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Is Trump Threatening Pakistan ?

Speech by Tomi Mäkinen. Communist Workers' Party of Finland

Democracy and Class Struggle appreciates the contribution of Tomi Makinen and his revolutionary practice even if he has not fully embraced Marxism Leninism Maoism - we see that as only a matter of time as the Marxist Leninist Maoist Movement develops in Europe.

Red Salute to Tomi Makinen from Democracy and Class Stuggle

Alex the "Arsebarker" Jones : Example of Info Wars Seattle Street Interview

Democracy and Class Struggle says time for some fun - Alex Arsebarker Jones doing the Chimp Run in Seattle.

Trump's New Afghanistan Strategy: Windfall for the Military Industrial Complex

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Hitlers American Model : How American race law provided a blueprint for Nazi Germany

How American race law provided a blueprint for Nazi Germany

Nazism triumphed in Germany during the high era of Jim Crow laws in the United States. Did the American regime of racial oppression in any way inspire the Nazis? The unsettling answer is yes. In Hitler's American Model, James Whitman presents a detailed investigation of the American impact on the notorious Nuremberg Laws, the centerpiece anti-Jewish legislation of the Nazi regime. Contrary to those who have insisted that there was no meaningful connection between American and German racial repression, Whitman demonstrates that the Nazis took a real, sustained, significant, and revealing interest in American race policies.

As Whitman shows, the Nuremberg Laws were crafted in an atmosphere of considerable attention to the precedents American race laws had to offer. German praise for American practices, already found in Hitler's Mein Kampf, was continuous throughout the early 1930s, and the most radical Nazi lawyers were eager advocates of the use of American models. But while Jim Crow segregation was one aspect of American law that appealed to Nazi radicals, it was not the most consequential one. Rather, both American citizenship and antimiscegenation laws proved directly relevant to the two principal Nuremberg Laws—the Citizenship Law and the Blood Law. Whitman looks at the ultimate, ugly irony that when Nazis rejected American practices, it was sometimes not because they found them too enlightened, but too harsh.

Indelibly linking American race laws to the shaping of Nazi policies in Germany, Hitler's American Model upends understandings of America's influence on racist practices in the wider world.

James Q. Whitman is the Ford Foundation Professor of Comparative and Foreign Law at Yale Law School. His books include Harsh Justice, The Origins of Reasonable Doubt, and The Verdict of Battle. He lives in New York City.


"Hitler’s American Model delivers a powerful and timely reminder that it is not only liberal legal orders that look abroad for normative instruction. Profoundly illiberal law travels just as well as liberal law."--Lawrence Douglas, Times Literary Supplement

"Eerie. . . . [Whitman] illustrates how German propagandists sought to normalize the Nazi agenda domestically by putting forth the United States as a model."--Brent Staples, New York Times

"In his startling new history, Whitman traces the substantial influence of American race laws on the Third Reich. The book, in effect, is a portrait of the United States assembled from the admiring notes of Nazi lawmakers, who routinely referenced American policies in the design of their own racist regime. . . . Whitman’s book contributes to a growing recognition of American influences on Nazi thought."--Jeff Guo, Washington Post

"A small book, but powerful all out of proportion to its size in exposing a shameful history."--Kirkus

"Interesting and eye opening. . . . In spite of the Nazis’ disdain, to put it mildly, for our stated and evident liberal and democratic principles, they eagerly looked to the United States as the prime example for their own goals of protecting the blood, restricting citizenship, and banning mixed marriages. Reading this book could make many Americans doubt the possibility of ever forming a more perfect union with such a legacy."--Thomas McClung, New York Journal of Books


A Note on Translations ix

Introduction 1

Making Nazi Flags and Nazi Citizens 17
The First Nuremberg Law: Of New York Jews and Nazi Flags 19
The Second Nuremberg Law: Making Nazi Citizens 29
America: The Global Leader in Racist Immigration Law 34
American Second-Class Citizenship 37
The Nazis Pick Up the Thread 43
Toward the Citizenship Law: Nazi Politics in the Early 1930s 48
The Nazis Look to American Second-Class Citizenship 59
Conclusion 69
Protecting Nazi Blood and Nazi Honor 73
Toward the Blood Law: Battles in the Streets and the Ministries 81
Battles in the Streets: The Call for "Unambiguous Laws" 81
Battles in the Ministries: The Prussian Memorandum and the American Example 83
Conservative Juristic Resistance: Gürtner and Lösener 87
The Meeting of June 5, 1934 93
The Sources of Nazi Knowledge of American Law 113
Evaluating American Influence 124
Defining "Mongrels": The One-Drop Rule and the Limits of American Influence 127
Conclusion 132
America through Nazi Eyes 132
America's Place in the Global History of Racism 137
Nazism and American Legal Culture 146
Acknowledgments 163
Notes 165
Suggestions for Further Reading 197

Index 201

Tens of Thousands Oppose Hatred and Racist Policies in United States

The Provocations Against North Korea Begin Again - China and Russia ask for a Freeze in Military Drills in Exchange for North Korea Nuclear Freeze

Democracy and Class Struggle says there has been a Peace Offer from North Korea on the Table for some years and China and Russia echo that proposal - but US has put assassins into South Korea to kill the North Korea leadership called the Naval Seals - so who in the world would TRUST the USA.

There are also other specialist US Units in South Korea for subversion of North Korea as well as some specialist South Korean Units.

The fact that the military control of US Nuclear Bombers from Guam discussed making a nuclear attack on North Korea from outside South Korea because of objections of nuclear attack from South Korean territory by President Moon Jae-in should send shivers down anybodies spine - remember we have an unstable individual in the White House and remember China would aid North Korea in event of a nuclear attack.

Smash the US Asian Pivot in North Asia and win the battle for Peace.

50 Years of Naxalbari: A Path for Alternative Development by Purnendu Sekhar Mukherjee

50 Years of Naxalbari: A Path for Alternative Development
Purnendu Sekhar Mukherjee

In November, 2008 just as the people’s movement against state repression began in Lalgarh, a Peoples’ Committee against Police Atrocities was formed, comprising of five male and five female members representing each village, which soon spread from village to village. Equal participation of men and women in the committee generated enormous support from local women and the movement spread like a wild fire in the entire region. Within two weeks journalist Shyamsundar Das of The Statesmen wrote an article in which pointing out the most remarkable aspect of the movement he mentioned- “A parallel government has emerged in the district. Just like the Maoists run village committees in Andhra and Chattsigarh, the Peoples’ Committee have set up village committees in different villages of Belpahari, Binpur, Lalgarh, Jamb0ni, Salboni, Goaltore and surrounding areas. The village administration will be run according to the directives of the village committee and no government projects can be started without their permission. It is quite evident that in coming days implementing government projects in these villages will be difficult.”

Six months after the publication of this article, Snignendu Bhattacharya of the Hindustan Times published an article on the parallel governance and developmental system in the Lalgarh area. He wrote- “In areas of Medinipur bordering Odisha, in the last 8 months in an area spanning almost thousand square kilometers, the Maoists have silently developed a new weapon against the Indian state. Drinking water, irrigation, road, health centres … Hindustan Times witnessed the second liberated zone of India in this area kept carefully away from public eyes, a Maoist-ruled system where the villages populated by almost 2 lakh inhabitants are witnessing a pace of development unprecedented in the last 30 years of Left rule. Together with taking over the state machinery including the administrative and justice systems, Maoists have constructed 50 kilometres of rural roads, installed tubewells, developed the irrigation system and are running health centers with the assistance of the local population.”

Although Lalgarh was a guerilla zone and calling it a liberated zone was an exaggeration on the writer’s part, both the articles along with many similar reports portrayed the essence of the revolutionary politics underlying the establishment of such village-based peoples’ administrations.

Lalgarh is not the central topic of this essay. The Lalgarh movement is merely an important and instructive episode in the 50 years long history of Naxalbari politics. However, Lalgarh needs special mention as almost after 40 years of Naxalbari, the Lalgarh movement has shown people that Naxalite politics doesn’t only mean capturing state power through armed struggle, the path of Naxalbari also means the building of an alternative socio-economic model by the people themselves. In which development will be based on local needs, on the consent of the local population, not on the demands of international finance capital.

We need to clearly understand that the aim of the Maoists is to destroy the prevailing unequal socioeconomic system and establish in its place a system that will ensure the equitable distribution of national resources among all sections of the society. Destruction and construction are both of equal importance in this politics. Construction has to proceed simultaneously with destruction. Without the dreams and plans of construction, destruction is nothing but anarchy. On the contrary the life blood of Maoist politics is the dream of building a new society.

50 years of Naxalbari stands for 50 years of a dream of building a new India.

The Beginning of the Naxalbari Movement: Struggle for the Right of the Farmer to Land and Crops

Four months after the beginning of the Naxalbari movement in March 1967, when West Bengal was reeling under acute food shortage and rampant black marketeering, Charu Mazumdar declared to a journalist of the newspaper Jugantar that the 20000-25000 farmers of Naxalbari do not have a cause for concern as they have food stores to last them an entire year. Rather the land issue is at the centre of the movement.

The central issue of the Indian agrarian revolution is the redistribution of land by the peasant committees based on the slogan “Land to the tillers”. Although the parliamentary parties also consider land reforms as a just demand, but in reality it has been seen that it is all but impossible to realize this demand by peaceful means. The reason is that the ones who own most of the land run the administration. Therefore the police-administration-landlords nexus tried its best to nip in the bud this attempt of Naxalite politics to overturn this agrarian production relations. However, the struggle was not limited only to the demand for land as it was realized that unless the whole system was changed, and brought in support of the masses, it would not be possible to hold on to land or crops.

In the 2nd edition, 9th issue (5th September, 1967) of the Dakshin Desh magazine it was said- “What is the theoretical basis of this movement of the peasants of Naxalbari? The struggling peasants of Naxalbari believe that the completion of the agrarian revolution is a prime objective among the revolutionary tasks of the peoples democratic revolution. The peasantry along with other friendly revolutionary forces under the leadership of the working class will have to work towards this direction. The peasants have seen that there is no liberation for them unless the feudal exploitation by the rural landlords ends. And this feudal exploitation is supported by the state apparatus and its three pillars- the landlords -moneylenders, the big capitalists and imperialism.

The revolutionaries of Naxalbari have started to destroy this state apparatus under the leadership of the Communist Party. ”

Four decades after this, in 2010, when journalists asked Dr. B.D. Sharma, the adivasi-friendly intellectual and ex-bureaucrat, about the chances of success of the talks between the Indian government and the Maoists, the ex-District Magistrate of undivided Bastar and ex-SC/ST Commissioner said- “Wait and watch the reaction of the government when the Maoists raise the demands of complete land reforms and policy changes regarding industrialization.

Also observe the reaction of the government when the Maoists in Jharkhand, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Chattisgarh demand the cancellation of the mining agreements with the multinational corporations. The talks are sure to break down on these two questions.”

Therefore, the question is not of guns, it is of principles. The question of how the society is going to be. For this sole reason, the government, the reactionary feudal landlords, the comprador bourgeoisie and the bourgeoisie press have always tried to equate Maoist politics with violence. They realize that if people get the opportunity to experience the alternate model it will become impossible for multinational finance capital to plunder the human and natural resources of the country.

The attempt to build this alternate model started almost two decades prior to that of Naxalbari in Kakdwip in West Bengal and in Telangana in Andhra Pradesh. During the Tebhaga movement, Laylagunj in Kakdwip came to be called as Lalgunj where 5000 bighas of land was captured and distributed among the landless in 1949. All ponds were declared as common property and all agricultural equipments and bullocks of farmers were brought together to start collective farming and build collective stores. Separate committees of villagers were formed to look after administration, justice and defence. The repression of the combined forces of landlords and the administration spread throughout the country . On the other hand has developed the struggle to destroy the current state system and build a far better alternative.

What is the alternative model?

Briefly, the Maoists are against the international capital and technology driven developmental model geared to the demands of the rich in the society. Instead the Maoists believe in a developmental model which is driven by local and mass needs, generates employment and is environmentally sustainable. They support that development model which will take the fruits of development to the broader masses of the country – the workers, peasants, middle class, small traders and the national bourgeoisie. They are against all such policies which serve the conditions and interests of international finance capital, which help the Tatas, Ambanis, Essars, Vedantas, Adanis and their likes to expand and fatten on the wealth of the people. The Maoists oppose those policies which burden the common people with foreign loans and the conditions laid down by the multinational corporations.

What are the policies of the Janatana Sarkar? The policies include radical land reforms which will capture lands from the landlords and redistribute to the landless, bring fallow and waste lands into agriculture and put an end to uncontrolled deforestation. The Janatana Sarkar will lay stress on handicrafts and cottage industries producing soap, shoes, jaggery, edible oil and other small scale products both under cooperative and private ownership. In parallel, emphasis will be laid on construction of water reservoirs and digging of ponds, irrigation canals and drainage systems and construction of bridges, schools, health centers and veterinary clinics. And all these will be constructed by the voluntary labour of the common people.

In the present policy document of the Janatana Sarkar of Dandakaranya the outline of the future peoples democratic government has been traced which includes some notables policies and principles such as:

• All lands belonging to landlords and religious institutions will be confiscated. Based on the “land to the tiller” policy these lands will be redistributed among the poor, the landless peasants and agricultural labourers. Lands belonging to rich peasants will not be confiscated.
• The oppression by money lenders will be stopped.
• All banks, industries and other institutions belonging to the imperialists and comprador capitalists will be confiscated. All debts to the imperialists will be cancelled.
• All unjust treaties with imperialists will be declared invalid.
• All such capitalist production that does not adversely affect the life of common people will be allowed to continue.
• Private property will not be confiscated.
• Medium scale enterprises operated by the national bourgeoisie will be regulated.
• Caste discrimination will be annihilated.
• Special attention will be given towards eradication of patriarchy and the end of discrimination against women.
• Mining projects of imperialist MNCs will be stopped.
• Adivasi societies will have autonomy.
• The Janatana Sarkar believes in the right to self determination of nationalities and will therefore accept decisions of nationalities to secede. However, the Janatana Sarkar will work towards the unity of nationalities.
• The development of backward areas will be prioritized.
• Religion will be a personal matter and the state will have nothing to do with religion.
• A scientific and democratic culture will be built up in opposition to the existing imperialist and semifeudal cultural practices.

The model which budded in Naxalbari and had spread to Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Kerala, Bihar and Maharashtra, the model which was again seen during the Lalgarh movement in Bengal wherein local people by their voluntary labour built roads, revived irrigation canals and ponds, ran health centers, established cooperative farms in the Ayodhya hills of Purulia has become a full grown tree in the form of Janatana Sarkar in Dandakarnaya.

In 1967, the path that was shown by Naxalbari in which guerilla squads were formed by snatching the weapons from the mercenary forces of the landlords, established peoples’ courts to try the exploiters-oppressors, establish ownership over land and crops by struggling with the landlord armies, set up cooperative stores of crops, the path which led to the establishment of “Bengal’s Vietnam” in Kanksa, its is the same path by which the oppressed has today tasted their own power in the villages of Bihar, Jharkhand, Andhra, Odisha, Chattisgarh and Maharashtra.

In the last 50 years several thousand marginal farmers have been martyred in the hands of mercenary armies of landlords or the police just to establish their rights over land and its produce. In 1977-78 when there were efforts to revive the revolutionary movement in Andhra Pradesh, when thousands of peasants were getting together in Karimnagar and Adilabad to establish their rights on their lands and crops, there were no option in front of them except to retaliate against the joint attacks by the feudal lords and the police administration. At around the same time, similar efforts were started to establish revolutionary peasant committees in south Bihar (present Jharkhand). Simultaneously, dalit landless farmers from central Bihar organized under the revolutionary Communist forces faced massive violence from the mercenary armies of the landlords. The police and the parliamentary political parties as expected joined hands with the landlords.

In the 80’s while continuing to fight the combined attacks of these reactionary forces, practices such as cooperative farming, cooperative animal husbandry and community ownership of forest resources were established in different parts of Dandakaranya with the objective of making the villages self-reliant. In 1995, the village government committee or Janatana Sarkar was established. Meanwhile huge tracts of land have been distributed among the landless. The loot of the forest resources by the jungle mafia has been restricted and the rights of the adivasis over forest produce have been established while ensuring regulated use of such resources.

From 1996, in order to restrict the dependence of the adivasis over forest resources and hunting, they have been encouraged to practice fruit and vegetable farming. Both individual and cooperative farming was encouraged by distributing seeds of fruits and vegetables among individuals/families and communities. Both forms of farming, private and collective, were allowed simultaneously so that people could select one after assessing the pros and cons of both. It is to be remembered that the new democratic revolution in India does not envisage the end of private enterprise, rather it wants that private enterprises are run keeping in mind the needs of the broader masses.

Within two years of this collectivization of animal resources such as cows, buffaloes, oxen, goats, ducks, chicken etc. was initiated. Cattle and other animals of landlords and moneylenders were confiscated and all animals were shifted to a designated place. The excreta of such animals was collected in a place and used as organic manure. Such practices kept the villages clean and reduced the requirement of chemical fertilizers.

Success of such policies infuriated the local landlords, traders and moneylenders and they tried to repress the movement with the help of the police administration. The primary reason for their anger was the confiscation of their lands and furthermore due to the redistribution of the land to the landless, it was difficult for them to get cheap agricultural labour for their land. Moreover the forest officials and local politicians in nexus with the jungle mafias lost their regular sources of income.

Furthermore, as the farmers could keep their entire produce, it released them from the dependence on local moneylenders. This gave rise to a chain reaction. For example, if the third world succeeds in putting an end to the exploitation by the multi-national corporations, such corporations will be forced to increase the exploitation and repression of the American people which will then push the American people towards revolutionary politics. Similarly, the cooperative farming and animal husbandry model in the adivasi villages created alarm in the towns and cities. All reactionary forces joined hands to destroy the Janatana Sarkar. In order to resist these attacks, the guerilla army of the oppressed people also increased in size and power. And the Janatana Sarkars got further strengthened based on the strength of this guerilla army.

In 1997-98 itself the inhabitants of 238 villages in Dandakaranya dug 110 ponds by giving voluntary labour. Simultaneously 47 large water reservoirs were created, some for irrigation, some for fish cultivation and some for the needs of cattle. During August-September of that year, nearly 3 lakh fish spawn and some thousands of prawn seeds were used to start extensive pisciculture. In 1998 the peoples’ government started distributing fish spawn in a large scale among the local population, which soon became a basis of the local economy. Now there are water reservoirs or ponds in the area of most revolutionary peoples’ committees. In the same areas where agriculture was once very limited now there is extensive cultivation of fruits such as papayas, bananas, mangoes, lemons and guavas and vegetables such as onion, garlic, brinjal, gourds, pumpkin, ladies finger, cauliflower, maize, spring onion, tomatoes etc.

The revolutionary peoples’ committees (RPC) have taken the initiative to train the local population in agricultural practices, develop irrigation systems, protect cattle and develop animal husbandry, convert forest land into agricultural land and arrange for collection and preservation of fertilizers, seeds etc. In the Mad area of Dandakranya, which was once the most backward area, today there is cooperative agriculture and cooperative farms under the direction of RPCs. Every year during January-February, the work to level the land is taken up for 10-15 days. Cultivation of herbs is being expanded keeping in mind the health needs of the people. A number of local health centres have come up, together with mobile health centres. The mobile health centres provide free basic health services to people over a large area.

In the schools under the RPC, text books have been developed in eight subjects, mathematics, social sciences, political science, Hindi, culture, biology, general science and the history of Dandakaranya for students from classes one to five. Most significantly, with great effort Gondi, the language of the adivasis, has been restored and primary curriculum in Gondi language has been started. Remarkably, a dictionary in the Gondi language has also been written. Efforts are being made to even restore the more backward Halvi language. More than 25 magazines are published regularly just from Dandakarnya. In the areas under the Janatana Sarkars, Indian-made foreign liquor is banned although there is no ban on country liquor, hadia etc. However, drinking alcohol is forbidden in the revolutionary organization and campaigns are run to build public consciousness against the drinking of country liquor, smoking etc.

In those areas of Dandakaranya where peoples’ governments have been set up till district level, the struggle began with the establishment of peoples’ rights over the fundamental aspects of rural economy – land, crops, cattle and water bodies. Private property has not been ended but land has been taken from landlords and distributed among the peasants.

A gram sabha is a fundamental unit of the Janatana Sarkar. The gram sabhas look after the local administration of each village and all inhabitants of the village except those belonging to the enemy camp are its members. Every year each gram sabha organizes at least two meetings. In the first meeting decisions are taken while they are reviewed in the second meeting. If the villagers are unsatisfied with the functioning of an individual in the gram sabha they have a right to recall and they can remove the person from the working committee.

Three to five such villages or roughly 500-3000 individuals constitute a Revolutionary People’s Committee (RPC). Ten to fifteen such RPC’s constitute a regional RPC or regional government which comprises of roughly 10000- 20000 individuals. Finally 3-5 such regional RPC’s make up a divisional or district level RPC.

There are 9 departments under the administration of a district level RPC-

1. Defence, 2. Finance, 3. Agriculture, 4. Small scale industries 5. Justice, 6. Education and Culture, 7. Health and Social development, 8. Forest protection 9. Mass communication
Seven or nine or eleven members constitute local or regional RPCs. There are 15 members in the district committee which comprise of a president, a vice president, a representative of the PLGA, individuals responsible for the functioning of the 9 departments and 3 representatives of the area committee of the Party. In the fundamental unit or the gram sabha all villagers except class enemies elect the committee members and decide upon the agenda to be considered for development work. The villagers have a right to recall an elected committee member if she/he fails to perform an assigned duty.

In 2008, a Dandakaranya Special Zonal preparatory committee was formed to coordinate between the 2 district level RPC’s. In spite of the Salwa Judum operational from 2005-2008 and the Operation Greenhunt, which was instituted by the reactionary central and state governments to crush the Janatana Sarkars, these peoples’ governments are being able to continue functioning as the basis for the popular support for them is the alternative model of development based on popular participation which tries to ensure the equitable distribution of wealth.

Just because the Maoists want to subvert the present system it does not mean that they oppose the welfare projects of the State. In areas where the Janatana Sarkars have not been established, the Maoists engage themselves in movements to ensure the proper implementation of government schemes such as 100 days work, water harvesting, state subsidies for small scale industries, housing schemes for the poor etc. The Maoists demand the proper implementation of all such welfare projects by the government which they themselves want to take up on a larger scale.

The Maoists want the utilization of national resources in such a manner that the benefits of welfare schemes reach the largest number of people. For the same reason the World Bank opposes the 100 days work (MGNREGA) scheme as it considers that if the peasants get some income they will not be available as cheap labourers in cities.

On the other hand the Maoists have always demanded the proper implementation and expansion of the MGNREGA project. The Maoists are not against the extraction of ore from mines but they are against policies that allow the displacement of inhabitants of forests and hills, the indiscriminate deforestation and facilitation of the loot of valuable mineral resources by the multinational corporations, all in the name of mining and industrialization.

It is to be clearly understood that the current aggressive nature of global capitalism is taking the world towards a disaster, it is taking us towards a situation in which natural resources are going to get over, environment is going to be degraded, human disease will increase and in order to increase humanity’s suffering and sick lifestyle life saving drugs and health services will become even more expensive. In order to prevent this disaster and to save the future of the world what is of utmost need is to build an alternative environment friendly, self-reliant, employment generating and non-wasteful political-economic system.

The Jantana Sarkars, under the leadership of the Maoists, are fighting to establish such a society. And till today, the inspiration for this struggle comes from the historic Naxalbari movement that happened 50 years ago, a movement that showed the path of liberation to the working masses of India.

(The author is a former member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and has been a political prisoner)

As US President Donald Trump prepares to announce his administration’s strategy for the stalemate in Afghanistan later on Monday, the South Asian country’s $3 trillion wealth of natural resources has taken the center of attention

As US President Donald Trump prepares to announce his administration’s strategy for the stalemate in Afghanistan later on Monday, the South Asian country’s $3 trillion wealth of natural resources has taken the center of attention.

While the US Department of Defense’s estimates have put Afghanistan’s untapped wealth of gold, copper, uranium and other rare-earth minerals at well around $1 trillion, Afghan officials’ latest geological studies hint at figures three times larger.

The number can probably explain Washington’s willingness to continue the war in Afghanistan, which has dragged on for 16 years and has cost the US economy more than $714 billion dollars, according to the Pentagon's Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) July report.

The second longest war in the US history has also killed over 2,000 American soldiers and injured 20,000 more.

And now Trump is set to address a problem that vexed his two predecessors.

His administration has been under overwhelming pressure to “turn the tide in Afghanistan,” to borrow Senator John McCain’s words.

Recuperating US money

Although opinions vary on whether the US president would authorize an increase in US troop levels in Afghanistan, there is a common consensus that the Trump administration is exploring ways to recoup some of the money funneled into the war over the past years.

In fact, the businessman-turned-president has already discussed the possibility with his Afghan counterpart Ashraf Ghani and reportedly views the potential there as a justification for prolonged US military presence.

According to administration sources, the White House is already considering sending an envoy to Afghanistan to meet with mining officials, an opening salvo for harnessing the country’s natural resources.

Afghanistan is also open to the idea, with Afghan government spokesperson Javid Faisal calling it a “win-win” situation.

Interestingly, Trump has been receiving informal advice on Afghanistan from his billionaire friend Andy Feinberg, who owns major US military contractor DynCorp.

The company has been operating in Afghanistan since 2003 and is believed to play a role in securing the country’s mines, according to the New York Times.

US already behind in the race

The US is not alone in seeking a piece of the cake in Afghanistan and has fallen behind countries like China, Germany and Russia who have already taken their first steps.

Last month, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier told Ghani that his country was interested in Afghanistan’s large deposits of lithium, a key ingredient in rechargeable batteries used in smart phones and electric cars.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says his government is “open” to sending more troops to Afghanistan, as requested by the United States.

China is eyeing Afghanistan’s copper resources and is sending in its Metallurgical Group Corporation (MCC) to extract $100 billion worth of the chemical.

During the Soviet-era, Russia tired to control Afghanistan's natural gas but abandoned the effort after the Taliban’s rise to power.

The US invaded the country in 2001 to allegedly eradicate the Taliban and other terror groups. After years of deadly clashes, however, the Taliban are seemingly stronger while the Daesh (ISIL) terror group has also gained a foothold in the country.


Fascism is Rising in America : From Trump's Proto Fascism to Full Fledged Fascism

Democracy and Class Struggle has from the beginning of Trump's run for the office of President - we have pointed out he was not just a right wing populist but a proto fascist - a precursor and enabler of Fascism and nothing in his practice or his speeches has caused us to revise that opinion - what is important is to understand how the move from Proto Fascism to fully fledged Fascism will come about in USA. Richard Wolff throws light on how that transition will come about.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Human Rights Hypocrisy : Colombia verses Venezuela

Democracy and Class Struggle says context and comparisons are always missing when dealing with Venezuela - when light is shone on Colombia and the lack of criticism and active support of US Imperialism for its barbarities we see what Venezuela is fighting against in South America.

Violence has increased since signing of Peace Agreement with FARC - a peace agreement which Democracy and Class Struggle disagreed with when the world applauded it.

Colombia has the worst human rights record in Latin America but this is obscured by anti Venezuela propaganda.

Stop US imperialist proxy Colombia trying to turn Venezuela in a New Colombian Nightmare !

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Revenge for Thälmann! - Jugendwiderstand Berlin

Germany, Berlin: Revenge for Thälmann!

 August 19, 2017 C. Berlin, Ernst Thälmann,Come to Spandau! The Fascists want to walk through our city and the working-class neighborhood of Spandau in just a few hours under shameful slogans.

They demand “revenge for Hess,” an idiot and genocidal fascist, who died at an undeserved 93 years.

Yesterday was one of the world’s most important commemorations of a death. 73 years ago yesterday, Hitler’s fascists murdered Ernst Thälmann, the unyielding, communist leader of the German working class.

On this day of his martyrdom we performed an unannounced demonstration with torches in front of his memorial in Thälmann Park in Berlin, read a speech on his life and work, and concluded with the slogans “Glory and Honor to the Martyrs!”, “Your legacy, Our struggle – Youth, let us Resist! ” and “Ernst Thälmann lives on in the struggle!”.

We swear we will avenge him and all of our movement’s martyrs. Vengeance is in the struggle! Everyone to Spandau, let us fight the fascist rats, the mortal enemies of the working class and of the people!

Hatred and death to reaction!
Vengeance for Thälmann!


Source;  http://www.redspark.nu/en/imperialist-states/germany-berlin-revenge-for-thalmann/

Bolshevism Spreads to New Zealand

15,000 March in Boston Against Hate Speech : MSNBC just raised their estimate of crowd turnout in Boston to more than 40,000 anti-fascist protesters.

Democracy and Class Struggle says a few hundred attended the Alt Right/Nazi Rally in Boston but were met by 15,000 people protesting their presence.

The Liberal Media called the Alt Right/Nazi meeting a "Free Speech" Rally - It was a Hate Rally with Hate Speech and should be called out for what it is - words matter.

MSNBC is now saying 45,000 protesters against Alt Right/Nazi in Boston.

What South Koreans Can Teach US About Resisting Trump

Friday, August 18, 2017

Felix Sater, one of Donald Trump’s shadiest former business partners, is reportedly preparing for prison time — and he says the president will be joining him behind bars.

Felix Sater, one of Donald Trump’s shadiest former business partners, is reportedly preparing for prison time — and he says the president will be joining him behind bars.

Sources told The Spectator‘s Paul Wood that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s deep dive into Trump’s business practices may be yielding results.

Trump recently made remarks that could point to a money laundering scheme, Wood reported.

“I mean, it’s possible there’s a condo or something, so, you know, I sell a lot of condo units, and somebody from Russia buys a condo, who knows?” the president said.

Sater, who has a long history of legal troubles and is cooperating with law enforcement, was one of the major players responsible for selling Trump’s condos to the Russians.

And according to Wood’s sources, Sater may have already flipped and given prosecutors the evidence they need to make a case against Trump.

For several weeks there have been rumours that Sater is ready to rat again, agreeing to help Mueller. ‘He has told family and friends he knows he and POTUS are going to prison,’ someone talking to Mueller’s investigators informed me.

Sater hinted in an interview earlier this month that he may be cooperating with both Mueller’s investigation and congressional probes of Trump.

“In about the next 30 to 35 days, I will be the most colourful character you have ever talked about,” Sater told New York Magazine. “Unfortunately, I can’t talk about it now, before it happens. And believe me, it ain’t anything as small as whether or not they’re gonna call me to the Senate committee.”

Sater is not the only one rumored confidante to have turned against Trump. An attack on former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort by the National Enquirer — a friendly outlet for the president — suggests that he may have already turned over damaging evidence to authorities.


The Pence Pounce : Trump's Impeachment May be Closer Than You Think

Democracy and Class Struggle says we may not have to wait for the Special Counsel

One Hate-monger Out; Bannon Fired !

Sebastian Gorka member of Nazi supporting Vitézi Rend ?

Larry Cohler-Esses, who first reported the allegations in The Forward, a leading Jewish American newspaper that Sebastian Gorka was in Vitézi Rend.

The outlet reports members of the Vitézi Rend elite order confirmed Gorka took a lifelong oath of loyalty to the Hungarian far-right group, which is listed by the U.S. State Department as having been “under the direction of the Nazi Government of Germany” during World War II. 

Questions first emerged about Gorka’s ties to the group after the website LobeLog published photographs of Gorka wearing a Vitézi Rend medal on his lapel at a presidential inauguration ball on January 20. 

Gorka has denied reports of his involvement with the group, but if he is found to have failed to disclose this in his immigration application, it could make him inadmissible to the country under the Immigration and Nationality Act. 

The revelation comes as Jewish community centers and synagogues around the U.S. reported another wave of bomb threats over the weekend.

Trumpster Fire : Trump Defends Confederacy More Than Southern Republican

Young Turk Liberals at their best - but you smash Fascism with Bullets not just Ballots something they still need to learn - it was a lesson learned in the 20th Century that some have chosen to forget.

US Begins Korea War Games, Not Peace Talks - interview with Tim Shorrock

Democracy and Class Struggle says recognition at last that North Korea have been making Peace Proposals for a long time - time to expose US Aggression in North Asia as part of the US Asian Pivot.

“No American president has mentioned a military option so easily, so offhandedly as he ( Trump)  has.” But here Trump has a precedent: Bill Clinton also didn’t bother to consult the former South Korean president Kim Young Sam when drawing up plans for a pre-emptive strike in June 1994. - Bruce Cumins

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Conference of Communist & Workers' Parties, St. Petersburg 2017

Democracy and Class Struggle salutes the Marxist Leninists is St Petersburg but calls on them to advance to Marxism Leninism Maoism in the 21st Century.

You can begin the road by taking a short course here on Marxism Leninism Maoism which will be as big a guide for the Communist Movement in 21st century as the Short Course of CPSU(B) in 1939. It is produced by the Communist Party of India(Maoist).

But the real test is your anti capitalist and anti imperialist practice.

 "revolutionary practice" is more powerful than "pure" theory.

MLM is a must to mould our practice in light of theory

Heather Heyer's Mothers Speech this is the beginning - if you are not outraged by Neo Nazis and KKK you are not paying attention

Democracy and Class Struggle is fed up with the voice of the Ugly American Trump is it good to hear the voice of the other America of real people like Heather Heyer's mother.

Time for Peace Treaty with North Korea and end of Aggressive US/South Military Games on North Korean Border

Bruce Gagnon has got it right and is on the same page as Democracy and Class Struggle on the US Asia Pivot in North Asia.

There are attempts in both Russian and Chinese Foreign Policy Establishments - partly due to CIA subversion with aid of pro Trumpers - not to recognize the very aggressive position of US in North Asia.

Mike Pompeo was boasting of CIA covert success in Russia at Aspen Security Forum but was silent on his more successful projects in China.

We have called for cleansing in Russia and China of Foreign Policy Establishments and more space for military voices to combat US Aggression.

We are sick of Chinese and Russian subservience to US Imperialism which aids war and does not reduce it, especially on the Korean Peninsula.

Since 2002, More Americans Killed by Right Wing White Terrorism than Muslims


Charlottesville : Even Fox News cannot find the "Fine People" marching with KKK and neo Nazis

50 years on - Naxalbari Lives in South Bastar -Dandakaranya - The Eternal Flame of Revolution





Wednesday, August 16, 2017

London Solidarity with Charlottesville - No to Fascism

Democracy and Class Struggle says the reaction to Charlottesville is waking up the anti Fascist Movement Worldwide not just in the United States - What we need is hurricane against Fascism Worldwide which which will sweep both Trump and the Nazis neo barbarism into the Hell from which they came.

Antifa : A Look at the Antifascist Movement Confronting White Supremacists in USA

Authentic Voice of the South - Bill Bunting - Living Spirit of Free State of Jones

Democracy and Class Struggle says Bill Bunting is more correct and authentic than the Liberal Young Turks when he wants to kick the shit our of the KKK and the Neo Nazis he knows what he is dealing with - the Young Turks have liberal illusions that Nazis are a debating society not killers.


The Alt-Right White House ? Trump Admin Full of Alt Right Champions

Trump Cuts Anti Nazi Program - KKK Leader Thanks Trump

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Terror in Charlottesville

Australia meets Bolshevism : Formation of the Communist Party of Australia

Urgent - US Department of Justice Targets Left and Anti Trump Protesters in attack on Dreamhost even Right Wing Fox Legal Commentator says it is "Chilling"

Democracy and Class Struggle you would think the "Justice" Department  would go after KKK and Neo Nazis and Neo Confederates but no they are going after anti Trump Protesters.

See Also

Richard Broinowski, a former Australian ambassador to South Korea on North Korea

Americans Once Carpet-Bombed North Korea. It’s Time To Remember That Past by Bruce Cumins

Pyongyang Destruction 1950

Originally published in The Guardian

As they always do on the anniversary of the armistice, North Koreans celebrated their “victory” in the Korean War on 27 July. A few days later, President Donald J Trump remarked that if the North Koreans made any more threats, they “will be met with fire and fury, and frankly, power the likes of which the world has never seen”.

No American president has uttered words like this since Harry Truman warned the Japanese, between Hiroshima and Nagasaki, either to surrender or face “a rain of ruin from the air, the likes of which has never been seen on this earth”. Trump’s nuclear bluster, made off-the-cuff between golf rounds, was widely condemned, but a few days later he doubled down on it.

As a White House staffer told the New York Times, the president “believes he has a better feel for Mr Kim [Jong-un] than his advisers do. He thinks of Mr Kim as someone pushing people around, and Mr Trump thinks he needs to show that he cannot be pushed.”

Trump is surrounded by people who echo his fantasies of ultimate power. Sebastian Gorka, a strange figure advising Trump (said to be a Trump “favorite” and a dead ringer for a Bela Lugosi flunky in a Dracula movie), told Fox News that Trump’s “fire and fury” line meant “don’t test America and don’t test Donald J Trump”.

We are not just a superpower, Gorka went on, “we are now a hyper-power. Nobody in the world, especially not North Korea, comes close to challenging our military capabilities.” This has been a truism since the Soviet Union collapsed, but it doesn’t explain how the US has failed to win four of the five major wars it has fought since 1945. One of those wars was in Korea, where rough peasant armies, North Korean and Chinese, fought the US to a standstill.

It was 64 years ago that North Koreans emerged from this war into a living nightmare, after three years of “rain and ruin” by the US air force. Pyongyang had been razed to the ground, with the Air Force stating in official documents that the North’s cities suffered greater damage than German and Japanese cities firebombed during World War II.

Just as the Japan scholar Richard Minear termed Truman’s atomic attacks “exterminationist”, the great French writer and film-maker Chris Marker wrote after a visit to the North in 1957: 

“Extermination crossed this land.” It was an indelible experience still drilled into the heads of every North Korean.

On my first visit to Pyongyang in 1981, a guide quickly brought up the bombing and said it had killed several of his family members. Wall posters depicted a wizened old woman in the midst of the bombing, declaring “American imperialists – wolves”.

The day after Trump’s bluster, the DPRK government stated: “The US once waged a tragic war that plunged this land into a sea of blood and fire, and has been leaving no stone unturned to obliterate the DPRK’s ideology and system century after century.”

There are 25 million human beings living in North Korea. They bleed like we do, they live and die like we do, they love their kin like we do. Trump’s callous and cavalier threat was perhaps the most irresponsible thing he has said since becoming president (which is really saying something), but most Americans will not know this because they know nothing about the carpet-bombing of North Korea.

What about the 50 million South Koreans, whose elders also suffered through this war? “Trump doesn’t seem to understand what an alliance is, and doesn’t seem to consider his ally when he says those things,” Lee Byong-chul, a senior fellow at an institute in Seoul, told the New York Times.

“No American president has mentioned a military option so easily, so offhandedly as he has.” But here Trump has a precedent: Bill Clinton also didn’t bother to consult the former South Korean president Kim Young Sam when drawing up plans for a pre-emptive strike in June 1994.

The next few weeks are critical to this deepening crisis, with annual “Ulchi-Freedom Guardian” war games set to start up on 21 August, involving tens of thousands of American and South Korean troops.

North Korean generals have been preparing for moments like this for decades, gaming out war scenarios during several crises going back to January 1968 when they seized the US spy ship Pueblo and held the crew for 11 months.

Thus the North’s statements in the current crisis (unlike Trump’s) have a concrete, predictable nature: lots of bluster and bombast combined with quite specific plans, namely four medium-range missiles to be launched into waters near Guam on 15 August, if Kim Jong Un gives the go ahead.

Pyongyang always pursues tit-for-tat strategies: the US lifts B1-B nuclear-capable bombers from Guam for flyovers of South Korea – a constant not just under Trump but also during Obama’s tenure – and the North chooses a scenario that will call attention to the nuclear blackmail that the US has pursued going back to the Korean war, and particularly during the decades from 1958 to 1990, when the US stationed hundreds of nukes in South Korea with standard plans to use them in the early stages of a North Korean invasion. Pyongyang also likes to choose dates that have historical resonance: 15 August is the anniversary of Korea’s liberation from Japanese colonialism in 1945.

Upon the news of his wife’s death, Shakespeare’s Macbeth said, “Out, out, brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury.” He famously added: “signifying nothing”. Trump signified this: yet another American venture in extermination.

Bruce Cumings  teaches at the University of Chicago and is the author of The Korean War: A History. He is a Korea Policy Institute advisor.

Moon Jae-in South Korea's President says war must not break out on the Korean Peninsula again

“No American president has mentioned a military option so easily, so offhandedly as he has.” But here Trump has a precedent: Bill Clinton also didn’t bother to consult the former South Korean president Kim Young Sam when drawing up plans for a pre-emptive strike in June 1994. - Bruce Cumins

Kim Jong Un examines plan to attack Guam

Development of Capitalism in Australia and Vere Gordon Childe

Gordon Childe's definition of civilisation based on a list of cultural traits (urbanism, trade, literacy, early states, monumental art etc.) has been the most influential archaeological contribution to the debate. What is present archaeological thinking on its utility? Perhaps now used more for the focus on particular aspects rather than 'civilisation' per se - the implications are critical.

Wilkerson: Trump Has No Business Threatening Venezuela

Monday, August 14, 2017

Deandre Harris on Attack by White Supremacists in Charlottesville

Jalane Schmidt, an organizer with the local Black Lives Matter movement and an associate professor of religious studies at the University of Virginia, describes the school’s history of connections to the KKK and its alumnus, white nationalist leader Richard Spencer.


Democracy and Class Struggle points out the comment of CDRO Team in Chattisgarth

"The team told the police that it is an ironic situation to celebrate the Independence Day while the independence of people is being denied" 



Narinder Kumar Jeet and Pritpal Singh are State Committee members of Association Of Democratic Rights Punjab and they are part of team of CDRO (Coordination of Democratic Rights Organisations) that has gone to Sukma (Chhatisgarh) for inquiring the violations of Human Rights, however, the team has not been permitted to visit and following is the message of Sh Jeet:

Today the CDRO team, consisting of 18 members from 7 democratic organizations namely AFDR Punjab, PUDR Delhi, APDR West Bengal, CPDR Maharashtra, CLC Telengana, CLC Andhra Pradesh, CPDR Tamil Nadu, was stopped at the outskirts of Sukma (Chhatisgarh). The team was to visit Burkapal where a CRPF came under attack of Maoists some months ago.

The state has unleashed a reign of terror on ordinary people of village Burkapal. As per information with the CDRO, on the very next day after the attack, one tribal person was killed by CRPF men as the deceased was heavily drunk and could not leave the village while all other people had already left fearing backlash. There after CRPF persuaded the womenfolk of the village to call their men giving assurance of security. When after about a month, the men came back, CRPF took them in custody and illegally detained them. After more than one month when the women protested and intervention by Soni Sori, they were formally shown as arrested.

Strangely the police claimed that these 40 people were Maoists and were arrested just a day before. Whereas the fact was that they were in illegal custody of CRPF for more than a month. It has also been reported that CRPF was forcing the people to flee away from the village and also preventing them from doing agricultural work. There are reports of many false encounter deaths from surrounding area. It was to hide all these facts that the police did not permit the CDRO team for visiting Burkapal.

After detaining the team at outskirts of Sukma, they asked the team to contact higher authorities for taking permission. One DSP namely Ram Gopal came and had a very detailed discussion with the CDRO team, however, he did not allow the team to go ahead. Thereafter, he took the team to the collector, who was not available. Team was presented before one Harish Rathor, Additional SP, who told the team that due to independence celebrations, they cannot allow the team to go to Burkapal for security reasons. 

There was a detailed discussion with him and the team insisted that there cannot be any restriction on movement of people as per law and constitution of India. He told the team that it was a special situation.

Then the team purposed to visit 15th afternoon after the independence celebrations will be over or on 16th August but he refused to accept this proposal. It is very clear to the team that the State has many violations of human rights to hide and therefore they are adamant for not allowing the CDRO team to visit the area. The team told the police that it is an ironic situation to celebrate the Independence Day while the independence of people is being denied. All this process took more than 6 hours and cause lot of harassment to the team. If this is the fate of CDRO team, the difficulties faced by ordinary and illiterate tribal can be well imagined.

Tomorrow, the team will hold a press conference after the end of its scheduled program at Jagdalpur. The team has appealed the democratic forces and justice loving people raise their vice and condemn this autocratic behavior of the State. The areas under the operation green hunt has virtually become the grave yard of democratic and human rights of people.

The Real Face of the Mountbatten Award by Communist Party of India in 1948

The Mountbatten Award comes as a culmination of the betrayal of the revolutionary struggle by the National Congress and the League leaderships.

Though the bourgeois leaderships parade the story that independence has been won, the fact is the freedom struggle has been betrayed and the national leadership has struck a treacherous deal behind the back of the starving people betraying every slogan of the democratic revolution.

The Mountbatten Plan partitioned India.

The National leaderships of the Congress and the Muslim League which had always opposed the solution of the communal problem on the basis of the just and revolutionary principle of self determination of nationalities accepted the imperialist principle of partition on the basis of religion.

This enabled imperialism to organize the ghastliest  riots and butcheries of minorities.creating permanent hostility between Hindu's and Muslims and to work up war fever between the two states when required in imperialist interests.

The partition is a ready made weapon to organize riots and sidetrack the revolutionary movement by war appeals.

It is one of the biggest attacks on the unity and integrity of the democratic movement and also used to weaken the bourgeoisie of both states vis a vis Imperialism.

Secondly the plan keeps the Princes, the age old friends of the imperial order intact and enhances their bargaining power,enabling the national leaders to parade their accession as a real triumph, for the princes are now supposed to be independent.

Thirdly the economic strings are still in the hands of the imperialists who successfully use them to make the bourgeoisie move against the masses, crush the democratic revolution and establish a new line up for imperialism, princes landlords and bourgeoisie.

The Mountbatten Plan is the expression of this alliance against the democratic revolution- the alliance that seeks to drown the revolution in blood.

It crowns the process of of bourgeois vacillation and final capitulation. It is the fruit of the national leadership's compromising policy, culminating in an avowedly anti national and anti people and anti revolutionary policy.

What the Mountbatten plan has given is not real but fake independence.

Through this award British Imperialism has partitioned India on communal lines and gave to the bourgeoisie an important share of state power,subservient to itself.

Britain's domination has not ended but the form has changed. The bourgeoisie was for so long kept out of state power and in opposition to it : now it is granted  a share of state power in order to disrupt and drown the national democratic revolution in blood.

The supreme organs of the State, the army, the navy the air force and the bureaucracy are controlled by the servitors of imperialism. They are dominated by upper class elements officered by them, by old bureaucrats that have pronounced pro British sympathies and bitterly hate all democratic advance.And the final imperialist control will be registered through military missions and military advisers.

The behaviour of the military, the police and the civil service in face of the riot offensive of communal elements clearly demonstrates how anti popular, anti democratic and pro imperialist elements control these organs of the state - elements of which the bourgeoisie safely relies for the law and order collaboration.

At the same time representatives of the bourgeoisie, the traditional leaders and the national movement are handed the reins of government while being dominated by imperialism through trade pacts and an open military alliance is in the process of formation.

The Mountbatten Award does not really signify a retreat of imperialism but its cunning counter offensive against the rising forces of the Indian people.

This is demonstrated by the communal carnage and the setback to the democratic and anti Imperialist struggle after August 15th.

British Imperialism was forced to change the forms of its domination as a result of the rowing popular upsurge for freedom and democracy during the war and post war days.

Faced with the alternative of quitting India, it has given a share of power to the capitalists and the landlords in order to be able to remain.

To parade this new status as national freedom or as national advance is to shield imperialist designs and the subservience of the national bourgeoisie.

Dust from August 1947 in 2017 - Kashmir - Indian soldiers and rebels killed in Kashmir clashes

The Creation of Modern India and Pakistan - The Deadly Legacy of British Imperialism

Sunday, August 13, 2017

(아리랑) Arirang - Korean Folk Song - Korean Civilization will outlast American Imperialism

The White House Josef Goebbels ( Sebastian Gorka) Says That Right Wing Extremist Attacks Do Not Exist !!!

The Road to Hell is paved with Sebastian Gorka's and the Lie of the 21st Century

James Alex Fields who drove the vehicle that killed Heather Heyer was a member of American Vanguard a self declared US Fascist Organisation but as Sebastian Gorka in the White House says there is no right wing extremism in America !!!!!

Lawmakers Move To Strip Unstable Trump Of Access To Nuclear Codes

Aid Korea : Songs of the Chinese People's Liberation Army : As the War Approaches : When the Motherland Calls

Democracy and Class Struggle says part of the US Asian Pivot Strategy was to split the PLA from the Chinese Government and isolate it - It is a strategy that traitors in the Chinese Foreign Policy Establishment Played in the name of "Peace" but it has failed.

There is no Civil - Military Gap in China.

The Chinese PLA not the Communist Party is the core of anti Imperialist Resistance in China and cannot be repressed or constrained according to the wishes of US Imperialism and they will stand shoulder to shoulder with their Korean Brothers and sisters against US Imperialism in the Asia Pacific.

Charlottesville : From Insult to Injury and Death and the Nazi Big Lie

                                                            James Alex Fields Jr.

Democracy and Class Struggle says Charlottesville saw a Big Lie campaign on the Internet by the Nazi and Alt Right to blame the victims saying leftist was driving car that plowed in Black Lives Matter and Anti Fascist Protesters - you can find their lies all over social media and you tube- the car driver was a rightist called James Alex Fields Jr - picture above.

It’s been a tragic and downright disgusting day in Charlottesville, Virginia today after protests turned violent and a terrorist attack took place.  Early this afternoon a Dodge Challenger plowed into a crowd of anti-KKK protesters in Charlottesville.  The attack injured dozens, many critically, and killed a 32-year old woman.

Police arrested the man shortly after the attack took place, and just now we are getting word of who this sick individual allegedly was.  James Alex Fields Jr. was arrested and booked this afternoon on suspicion of second-degree murder.  The man, who is a registered Republican voter in the State of Ohio, was arrested wearing a white shirt and khaki pants, similar to a group of white nationalist protesters on hand and photographed earlier in the day.  Fields recently turned 20-years-old and is a resident of Maumee, Ohio​.

Social media users originally accused a man named Joel Vangheluwe of being the perpetrator of the attack, but Vangheluwe quickly refuted the claims saying that he had sold the vehicle and was currently at a wedding with his girlfriend.  Those on the right continued to push that it was Vangheluwe, calling him a radical leftist ANTIFA member in an effort to portray a picture that those on the left were responsible for this attack.  As it turns out, they were wrong, and in fact it appears that the driver was a registered Republican Voter, and likely Trump supporter..

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Trump's America's Alt Right Supporters use Vehicles to Run Down Black Lives Matter and Anti Fascist Protestors

Democracy and Class Struggle say Alt Right Trump Supporters Bannon Bastards and Milo Scum behind violent attacks on Black Lives Matter and Anti Fascists in Charlottesville including driving car into crowd killing and injuring protesters.

Three Dead (one protester) and Thirty Injured of anti Fascist Protesters according to latest reports.

Wake Up America it not Just Trump attacking North Korea and Venezuela and Iran it s also allowing Trump's Justice Department run by a White Bigot - preparing to attack the American People.

What happens abroad by USA is coming home - fight with all your might and smash the Alt Right in USA.

Justice is not with Trump and Sessions it is with the People and they need to exercise it as the US Government is creating the injustice and violence.

Reports from Charlottesville say the police stepped aside to let the Alt Right Fascists attack the protesters according to Brian Becker which confirms the Trump/Sessions State collaboration which has now become overt.

Trump make a moral equivalent between racists and anti racists in his "all sides" condemnation - he is devoid of morality he is on his way to hell - do not let him take the American People there.

Trump's Military Threat to Venezuela - The World's Reaction

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr/ The Great Unrest in Wales  expresses its solidarity with the Venezuelan People and our Venezuelan Comrades in the Province of Lara against this serious threat against the independence and self determination of the Venezuelan People by Donald Trump and the American Oligarchy.

Any attack on Venezuela is an attack on all of us - and we will respond appropriately.

Our renewal of struggle for National and Social Liberation in Wales is inspired by the Venezuelan People.

Politicians, social movements and progressive governments from around the world have responded to Trump’s threat.

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday claimed that Washington is exploring “many options regarding Venezuela, including a possible military option if necessary.”

Speaking from Bedminster, New Jersey, Trump told reporters that his administration is considering taking action against the South American country in the wake of the National Constituent Assembly.

“We are all over the world and we have troops all over the world in places that are very, very far away,” Trump said.

“Venezuela is not very far away and the people are suffering. They're dying. We have many options for Venezuela including a possible military option, if necessary.”

Caracas has since responded to the threat and is preparing defense measures.

Politicians, social movements and progressive governments from around the world have also responded to Trump’s threat, expressing support for Venezuela’s sovereignty. Here are a few of their comments.

Heraldo Muñoz @HeraldoMunoz
Reiterando todos los términos de la Declaración de Lima sobre Venezuela, Gob Chile rechaza amenaza de una intervención militar en Venezuela.
1:26 AM - Aug 12, 2017
 307 307 Replies   666 666 Retweets   494 494 likes
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Chilean Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz:  Reiterating all of the terms of the Lima Declaration on Venezuela, the government of Chile rejects the threat of military intervention in Venezuela.

Vicente Fox Quesada ? @VicenteFoxQue
.@realDonaldTrump in Latinamerica we don't your war, only an imbecile would wage war on his neighbor land. Violence it's not the answer.
12:27 AM - Aug 12, 2017
 215 215 Replies   1,446 1,446 Retweets   5,009 5,009 likes
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Alicia Castro @AliciaCastroAR
Y el que avale una intervencion de EEUU en su continente, arriesgando la vida y la paz de todos nosotros, tambien es un miserable. https://twitter.com/Is_Robersts/status/896145814589890561 …
2:16 AM - Aug 12, 2017
 13 13 Replies   422 422 Retweets   225 225 likes
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Former Argentine Ambassador to Venezuela Alicia Castro: And the one who endorses a US intervention in his continent, risking the life and peace of us all, is also a miser.

JORGE RAMOS ? @jorgeramosnews
Trump, como niño con juguete nuevo, acaba de descubrir que amenazando a Venezuela y Corea del Norte puede tratar mejorar su imagen en EU ??
1:45 AM - Aug 12, 2017
 141 141 Replies   565 565 Retweets   1,017 1,017 likes
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 Trump, like a child with new toy, has just discovered that threatening Venezuela and North Korea can improve his image in the United States.

PCE @elpce
Condenamos la amenaza de agresión bélica de @realDonaldTrump a Venezuela, es un ataque a la soberanía del pueblo venezolano @embavenespana
10:56 AM - Aug 12, 2017
 Replies   106 106 Retweets   73 73 likes
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 Communist Party of Spain: We condemn the threat of war aggression of Donald Trump to Venezuela. It is an attack on the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people.

Rodrigo Granda @RodrigoGFARC
No permitamos que en Venezuela se repita impunemente la invasión estilo Granada o Panamá. Hay presidentes caínes; también pueblos solidarios
3:56 AM - Aug 12, 2017
 6 6 Replies   175 175 Retweets   88 88 likes
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Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC, spokesperson Rodrigo Granda: Let us not allow an invasion in the style of Granada or Panama to be repeated with impunity. There are evil presidents, and also people of solidarity.

Manuel Zelaya R. ? @manuelzr
La agresión de @POTUS contra @NicolasMaduro desnuda el carácter violento del Gobierno de EEUU contra el Pueblo de VENEZUELA . https://twitter.com/cnn/status/896132996201304064 …
6:08 AM - Aug 12, 2017
 7 7 Replies   28 28 Retweets   11 11 likes
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Former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya: The aggression of the U.S. president against Nicolas Maduro exposes the violent character of the U.S. government against the people of Venezuela.