Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sugar coated bullet Politics - and dropping the "terrorist" tag

The activities of the United States Government its State Department and subversive agencies in Nepal from its very first attempts to sabotage the possibilities of an Election in Nepal should raise suspicions.

Its attempt to break the Seven Party Alliance with the Maoists and return the Seven Parties to the Kings fold should cause people to pause and think about any possible US change of policy and how real it is and how much is mere appearance.

From the activities of the previous US Ambassador Moriarty (well named after the master of perfidiousness of Sherlock Holmes fame) visiting Nepalese Army bases has if they were his own Feudal Fiefdom to the current incarnation Nancy J Powell the policy has been the same - public rhetoric about democracy but private subversion of it.We are entering into a period of sugar coated bullets.

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