Sunday, September 25, 2011

CARC Party Italy - A Special Tribunal is going to be set up to try Communists in Bologna !

Democracy and Class Struggle is in solidarity with our Italian Comrades and calls for maximum publicity to expose these attacks on democratic rights won by the Italian People.

After no less than four preliminary hearings (25th May, when the GUP even did not come in court,13th July, 15th and 21st September) the judge Alberto Gamberini issued its sentence: the communists are subversive and must be prosecuted! The little attention he paid to lawyers exceptions and arguments proves that the sentence was already decided, by him or more probably by others.

Yesterday was also a day of struggle and solidarity. During the hearing we held simultaneously two rallies. The first in Piazza Nettuno, where a dozen comrades and sympathizers of CARC Party, SLL and ASP let know and denounced the ongoing persecution, distributed more than thousand leaflets, collected more than hundred signatures for the call "No to Communists’ Persecution" and many economic subscriptions. The second rally was held at the entrance of the Court of Bologna, where several comrades chanted slogans and songs of struggle by making our voice heard up in the courtroom. That part of the judiciary and of the forces of repression subjected to the bourgeoisie that wants to try and outlaw us attempted to identify these comrades. So much noise was bothering the celebration of the ritual of the trial: according to their lordships, communists and proletarians should just keep quiet and suffer! The comrades responded promptly and vigorously. The political police and the other cops took revenge for this at the end of the rally tailing five comrades of Milan and stopping them to identify them on the ring road to get out of Bologna, as if they did not know them already well enough!

A political trial opens. On 8th February 2012 at the Court of Assizes of Bologna the first hearing of a trial for "subversive association with terrorist intent" opens against 12 comrades who belong or belonged to the (new) Italian Communist Party, the Association for Proletarian Solidarity Party and the CARC Party, that is the so called "caravan of (n) PCI", the political area who travelled for tens of years until it built the (new) Italian Communist Party.

It is a political trial, the first against the caravan of (n)PCI since 1999, when prosecutors in Bologna, Rome, Naples and Milan started to pass each other the investigations for subversive association against our political area. The Court of Bologna, on behalf of political power and of the intelligence, therefore carries out a real crusade against us that has lasted over 8 years and up to 2008 has been headed by the Public Prosecutor Paolo Giovagnoli. It has been a judicial political persecution carried out with unlimited availability of resources, personnel and equipment: if they had used only one tenth of these resources to investigate and prosecute the profiteers, speculators and criminals who smuggle and wallow in the Municipality of Bologna, preventing them from reiterating their trafficking, certainly the economic and financial situation of the municipality would not be so disastrous!

It is a persecution waged with particular obstinacy. It brazenly violates laws and procedures (use of infiltrators, illegal surveillance and wiretapping, computer and other computer equipment seized and held for years, creation of ad hoc military-political bodies such as the "Bilateral Italo-French Group on Terrorism and Serious Threats" of which Giovagnoli was among the main sponsors), trampling on the rights of expression and organization sanctioned by the Constitution, providing serious economic damages (legal fees, job loss, seizures of property) to the single comrades , their families and their political organizations and unions).

In Bologna, on 31stJanuary and 21st February 2012 it will also begin the trial of Angelo D'Arcangeli (member of the National Direction of the CARC Party), Vincenzo Cinque (leader of the Struggling Workers Union), Rosalba Romano (of the CARC Party ) and Fabrizio Di Mauro, tried for "violation of privacy" and charged with having created the site "Cops’ Hunt" [] in which there are shown the faces of the policemen who spy on, control, book, threaten, blackmail, set up provocations, infiltrate, beat, slaughter.

In the court of Bologna in these years a team of special prosecutors was established to persecute the so-called "political crimes" (activities and struggles of communists, students, anti-fascists, temporary workers, squatters). They are judges who are real auxiliaries of the political police. They get on for services rendered to the political class and to the reactionary right wing that rules our country. They stand out for their subservience and collaboration with the strong powers (for this they are proud to be called "servants of the State"). They stand out for their arrogance and violence against workers, the masses, the communists and political opponents. They belong to the ranks of those forces selected and trained by government and institutions to beat, arrest, torture and prosecute those workers who are fighting for the job (see the beating of workers of FIAT-IRISBUS yesterday in Rome), of those immigrants who revolt against the infamous conditions they are forced into at the island of Lampedusa, of students, unemployed, pensioners and all those who react, rebel and struggle for "not to pay for the crisis of the bosses."

These two trials are part of a larger project done by no less than 42 legal proceedings pending against about 180 people (in many cases the same people are involved in more cases): men, women, youth, workers, students, temporary workers who belong to the caravan of (n)PCI, to its constituent organizations (CARC P., ASP, SLL) on various levels. The charges range from "subversive association" to "seditious meeting", "resisting a public officer", "private violence" (so the courts call the pickets to prevent the closure and dismantling of a hospital!), to "unauthorized demonstration", and so on. In short, it is under investigation everything that has to do with the personal commitment in the political and social struggles of recent years and with the broader struggle to change the economic and social system, the system of the crisis, of the privileges for a few parasites, of the impunity for mass murderer, of financial speculators and smugglers, criminals and torturers. It is under investigation the work to build a new system run by workers and their organizations, in which the understanding, planning and collective decision take the place of money.

Men decide openly and explicitly what to produce and which use to make of what they produce. This will be our future communist society. Socialism is the period of apprenticeship during which, step by step and by trials, we will learn to do without capital, without production for exchange (and therefore without production of commodities) and without money. We will learn to govern ourselves. Authorities will be appointed from time to time and will be at any time revocable by those who have elected them. Human society will become a worldwide "association in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all" (…) (from the Statement of the (new) Italian Communist Party - No 24, 22.07.11).

We face this new battle holding head high. We shall carry out this battle within the struggle in recent months to build the only real alternative to the chaos created by the current financial crisis: the establishment of an emergency government of workers and people’s organizations. Today this means concretely to establish an emergency people’s government that would eliminate at least the worst effects of the crisis, bar the door to racism and war and start the rebirth of our country.

We already told it and we repeat it: yes, we are subversives. We want to subvert this social order and replace it with a system in which the yardstick of social progress is not the increase in GDP, the trend of stock market indices and the profits of owners and speculators, but the improvement of living conditions of the masses, the participation in managing society and the access to the specific activities of human as planning, culture, research, art, social relations, improving the environment.

This is also what the most conscious and militant popular masses want. To build a new economic and social order is an increasingly urgent need of the bulk of the population in Italy and around the world, in order to prevent a growing number of men, women and children to be condemned to live in poverty, to die of hunger, cold, disease, emigration and hard work in the oppressed countries and also in developed ones, in order to cut out pollution and the plundering of the planet that are putting at risk the very survival of humanity, in order to prevent and stop wars and world increasingly devastating which are dragging us into the "global competition" of the capitalists.

We will also use the Bologna process to impeach the only true terrorists. They are the rulers of the Papal Republic, they sit in the Vatican, in the international financial institutions (IMF, World Bank, ECB, EU), on boards of directors of big capitalist enterprises , banks and financial companies. They are the top officers of the intelligence, of the Carabinieri and of the Police, the top managers of national and international institutions of the world imperialist system! We clearly see the results of their work: the migrants who get drowned in the Strait of Sicily, the migrants shut in the island of Lampedusa, the victims of the earthquake of L'Aquila, the workers burned in Thyssen Krupp factory in Turin, the workers of Irisbus and Termini Imerese beaten in Rome and Sicily, the people of Val di Susa attacked because they defend the environment, the people killed in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine!

We will not consent to the hypocritical pretense of "all men are equal before the law". Where the legality is in a country where in the government and in the institutions there are avowed criminals (mass murderers, speculators, profiteers, whoremongers, etc.), where the head of the parliamentary government buys, girls, lackeys, villas, beyond and against all laws, (…), where a clique of speculators and profiteers earn millions by closing businesses, laying off workers (the FIAT manager Marchionne & Co), in which the torturers and murderers at the G8 of Genoa in 2001 are rewarded? Law cannot exist in a situation where there is a small part of the rich and super-rich who buy everything and everyone (parliament, laws, institutions, judges, policemen, journalists, lawyers, etc..), to assert their interests and privileges while the vast majority of people must suffer and be silent and if somebody raises his voice or organizes himself and fights, even if only to defend a right acquired or conquered, is isolated and fiercely repressed. Law cannot exist without economic, cultural and social equality. That is why the current law is the law in the service of the exploiting class to better subjugate the lower classes. This is anything but "men equal before the law"!

The struggle goes on! We defend and we call to defend the rights and political freedoms won with the Resistance. The more the mobilization against their elimination will be effective, the more the mobilization to extend and generalize all the rights and protections for the masses will be rich, organized and full of achievements, up to change the social order of war, arbitrariness and exploitation, to make Italy a new socialist country.

We call upon all communist organizations, anti-imperialist, anarchist, liberal, true democratic people, organizations and struggling movements fighting to reject the ongoing campaign of persecution and outlawing of communism and communists.

We also use the struggle against repression and the development of solidarity with the comrades, workers and young people hit by the repression in order to strengthen the process of establishing an emergency people’s government that will abolish the public debt, that will implement on large scale the slogan "an useful work and decent work for all". This government will give form and strength of national laws to the measures that in each case the workers and people’s organizations will indicate, even if they go against the interests and habits of the bosses, against the dictates of the institutions of the imperialist world system and the needs of their markets.

Let’s make the national demonstration of 15th October in Rome a show of strength of the masses to wage a successful struggle against the Berlusconi government, the leaders of the Pontifical Republic, the leaders of the European Union and of the other institutions of the international speculators up to constitute a People's Bloc Government!

Let’s use also repression, intimidation and processes to strengthen our determination to build socialism the possible and necessary new world!

Let’s go onwards to the establishment of an emergency government of workers and people’s organizations, the People's Bloc Government!

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