Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nepal : Beyond the comprehension of the "Economist" and "Trotskyism"

The "Economist" this week says the Maoists cannot possibly succeed and are bound to fail and disappoint. The CPN Maoist transcends the thought of the Economist.

The Trotskyists say with arrogance born of ignorance:

"The problem of the Nepalese Maoists is that they have a narrow national outlook. They cannot see the growing class conflict all around the world. They cannot understand the severity of the economic crisis that is developing." Victory of Nepalese Maoists in elections – where to now?
By Fred Weston and Pablo Sanchez

Clearly the Maoist Revolution in Nepal is incomprehensible to the fettered minds of both the Economist and the Trotskyists.

Instead of studying and learning from the Nepalese they all want to be "teachers" well in the case of Prachanda and Bhatterai they will never be pupils of the failed Communist Movement in the West, the corpse on which the trotskyists live - just look at Italy and Bertinotti.

If comrades take the time to study Prachanda and Bhatterai they will be richly rewarded - not in coin - but in intellectual stimulation - break the fetters and ultilise some of the links on this site to inform yourself about a vibrant Communism that comes from Nepal. Comprehend what is REAL and NEW in the Communist Party of Nepal Maoist and Nepalese Communism.

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