Sunday, April 20, 2008

Prachanda to head new government in Nepal - according to report in the Hindu of India

Kathmandu (PTI): Maoist leader Prachanda, whose party has registered a surprise victory in recent Constituent Assembly polls, on Sunday declared that he will lead the next government in Nepal.

"I will soon become the head of the first republican government," Prachanda said during a victory rally in Kirtipur Municipality of Kathmandu.

Ahead of the April 10 polls, Prachanda was projected by the CPN-Moist party as future President. But as the interim constitution does not have the provision for electing a President, he is expected to head the government as Prime Minister, party insiders said.

The CPN-Maoist has emerged as the single largest party by securing 118 seats out of a total of 240 for which polls were held under the first-past-the-post voting system. The results of eight constituencies for which re-election was held yesterday are yet to be announced.

However, Maoists are unlikely to win majority in the 601-member Constituent Assembly as they have so far received only 30 per cent votes under the proportionate voting system for 335 seats. The remaining 26 seats will be filled through nominations by the Prime Minister.

Prachanda said he would give special emphasis to the development of Kirtipur, a constituency having strong anti-King feeling and from where the Maoist chief got elected to the assembly. Prachanda has also been elected from Rolpa district.

He also assured the voters that Nepal would be declared a republic through the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly, which will be held within three weeks of the announcement of all the results.

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