Wednesday, April 25, 2018

India: Conduct enquiry into the Gadchiroli Maoist massacre : Janakeeya Manushyavakasha Prasthanam

Conduct enquiry into the Gadchiroli Maoist massacre : Janakeeya Manushyavakasha Prasthanam

It has been reported in the media that 40 Maoists have been killed in two separate encounters that took place the other day in the Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra.

Gadichiroli police had initially informed that 16 Maoists were killed in an encounter that started by 10. a.m and lasted till 1 p.m on Sunday in the Kasansur village of Gadchiroli district.

Later after the media reports that dead bodies were floating in the Indravati river 15 more dead bodies too were recovered.

And 36 hours later in another incident of encounter that took place in the Jimlagatta area of Gadchiroli 6 more Maoists were reported killed.

According to the reports so far, the death toll has risen to 40. Its learned that the Maoists were in the village to attend a wedding of an Adivasi in the Kasansur village when the C-60 Commandos of Maharashtra police attacked them.

Its unbelievable that in the encounter that last for four hours, no police personnel sustained a minor injury.

Its alleged that the police had poisoned the food served to the Maoists. The Maoists, who consumed the poisoned food were captured alive, tortured and then killed, its alleged.

There are unconfirmed reports that villagers too are there among those who were killed. Its to be noted that majority of those who have been killed in this incident are poor Adivasis and most of them are women too.

Their armed resistance is the natural response to the outrageous inroads made to their areas by the Indian state and big corporates.

The problems raised by them call for political solution. Massacres like this will only help to intensify tension and lead to more bloodshed and killings.

That they took up arms is not a justification to attack and kill them in the most heinous manner, which is quite unbecoming of a developed democratic country where rule of law is in effect.

Its a fact that for the last few years these areas have been highly militarized under the guise of Maoist hunt and widespread oppression is going on there to extort their natural resources including land and water.

The oppression taking place in the North Eastern states of India and Kashmir and Gadchiroli massacre are not to be seen separately.

It has already been identified that majority of the encounter killings by the state are orchestrated fake encounter killings.

As fake encounters are on the rise in the name of Maoist hunt and actions against terrorists, its difficult to trust the state claim of encounter killings.

And hence the longstanding demand of human rights organisations that FIR should be registered for any encounter killing and enquiry be made on them.

In the PUCL case verdict of 2014, the Supreme Court of India has explained the procedures to be adopted over any encounter killing.

Accordingly the Janakeeya Mnushyavakasha Prasthanam (People's Human Rights Movement) demands the Government of Maharashtra to register an FIR and conduct enquiry into the Gadchiroli massacre.

We also call for the human rights, social activists to come forward and see that the procedures as per the Supreme Court verdict are kept by the government and bring out the facts in this incident Janakeeya Manushyavakasha Prasthanam (People's Human Rights Movement)

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