - Germany will move much closer to Russia because of the Iran Deal - New United States German Ambassador Grenell threatens German companies with sanctions over Iran Trade

Democracy and Class Struggle say Trump and Mr Smiling Death Bolton are driving Germany and Europe into conflict with USA over German Iranian trade.

Trump/Bolton says do what we tell you - already the newly appointed US ambassador to Germany  Richard Grenell has threatened German companies trading with Iran within 24 hours of his appointment.

Bolton views on North Korea if they turn out to be Trump's views will make the Singapore Summit with North Korea a one hour useless wonder.

Bolton and CNN repetition of  a debunked lie about North Korean  light at night shows nothing has changed - same old lies.

Trump has achieved making Kim Jong Un have 80% popularity in South Korea with his fire and fury rhetoric - something unheard of for a North Korean leader and bringing both Korea's together in mutual self interest to protect themselves from Trump..

Korean Unity was an aspiration turned into a reality by Trump's nuclear threats and Germany and Russia will come ever closer together following US sanctions against Russia and the future sanctions which will follow against Germany if it continues to trade with Iran.

The dialectic of history surely moves in most unexpected ways.

Are we in a new Zone of Chaos ?

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