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An air attack in eastern Syria killed 52 Syrian and Iraqi government-backed forces who were fighting ISIS. They blamed the US, but it said Israel is responsible.

Israel escalating attacks on Syria

Erdogan Accelerates Attacks on Syria and Iraq in Lead-up to Turkish Election

Young Friedrich Engels 1970 Yunosha Fridrih Engels Russian animation English subs

The animation uses the letter of Friedrich Engels between 1838 and 1842


Prometheus - Russian with English and Spanish Subtitles

You need to switch the English or Spanish sub titles on at CC

Democracy and Class Struggle says Post Modernism has found it very fashionable to criticise Prometheus as the father of  scientific rationalism which they hate and condemn.

They despise human striving for scientific progress they do not see the science behind productivity of green technology because they do not want too.

The Prometheus myth strongly influenced Marx and Stalin and that is enough for most of its critics for utter condemnation.

However the myth will be re interpreted in different ages - we just have to be living in a dark age -  and we give it a dark interpretation.

They mock people who want to help mankind they only understand self interest.


TITAN! to whose immortal eyes 
The sufferings of mortality, 
Seen in their sad reality, 
Were not as things that gods despise; 
What was thy pity's recompense? 
A silent suffering, and intense; 
The rock, the vulture, and the chain, 
All that the proud can feel of pain, 
The agony they do not show, 
The suffocating sense of woe, 
Which speaks but in its loneliness, 
And then is jealous lest the sky 
Should have a listener, nor will sigh 
Until its voice is echoless. 

Titan! to thee the strife was given 
Between the suffering and the will, 
Which torture where they cannot kill; 
And the inexorable Heaven, 
And the deaf tyranny of Fate, 
The ruling principle of Hate, 
Which for its pleasure doth create 
The things it may annihilate, 
Refus'd thee even the boon to die: 
The wretched gift Eternity 
Was thine--and thou hast borne it well. 
All that the Thunderer wrung from thee 
Was but the menace which flung back 
On him the torments of thy rack; 
The fate thou didst so well foresee, 
But would not to appease him tell; 
And in thy Silence was his Sentence, 
And in his Soul a vain repentance, 
And evil dread so ill dissembled, 
That in his hand the lightnings trembled. 

Thy Godlike crime was to be kind, 
To render with thy precepts less 
The sum of human wretchedness, 
And strengthen Man with his own mind; 
But baffled as thou wert from high, 
Still in thy patient energy, 
In the endurance, and repulse 
Of thine impenetrable Spirit, 
Which Earth and Heaven could not convulse, 
A mighty lesson we inherit: 
Thou art a symbol and a sign 
To Mortals of their fate and force; 
Like thee, Man is in part divine, 
A troubled stream from a pure source; 
And Man in portions can foresee 
His own funereal destiny; 
His wretchedness, and his resistance, 
And his sad unallied existence: 
To which his Spirit may oppose 
Itself--and equal to all woes, 
And a firm will, and a deep sense, 
Which even in torture can descry 
Its own concenter'd recompense, 
Triumphant where it dares defy, 
And making Death a Victory.

George Gordon Lord Byron (1788-1824)


Democracy and Class Struggle says there has been insufficient debate on the question of the militarisation of the Party and what it means - we welcome contributions on the subject from readers/viewers - this debate on Communism 101 is a useful start.


 (Initiated by Nick Marlotte in Communism 101 ) 

Posted as I felt it has great relevance today. on the question of peoples war and vanguard party.Complement Pretia Morsest ,Maria Barros and Nick Marlatte for such a deep debate and the clarity of analysis of Maria and Nick.

Does justice to ideology of MLM. and gives it liveliness.

Personally I do not agree with the term as it leans towards Lin Baioism or Che Guevarism, merging the party with the red army.

However the PCP in practice did not do that and practiced massline of MLM.

Comrade Nick Glais also agreed with me on 'militarisation ' concept


I know there have been a number of posts on the militarization of the party, but I feel none of them, among theory from Mao, Gonzalo or their parties, effectively conceptualize what peoples' issues with it are.

It seems that many people see militarization of the party as the full transformation of revolutionary party into the red army, but nothing in the work of Gonzalo or Mao suggests this. Instead it designates that the first, leading, and very likely majority if not totality, of forces of a red army are party activists.

This to me is actually uncontroversial, so long as it does not mean the total transformation of a party into an armed fighting force is necessary. 

This is not to say the total militarization is not possible or in situations valuable, but it seems that this is more dependent on the youth and physical capability of cadre and them also having a means to bring in cadre that are not directly military orientated into the party afterwards. 

There is still work to be done with in situations that face enough repression to include rifles, and lots of people will continue to need to be won over the the violence used to create proletarian rule.

My question then is, where do people in this group fall with this? 

If I'm missing something (I do genuinely feel there might be a false contradiction on this and that it needs to be clarified - if not it's gonna be a minority of us)? 

Then how do we orientate ourselves to this?

Undoubtedly the party must start the Red army. Through directing members of it's cadres towards red army work and uniting militant sections of the masses. However, we need a clearer depictions of what this means.

Question of Pretia Morsest:

Lot of this understanding is based on an understanding of what concentric means. Like, concentric means one entirely contains the other, the party is entirely within the people's army and is at its center. 

This really can't occur unless every member of the party is also a member of the people's army. This doesn't have to be literally true, but it is overwhelmingly true. 

This is so that the party maintains what the PCP calls a "double command" (political and military) over the army: it provides overall strategic command of the army by providing its orders on the highest level, and it also seeks to ensure that the leading members of each UNIT in the army, at whatever level, are also party members, thereby "fractally" directly providing command at every level of the army as well.

Is the Party then only military forces - including whatever leadership, administrative or propaganda work needs to be done for the military?

Every member of the party is militarized--that is, has become involved in the military question. The vast majority of the party are literally soldiers--that is, are involved in actually carrying out the operations of building toward or carrying out the war, in terms of actually leading specific/concrete military actions/tasks.

What is the place for non-military mass-work?

If you mean mass work that is carried out by people who aren't in the people's army, the idea is that this is facilitated by and guided by the people's army. 

But at the same time, the people's army seeks to constantly arm and train and organize those who get involved in mass work into militias, and recruit from those militias into the people's army. 

So at any given time there will be people in the united front / New State (same thing) who have not been organized into militias, but they should be a minority, and the movement should be moving in the direction of ensuring those specific individuals are, more and more, incorporated into militias.

aren’t there territories where struggle will be less developed where party work would take less explicit to military activity, or at least have forces that will be acting not as permanent militants?

Yes, but I think to some extent this is not such a mystery if we understand that there are degrees of militarization. 

You can begin physical conditioning even if you can't begin tactics drills. And you can begin tactics drills with certain people even if you can't yet put guns in their hands to carry out firearms drills. 

And if you can put guns in their hands to carry out firearms drills, you can't necessarily bring them along on raids yet. Etc. 

But you can begin the process of training and organizing for military work to *some* degree even in areas where the great majority of the work is still legal, and thus you ensure that the highest degree of training feasible is being implemented in every place, whatever the conditions. ("The armed forces started out as armed detachments without arms, because as Lenin taught the lack of arms cannot be used as a pretext for not organizing an armed apparatus; later they armed themselves with whatever they could, including with dynamite, which is still very important, since rudimentary and traditional weapons play a fundamental role.")

What does it actually mean to be part of the Red Army if we conclude that there will definitely be non-military struggles in work places and in communities not directly engaged in armed conflict?

Among other things, a higher level of discipline expected, and a formal promise to carry out orders coming from the central leadership of the army. 

This makes being in the army distinct from being a member of the militia, which is more of a voluntary commitment.

Is there then also an ambiguity in the interpretation of concentric development, such that building the Red Army is the main focus of party or developing party forces comparatively to the party needing to be the centre from which the Red Army springs at the initiation of people's war which takes place after the party has developed forces?

Your syntax loses me here. Maybe you can lay out your question like this: "Which of the following does concentric construction entail?:

(a) Situation
(b) Other situation"

Reply of Maria Lorena Barros:

A Party doesn't create a Red Army overnight. The creation and development of the Party's armed forces goes through stages. 

Using EGP from Peru (its Army divided into 3 sections: principal force, local force, and main "mass" force). At first its organized guerilla units. So for example they focus primarily on ambushes and smaller raids. 

The armed forces don't have sufficient strength to go toe to toe with the reactionary armed forces. Even the local people's militias are weak and ineffective but they serve to begin making changes in local areas the Party has successfully taken over. 

So once key reactionary leaders in a village, town, city have been driven out (sometimes liquidated) the Party sets up a new leadership structure using closed Peoples Committees to begin transforming local conditions by changing production methods. War communism becomes the rallying cries. 

What can serve the masses but also ensure the success of the revolutionary war? The Peoples militias ensures it can hold on to power locally while the guerilla units are out carrying out ambushes in different parts of the region. 

As the war progresses, an emphasis is placed on developing combat platoons. 

For example, whereas the red forces wouldn't dare attack a military outpost on its own (having previously relied mainly on ambushes and raids on police depts), now it can directly attack military outposts with hundreds of guerillas due to their increased strength in numbers, weaponry, reconnaisance. 

But throughout this whole process New Power is developed in the areas the Party has successfully held on to Power (the creation of dual power, the seeds of a new republic. 

This process consolidates itself and is strengthened with the development if the war). Etc etc.

Are you familiar with how Base Areas, people's committees, and EGP operated in the construction of New Power in Peru?

I think you're conflating ultra militarism with the Maoist conception of political-military organizing. I think you are getting the misconception that people who are for militarization of the Party and masses place political, economic, and social work secondary to military affairs. 

Quite the opposite. Anyone who keep insisting on this is misrepresenting and misreading Gonzalo thought and PCP theory.

Also in the Chinese Communist Party and Peoples Liberation Army, not every soldier was a Party member. 

If I remember correctly, before 1949 at best the ratio of a Party member who was also a soldier in PLA to non-Party member soldiers was 3-to-1, meaning most soldiers in PLA were not Party members per se. PLA soldiers did have to engage in changing production methods and consolidating dual power but they weren't authorized, for example, to give lessons and classes on theory. 

There will always be a constant contradiction present between Party forces and elevating individual soldiers to Party membership status.

But remember and hopefully I'm answering your question: its okay if the Party forces are smaller than the Red Army forces numerically. 

Not every soldier need become a Party member immediately (though the goal is to always elevate and develop Red Army soldiers to Party members authorized to represent the Party lines on all affairs, and not just have soldiers simply focus on military affairs).

This contradiction will always be present but the main push and emphasis should be to militarize the proletarian class constantly (the Party, Liberation Army, and masses in general) until we reach worldwide communism (I'll need to re-write this when not on my cell).

Reply by Nick Marlatte on militarisation of party concept

I'll try and respond to every point that I have issue with by numbering them.

1. Concentric doesn't necessarily mean that one is fully contained within the other. It directly means having the same centre, which does not mean the party is totally within the People's army. It definitely does mean that the Party control's the gun, or the people's army, but this is the point that needs to be clarified and actually isn't by the use of language.

2. Again, this is somewhat ambiguous. To reframe, does party work liquidate in areas where the struggle is not as acute? Does this mean assuming that a party organizer in a factory will be mandated to join the People's Army, and does that not mean joining regular platoons or sections of the Peoples' Army? 

Do we not consider work stoppages, strikes, and advancing the class struggle in the cities in other forms, and actively recruiting workers to join the People's army and to organize in the cities as supportive of the war, or even doing production work and organizing those in their community to support the war, and are we calling this the work of the People's Army?

This is exactly what I mean by non-military work, not being a combatant or directly tied to combat but advancing revolutionary goals.

3. Why is work in non-acute places of struggle carried out by the People's Army, would they not be largely tied to places there is fighting?

4. I agree with this wholeheartedly, it is definitely the goal to organize people into the most effective forms of given the conditions.

5. So I'll refocus this, because it seems to be the crux of a lot of the problems.

You respond that the Red Army provides a higher discipline than militias, but my question is why are people in the People's Army organizing in factories, perhaps permanently without ever picking up a gun because of whatever conditions prevent them from doing so, rather than saying this is the Party?

Your answer about discipline actually implies that Workplace struggles will have a lower level of unity and discipline than the party, because the People's Army is built around the Party, but also somehow includes the interventions of people actively involved in military action. Rather than having non-People's Army party members in these places organizing people and advancing the class struggle.

There seems to also be a weird conflation that being apart of the People's Army means that they are more suited for mass-work than a Party member who lives and breath MLM and organizes the masses for revolution but is physically incapable of being a part of the military.

Like either this requires very wishy-washy definitions of what an Army and Party are, and I say this largely getting the impression that we generally agree with each other about what needs to happen concretely but still are using words differently.

6. My point with this is: Is the party conceived as being in existence prior to the People's army? 

Or do they have to be initiated at the same time.

I have seen a couple of Maoists from the US argue that a party will not be made until the conditions are ready to initiate a Peoples War there. 

Is this because of a reading of Concentric development that misuses the word to also mean coinciding?

Ingenuity of the Palestinian People verses Israeli Imperialist Arrogance

The Ingenuity of the People knows no bounds in a People's War for Liberation

US Protesters Call for End to Cataclysmic War as Yemenis Starve

At least somebody is protesting in USA -  but where are the protests in UK and France ? all countries that are creating crisis and chaos in Yemen with overt and covert military attacks on the Yemeni People.

Yemeni men are reportedly being sexually tortured in secret UAE-controlled prisons where they are held without charges or trials.

Yemeni men are reportedly being sexually tortured in secret UAE-controlled prisons where they are held without charges or trials.
The alleged abuse follows a cycle, with detainees apparently beaten on day one, tortured the next, given a break on day three and then put into solitary confinement on the fourth day until the cycle begins again.
One detainee explained the torture and sexual abuses through drawings which were smuggled to the Associated Press from the Beir Ahmed prison in the southern city of Aden.
The drawings, made on plastic plates, illustrate human rights abuses by UAE officers.
They show a man hanging naked from chains while he is being subjected to electric shocks, another inmate on the floor surrounded by snarling dogs as several people kick him and graphic depictions of rape.
"The worst thing about it is that I wish for death every day and I can't find it," the detainee said.
He was in detention for nearly two years for speaking out against the Emiratis in public.
During Yemen's three-year civil war, UAE forces purportedly fighting on behalf of the Yemen government have put hundreds of men into a network of at least 18 hidden prisons on suspicion of being al Qaeda militants.
Witnesses said Yemeni guards working under the direction of Emirati officers use various methods of sexual torture and humiliation.

Trump Worsens US Immigration System Cruelty

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Japan concerned over suspension of US South Korean War Games

Shinzo Abe is a recidivist he will not change his war tune - it is part of his being - even his family history.

There has always been another Japan in some ways represented by the revisionist Japanese Communist Party which does seek peace with its neighbours - they need to find a voice and support the Peace Process rather than see Japan as an obstacle to Peace.

We love the other Japan but hate the new military neo -imperialist Japan of Shinzo Abe.


A vital figure in the long Japanese counterinsurgency effort in Korea was Kishi Nobusuke, who made a name for himself running munitions factories. 

Labelled a Class A war criminal during the US occupation, Kishi avoided incarceration and became one of the founding fathers of postwar Japan and its longtime ruling organ, the Liberal Democratic Party; he was prime minister twice between 1957 and 1960.

The current Japanese prime minister, Abe Shinzo, is Kishi’s grandson and reveres him above all other Japanese leaders.

Saudi war on Yemen - Disgusting Duplicity from USA and UK and France - Protect Sovereignty of Yemen - Protect the Yemeni People


Now French Special Forces fighting alongside UAE forces in attacking Hudaydah - Blood on the hands of USA - Britain - France - UAE and Saudis - Smash Imperialism - Victory to Yemeni People



On Hour of Dutch Communist Music

Morgenrood (Red Dawn) De Internationale (The Internationale) Broeders, Verheft u Ter Vrijheid (Brothers, Arise to Freedom) Wij Stemmen Rood (We Welcome Red) Voor Het Socialisme (For Socialism) Socialistenmars (Socialist March) De Rooden Roepen (The Reds Call) Aan de Strijders (To the Warriors) Als wij Schrijden (If We Stride) De Strijders (The Warriors) Strijdmars der Arbeiders (Battle March of Workers) Planlied (Plan Song) Mariannelied (Marianne Song) Op Naar Het Licht (On Towards the Light) Eens (Once) Het Lied Van de Vlag (The Song of the Flag) De Nieuwe Tijd (The New Era) Strijdlied (Battle Song) Hier, de Vereeniging van Arbeiders Radio Amateurs (Here, the Association of Worker Radio Amateurs) Algemeen Nederlands Jeugd Verbond Lied (General Dutch Youth League Song) Volkelied (People's Song) We Mogen Niet Vergeten (We Shall Not Forget)

Our Sister is Free - Debbie Africa was released on parole after serving 39 years and 10 months in prison

June 18, 2018: On Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at 10 a.m., MOVE member Debbie
Africa will make her first public appearance since being released from
prison after 39 years and 10 months of incarceration.

On Saturday, June 16, Debbie was released on parole from State Correctional Institution
(SCI) Cambridge Springs. Debbie will be speaking at a press conference
that will be held at Faith Immanuel Lutheran Church, at 65 Penn Blvd. in
East Lansdowne, Pennsylvania. Other speakers will include Debbie’s son
Mike Africa Jr. and Brad Thomson, one of Debbie’s attorneys.

Debbie said, “I am happy to finally be home with my family, but Janet,
Janine and the rest of the MOVE 9 are still in prison, in the same
situation that I was in and they deserve parole too.”

Debbie was imprisoned since August 8, 1978, following an altercation
between the Philadelphia police and the MOVE Organization. Debbie was
one of 9 MOVE members, collectively known as the “MOVE 9,” who were
convicted and sentenced to 30-100 years in prison following the

Debbie was eight months pregnant at the time of the incident and gave
birth in jail to her son, Mike Africa Jr. Debbie has been incarcerated
for Mike’s entire life and the two spent time together outside of prison
for the first time on Saturday, following Debbie’s release.

“After being born in jail and never being with my mom or dad, I’m happy
to be with my mom at home for the first time ever in almost forty years.
But my family is still incomplete because my dad is still in prison.
Forty years of separation is not over for our family,” said Mike Africa,
Jr. His father, Mike Africa Sr. is also one of the MOVE 9 and still in
prison. Mike Sr. is scheduled to next appear before the parole board
this upcoming September.

Janet Africa and Janine Africa, also of the MOVE 9, were denied parole
after appearing before the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole
(PBPP) on the same day as Debbie. Debbie is the first member of the MOVE
9 to be granted parole. The surviving members of the MOVE 9 have been
eligible for parole since 2008 and have each been denied parole when
previously appearing before the PBPP.

One of Debbie’s lawyers, Bret Grote, of Abolitionist Law Center, stated,
“This historic release of Debbie Africa renders the Parole Board’s
decision to deny Janet and Janine all the more incomprehensible, as each
has maintained DOC records that are as exemplary and essentially
identical to that of Debbie.”

Debbie had not had a misconduct for violating prison rules since 1992.
She also received the recommendation of the Pennsylvania Department of
Corrections (DOC), as well as recommendations from Corrections expert
and former DOC Secretary Martin Horn, and Philadelphia District
Attorney’s Office. Janet and Janine also received the support of the
DOC, Martin Horn, and the District Attorney’s Office.

In letters written to Leo Dunn, the Chairman of the PBPP, Carolyn Engel
Temin, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office First Assistant,
wrote on behalf of District Attorney Larry Krasner that she was
“confident” that Janet and Janine “will not pose a threat to the
Philadelphia community” and that their “continued incarceration does not
make our city safer.” In spite of these letters, the PBPP cited the
“negative recommendation of the prosecuting attorney” as a basis for

Brad Thomson, of the People’s Law Office, who is also a lawyer for
Debbie, Janet, and Janine stated: “It is shocking that Janet and Janine
were denied parole. Their circumstances and institutional records are
nearly identical to Debbie’s. The decision to deny Janet and Janine
appears arbitrary and it is difficult to understand how the Parole Board
could justify it based on the facts that were presented."

“The Parole Board has the opportunity to correct its mistake regarding
Janet and Janine, stop playing politics with parole determinations for
the MOVE 9, and release our clients,” said Bret Grote of the
Abolitionist Law Center, who also represents the women. “If they do not
take the chance to do the right thing, however, we fully intend to
vindicate our clients’ rights and keep fighting until they join Debbie.”

In addition to Janet, Janine and Mike Sr., three other members of the
MOVE 9 remain incarcerated, as two died in custody. During the August 8,
1978 altercation, a Philadelphia police officer was killed and following
a highly politicized trial, the MOVE 9 were convicted of third degree
homicide. All nine were sentenced to 30-100 years in prison. The six
surviving members of the MOVE 9 are all eligible for parole.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in two day trip to China

Turkey's Erdogan Allies with Fascists for Election, Repressing Leftists and Kurds

Neo Fascists and Erdogan move further together - economic crisis on horizon.

Ivan Duque, who is the candidate of former president Alvaro Uribe, won a solid victory for Colombia's presidency and will probably take Colombia back towards civil war and internal repression, with the help of the US and other conservative governments, argues Manuel Rozental, of

A War with Venezuela is now in Prospect ?

Monday, June 18, 2018

One Hour of South Yemeni Communist Music : Let the Past Guide the Present - From Anti Imperialism to Socialism

From Anti Imperialism to Socialism - Victory to the Yemeni People

“Civilian Lives No Longer Matter”: Millions at Risk as Saudi-Led Coalition Attacks Yemeni Port City



Irish Socialist Republican Radio

Red Salute to Irish Socialist Republican Radio from our Irish Comrades

Red Salute to Good Campaign in Ireland to Exit EU for an Irish Socialist Republic.


CPIML-New Democracy and Inqulabi Lok Morcha at Patiala in Punjab Protests Arrests and Killings by Indian State


Anti repression convention against GADCHIROLI massacre, Arrest of Five activists like Rona Wilson, Shoma Sen, Surinder Gadling, Sudhir Dhawale, and Mahesh Raut and also the killing of 13 people at Tutikorin who were protesting against Vedanta in Tamil Nadu. Gautam Navlakha of PUDR, Delhi, Com Darshan Khatkar of CPI (ml), ND and Sawaranjit Singh Sangrur, of Revolutionary People's Front (Inquilabi Lok Morcha, Punjab.

Two resolutions one on shillong massacre of Sikhs and on the murder of Sujjat Bukhari, Editor of Rising Kashmir 

“A powerful people resistance to counter the fascist onslaught of Saffron Brigade is need of the hour” said Navlakha

Patiala, 16 June: A joint convention was organized by CPIML-New Democracy and Inqulabi Lok Morcha in Patiala a main city of Punjab to protest against the recent arrests of five prominent democratic activists, against fake encounter killings of 40 Maoists and adivasis in Garchiroli and against the massacre of people in Tamilnadu by Sterlite-TN government alliance.

It was presided over by main speakers Com. Gautam Navlakha and Com. Darshan Singh Khatkar along with Dr. Darshan Pal, Vidhu Shekhar Bhardvaj, Swarnjit Singh and Gurcharan Singh Dakaunda.

Addressing the gathering Gautam Navlakha from PUDR Delhi said that by attacking, killing and displacing the people by brutal means present dispensation want to eliminate the revolutionary resistance led by Maoists and also want to ensure that all MOU’s signed by various governments with corporate capitalists are materialized at full speed.

It was the militant mass struggles of the adivasis which forced the governments to pass forest rights and other acts in the past. These acts gave some relief and protection to the adivasis but now these very acts are under severe attack. 

So, the resistance of adivasis for their survival is bound to intensify as the history shows time and again since the British days.

Addressing the convention com. Darshan Singh Khatkar, a veteran Naxalite leader and provincial secretary of ND said that the BJP govt. backed by RSS is imposing its fascist agenda. 

He said that those so-called intellectuals are most foolish people who are under the influence of fascist illusion that they are supreme thinkers and replacing history with mythology. 

These king of people always push the society into the blind alley and destroy the achievements of humanity.

He reminded that it was the Naxalite movement which paved the way for unprecedented revolutionary upsurge in the country and aroused the wretched of the earth at a large scale for the transformation of their lives from centaries agony and oppression. 

That is why the imperialist masters and their agent i.e.Indian ruling classes are so scared by the very name of Naxalbari and are bent upon suppressing it through extra-judiacial killings and other fascist means. 

Com Swarnjit Singh, general secretary of Morcha, Sawant Singh and Gurcharan Singh also addressed the audience and emphasized the significance of popularizing the revolutionary alternative among the masses and prepare the people to overthrow the oppressive system.

The convention condemned the murder of journalist Shujjat Bukhari in Srinagar and the violence against Punjabi Sikh community in Shillong and demanded immediate release of Sudhir Dhawale and other activists detained recently under plotted story of Maoist conspiracy.

Report by Buta Singh

Colombian Guerrilla Anthems our answer to Ivan Duque

There is only one answer to Fascism - People's War

UK involved in targetting of Aerial Bombardment of Yemen port of Hudaydah

British Imperialists get out of Yemen - Let the Yemeni People Live !


Korea: Defending Dokdo

Washington set fire to the Middle East:US supply militants in Syria with American missiles through Ukraine by Mikhail Onufrienko

An international scandal, connected with illegal deliveries of the American heavy weapon to the terrorist organizations of the Middle East through the Ukrainian ports, is inflaming. For the first time, one of the employees of the security service of the port “Olivia” (the former port of Oktyabrsk in the city of Nikolaev), who suspected the management of the trading company in smuggling, reported to journalists about strange night shifts of certain “secret cargoes” to journalists.

Ukrainian journalists and public figures began to unravel this foul-smelling story, which eventually resulted in the biggest international scandal in recent years, in which representatives of American arms companies, Ukrainian officials and terrorists of the Middle East were implicated.

A journalistic investigation showed that in the food containers intended for sending to Syria, Lebanon and Iraq were hiding not sausages and ham, but … large-caliber missiles. As soon as the information leaked to the press, international human rights organizations joined the issue, which together with journalists began to besiege the offices of officials under all the rules of military art.

The weakest link in the criminal chain, as usual, turned out to be Ukrainian officials who, under pressure from the public, confessed that they really provided Ukrainian ports as a trans-shipment base for deliveries of heavy weapons to Syria.

The main flow of property and weapons to the port of Nikolaev comes from the countries of the former eastern bloc. The delivery is supervised by Kyiv in the person of Ukroboronexport under the direct patronage of the SBU and, consequently, the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States.

In fact, the territory of Ukraine is used as a transit zone for the transfer of obsolete weapons to “hot spots”. The weapons were transported on the ship “Wellington Star”, owned by the same company “Alaska Reefer Managment”. It is not difficult to guess that the receivers of the deadly cargo were not the official authorities of the Syrian Arab Republic, but illegal armed groups supported by the US government in Syria, Libya and Iraq.

Thus, thanks to the efforts of journalists and public figures, another branch of illegal military supplies of heavy weapons from the United States to terrorists was discovered. It is characteristic that the American traders themselves did not want to spoil themselves with cooperation with illegal armed groups, giving this dubious honor to Ukrainian mediators. However, they once again failed to observe the regime of secrecy and, thus, framed their overseas partners.

The promulgation of information on illegal military deliveries is jeopardizing not only Ukrainian officials, but also businessmen from Alaska Reefer Managment. The fact is that the relations of the pro-American groups of the Syrian “free opposition” with the banned in Russia group IGIL are very ambiguous.

The periods of bitter confrontation are followed by periods of military cooperation.
This means that no one can guarantee that at some point the missiles delivered through Ukraine by the Americans will not be directed against US troops in Syria, Iraq or elsewhere in the Middle East.

Mikhail Onufrienko, special investigation. Kiev, May 23.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Zakharchenko warns of provocations by Ukraine against Donbass

Dokdo is Korean Land

A United Korea must resist Japanese Encroachments on territory

The UN warns millions of Yemenis could starve as US-backed Saudi and Emirati forces attack Yemen's port city of Hodeida. TRNN's Ben Norton speaks with Medea Benjamin, who is campaigning to try to end the cataclysmic war

US and British Complicity in this attack

Koreans Want Peace, Do Liberal Pundits Want War?

Democracy and Class Struggle says if there is one lesson and there are many from the US North Korean Summit it is it has exposed the bloodlust of liberals which some on the Left just see on the right. 

We know that our position at Democracy and Class Struggle of support for a Peace process to solve the national question on the Korean Peninsula does not go down well with certain Leftists some calling themselves Maoists or Trotskyists.

We see these people suffering from the pervasive sickness diagnosed by Lenin as Imperialist Economism and it is a fatal political disease which will condemn our critics to oblivion.

We also note our critics media and political practice is a reflection of echo chamber politics - a politics that does not work - which is why we also despise it.

We salute our sister Christine Ahn who has been there for the Korean People in bad times and good times.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

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How do we craft People's War not merely insurrection ? Byron gives us a description.

Byron in his Don Juan Eighth Canto writes 

At first it grumbles, then it swears, and then,

    Like David, flings smooth pebbles 'gainst a giant;

At last it takes to weapons such as men

    Snatch when despair makes human hearts less pliant.

Then comes "the tug of war;" -- 't will come again,

    I rather doubt; and I would fain say "fie on 't,"

If I had not perceived that revolution

Alone can save the earth from hell's pollution


Before the Chartists and After the Chartists the History of the Scotch Cattle by Alan Jones

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China: Long live the national truck drivers’ strike!

Democracy and Class Struggle say Chinese truck drivers protest in nine provinces and municipalities.

Mass protests by truck drivers have erupted in nine Chinese provinces and municipalities against decreasing wages, high fuel prices and police harassment.

Strike action began on June 8 in Jiangxi province’s Xiushui county and rapidly spread to Shandong province. Trucks filled national highways and parking lots, rendering some impassable.

Protests and strikes are reportedly continuing in the provinces of Anhui, Guizhou, Hubei, Sichuan and Zhejiang, and the municipalities of Chongqing and Shanghai.

One of the targets of the industrial action is Manbang, a truck hire logistics platform, which strikers claim has reduced their income.

Manbang is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., the owner of Google

China: Long live the national truck drivers’ strike!

This is a declaration by the “Struggle Association”, an underground Marxist-Leninist-Maoist organization in China.

The truck drivers’ strike took place on June 8, two days prior to the planned date. 

As of now, this spontaneous strike wave has rapidly spread to Jiangxi, Shandong, Sichuan, Chongqing, Shanghai, Anhui, Hubei, Zhejiang, and other provinces, elevating the strike to a national level. 

Truck drivers from all over the country have blocked major road with protest banners attached to their vehicles, demanding higher transport prices, lower fuel prices, improvement in living and working conditions, and abolish the panorama of collusive monopoly, arbitrary fines, and constantly changing policies.

 According to the drivers on strike, the strike would last for at least ten days, and they will not give up until the regime concedes to their demands.

The transport prices of truck drivers have barely increased since 2000. However, fuel prices have been constantly increasing, not mentioning the incessant tolling and arbitrary fines by the police… 

The harsh reality forced truck drivers to desperately seek for their livelihood: processing as many orders as they can, driving for 12 hours per day or more, and taking less than two days of break every month. 

Truck drivers are only able to use National Highways as the incessant tolling of freeways makes their runs no longer profitable.

Nonetheless, the National Highway network covers many dangerous roads: combined with fatigue caused by longer driving hours, staying concentrated has become a harder task for truck drivers. 

As a result, fatal accidents are now a common occurrence. 

Other drivers are also beset with numerous occupational illnesses and injuries.  Truck driving has gradually become a high-risk occupation. 

Furthermore, the already insufficient wages the drivers risked their lives for are running out after subtracting fees incurred from all kinds of tolls and gas from their earnings, making them no longer able to sustain the lives of themselves and their family.

Other than this, what made the situation completely intolerable for the Chinese truck drivers was the monopoly of Manbang Corporation – the result of a merger between “Yun Man Man” and “Huo Che Bang”, two biggest companies in the transportation sector – over the market through its control of mobile applications, which again lowered the meager transportation prices. 

Mr. Li, a striking truck driver, stated, “All of us drivers (using the database app of “Manbang Corp”) must pay about 1,000 to 3,000 yuan per year to continue using their service. 10 messages cost 688 yuan. Another thing that pains us is the referral fee. 

We are truck drivers; cargo owners look for trucks through the platform: say they agree to pay 2,000 yuan when communicating with the platform, but Yun Man Man would only give us 1,500 to 1,800 yuan when we contact them, taking off the surplus. 

Now the prices are getting lower and lower to the extent that we literally can’t run anymore.”

The genuine revolutionary Marxist-Leninist-Maoists firmly support this strike by our trucker brothers and sisters!

Strike is an indeprivable right and a weapon of struggle exercised and took up by every worker exploited by the bourgeoisie. This ongoing great truck drivers’ strike is one of the first nationwide large-scale strikes in decades. 

Its importance is not limited to the truck drivers alone, but also to the working masses of every arduous trade in all of China. It made clear the fact that Chinese workers dare to break through the prevailing white terror of the bourgeoisie and challenge corrupt bureaucrats and capitalists on the streets, carrying forward a collective resistance. 

The recovering rebelling spirit of the Chinese proletariat is finally reflected in the tremendous class hatred through concrete actions of the nationwide struggle against monopoly capitalism.

However, it must be held true both painfully and certainly, that this strike would ultimately end in a tragic defeat. But the brave trucker brothers and sisters are not the ones to blame.

This strike is a spontaneous struggle of dissatisfied truck drivers.

However, due to the fact that there exists no real nationwide labor unions entrusted by the workers to jointly organize the strike effort, to coordinate strikes in each province, to notify the masses of the immediate situation of the strike and inspire more social strata to join the struggle, to provide accurate directions and notifications, and to send teams of agitators among the the truck driver masses to educate and agitate, this strike is doomed to be isolated, disorganized, and therefore easily broken up and struck down one by one; this dissatisfaction would deplete and the resolve would waver in but a few days. 

On the other hand, the bourgeoisie who has control over the state machinery has the tightest organization.

The reactionaries are well aware of this. 

Starting from yesterday, three days after the start of the strike, the police has pressured striking truck drivers in all directions and tried to create division among the strikers: many truck drivers who planned to go on strike were forced to capitulate under heavy pressure and went back to driving, cargo transport businesses in many locations have resumed operations, severely weakening the strength of the strikers, making it no longer possible to cause national price fluctuations and force the authorities to concede through the stoppage of cargo transportation.

Facing the prospect of failure, the most urgent thing in front of revolutionary Marxist-Leninist-Maoists is not to fill oneself with indignation of the authorities (anyone could easily do that), but self-criticisms in a serious manner.

The fundamental cause for the strike to fail at any moment is the lack of a labor union or a revolutionary organization belongs to the workers capable of coordinate and inspire strikes. 

A strike without the leadership of such a strong revolutionary organization, even though participated broadly and valiantly by workers, is unable to conquer victory, as its scattered and indefinite strength is unable to stay either protracted or concentrated. 

There are no weapons of theory capable of reshaping the world sharper than Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, but most domestic “Marxist-Leninist-Maoists”, although branding it as their “beliefs”, are completely unable to apply it through practice, not mentioning have never tried in a serious manner to build a nationwide revolutionary organization united with the workers. 

This long period of inactivity not only excluded and alienated Marxist-Leninist-Maoists from political struggle, but also disabled the masses of the ability to mount any resistance when they developed class consciousness themselves, making most basic economic strikes like this not only unable to succeed, but also confronted by the danger of repression. 

If the revolutionaries aren’t organized tightly, the masses can’t be organized, and if the masses aren’t organized, thoughts for any victory, including economic gains in strikes, are delusive under the fascist dictatorship of the bourgeoisie.

The bleak current situation is: if the liberation of the Chinese proletariat, a giant, depends on its two legs: the left leg is the seasoned proletarian revolutionary organization, and the right leg is the rebellious consciousness of the proletarian masses. 

Neither leg is strong enough, nonetheless, the left leg, comparing to its counterpart, is severely dysplastic, and this symptom in turn restrained the growth of the right leg, as it constituted a “Li Tieguai-style” giant: due to its disability, every step of this giant – who was supposed to conquer everything – towards victory became this difficult, every resistance against the oppressors became this hopeless, tripping on almost every step, and finally, ended up all black and blue. 

The reality has shown, that the dilemma faced by the masses risen up in revolt and strike is precisely caused by this group of pseudo-revolutionaries in their armchairs for years doing nothing. Currently, the degree of organization of revolutionary Marxist-Leninist-Maoists in our country is still close to zero, making an unequal match with the working masses’ – spontaneously striking and resisting – dissatisfaction with the current system.

Regarding economic strikes, it should be realized that even their victories wouldn’t solve the fundamental problem of exploitation: this would at most reduce fuel prices temporarily, increase transportation costs temporarily, limit embezzlement temporarily, and improve the living condition of workers temporarily, but the bourgeoisie, who appears to have taken a step back, would soon once more seize all fruits of victories from these economic strikes using the state that it clutches tightly in its hands when the workers scatter after their supposed “victories”. 

When class consciousness of the people has yet to develop and revolutionary organizations have yet to mature, economic strikes can be a viable choice to train the masses to struggle against the bourgeoisie; but if the workers are to smash the bourgeoisie’s shackles once and for all, the only way forward is to launch large-scale political strikes, expand the political rights of the workers, and set the aim on the conquest of power, the reshaping of the society, in other words, to establish a dictatorship of the proletariat and abolish the fascist dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, as well as the relation of production that exploits the workers and market economy under private ownership that it defends, and replace them with a planned economy under common ownership that utilizes all wealth to serve the livelihood of the people. 

In China, to commence political strikes without taking up arms is absolutely hopeless, just like to commence economic strikes without organization is hopeless as well.

After the truckers started the strike, a group of suit-wearing “democrats” who have been propagating for the American-style “democracy” raised their voices in support in their villas, as if they represent the interest of the worker masses – we cannot be fooled by them! 

We cannot forget what kind of trash those neoliberal “democrats” worshiping capitalist “democracy” are. 

We can expose the disguise of those so-called “democrats” just like poking through a house of paper by looking at what’s really going on in the noble example of their “democracy”, the United States. 

If it were to be said that “distinctions” exist between China and the US, then, the only distinction is their distinct forms of “democracy”: one is where the bourgeoisie appointing “people’s representatives” from top to bottom in plain sight, forbidding anyone from resisting and striking; and the other is where the bourgeoisie, through a self-directed farce of democracy, let the masses “elect” senators representing the interest of the bourgeoisie. 

In the “democratic” US under its dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, the workers are also being exploited, also lacking a discourse, also facing the repression of the police, also living in slums, and since the ascension of Trump, even the robe of “democracy” and the handful of “democratic rights” are being torn apart by the capitalists themselves. 

It can be observed, that what those holier-than-thou “democrats” wish to have is but another form of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie with another layer of “democracy”: this system would only continue to worsen the conditions of the workers, even placing China under the control of the US bourgeoisie again.

In the eyes of many, a third choice doesn’t exist besides the Western capitalist “democracy” and the capitalist fascism which is ruling China right now.

This way, the masses are either used by the capitalist “democracy” or the capitalist fascism. 

But a third choice exists, and it is only not recognized by the broad masses of people because the revolutionaries haven’t put in enough work. 

Any type of capitalist states is the oppressor of the broad masses of people. The only road that can liberate the working people is the elevation of the proletariat to the position of ruling class and the proletarian revolution towards global communism. 

This requires the proletariat to struggle without being subjected or used by any force not a part of proletariat itself.

We can’t expect too much whether this nationwide truck drivers’ strike would solve anything, but it is a great beginning of a new era of the awakening of the Chinese proletariat. 

Regardless of how much the bourgeoisie tries to block information regarding this strike, they cannot erase the deep impression it left on the masses. 

It brought a whirlwind of struggle to a China almost suffocating from the capitalist fascist dictatorship; the spontaneous nationwide action of truck drivers stirred the sleeping backwater of the Chinese workers movement; but the dilemma that came immediately after it rang a bell for us Marxist-Leninist-Maoists

This bell warned us that we have fallen behind the masses on the way to revolution, and the masses are facing defeat because of this.

It is warning us to immediately engage in concrete struggles, to take up the role of organizing workers all over the country; it is warning us to dare to hold ourselves responsible for every failure, to organize ourselves into a national revolutionary organization, and with this leverage, organize the proletariat into a giant that will win the complete victory in liberating itself.

Long live the national truck drivers’ strike!



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