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Arundhati Roy on Kashmir, the Danger of U.S. Attacking Iran & Her New Book “My Seditious Heart”

Arundhati Roy on the Indian Election and Narendra Modi’s “Far-Right, Hindu Nationalist” Agenda

Wales: Liberation 4 Coming Soon

"Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward. They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game"

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

The reason for Liberation Magazine is that we take the view you cannot win a game where the rules are made by your opponent.

In the case of Wales, the British State determines the rules and Welsh people are supposed to play the Welsh Assembly game according to its rules.

It is arrogant imperial intellectual and practical colonialism where very important decisions on Welsh Life are taken in London and not Wales.

The Welsh are closetly seen has unfit to govern their own country.

Liberation Magazine unashamedly stands for a Welsh Socialist Republic an idea that has been maturing in Wales for over a century.

The Labour Party and Plaid Cymru in Wales have never really embraced the idea of Welsh Socialist Republic.

Sometimes Plaid Cymru flirts with the idea but quickly backtracks under pressure.

Monarchism has not only infected the Labour Party but also sections of Plaid Cymru.

We launched Liberation Magazine because we want a journal where the Welsh, the Socialist and the Republican cases can be argued and discussed.

A new strategy and new tactics needs to be developed for the social and national liberation of Wales in the 21st Century if Wales is to arrest its current trajectory of economic and social decline.

Liberation Magazine is about ideas, the precursor of events and the inspirer of people.

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people".

Eleanor Roosevelt.

Our ambition is to create new ideas and start a winning game for Wales.

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India: New Issue of New Dawn

SEE: http://toanewdawn.blogspot.com/

CONTACT: nickglais@yahoo.co.uk if you want a PDF Copy

Why People on the Left Ally with this Man over BREXIT is beyond us - He is an enemy NOT a friend of the PEOPLE

Nigel Farage is into Bannon and his Global Right Wing Networks and wants to marketize the NHS  - that is privatize it and make it an insurance based system,,

We understand the feeling of betrayal people have over the Labour Party abandoning a Left Brexit position of putting workers rights over EU Competition Law and in effect becoming Tom Watson's Remain and Reform Party - that is why we call the Labour Party a Judas Goat.

This is the classic role that Social Democrats play a a little knowledge of history would have warned you of this impending  great Labour Party Betrayal

This is a frying pan and fire European Election and there is nobody worthy of your vote.


America in denial: Gabor Maté on the psychology of Russiagate

We accept some self criticism based on Gabor Mate analysis of Russiagate - we are Russophiles not Russiaphobes and that is our saving grace.

We love the Russian People not the Russian Capitalist State.

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Remembering the Malayan Emergency - Social Democrats and Imperialism


Joint statement on the European Parliamentary Election and call for Europe wide boycott

May 2019

The European elections do not belong to the peoples!

They belong to the multinationals and the imperialists!

Abstention and denunciation of the European Union!

The European Parliament election in May will be held at a time when the reactionary nature and role of the European Union (EU) are fully exposed. 

The EU operates under the law of the mighty; the powerful imperialist states and monopolies rule and impose their policies and interests.

Throughout the years of the capitalist crisis, the EU reinforced barbaric policies against the working class and the peoples, aiming at retaining and increasing the profits of multinationals, capitalists, bankers, and monopoly groups. 

They promoted a storm of anti-labor measures, drastically reduced labor wages, attacked trade unions and the right to strike, set back by decades the rights and the living standards of the working class and the peoples. This was the case in all EU member-states. 

Unemployment, marginalization and poverty, not only in the south but also in the north of Europe, hit millions of toilers and young people. Social benefits were reduced or abolished, public enterprises were taken over by capitalists, and parts of the middle classes drowned financially. 

The EU and the capitalists that rule over it have transformed societies into jungles of exploitation, competition, and historical regression. The long and fierce struggle of the French people and toilers against Macron’s austerity measures and murderous repression is strong proof of this. 

The immediate payment of the repairs in Notre Dame is one more proof of the outrageous hypocrisy of the bourgeoisie who’s overflowed with wealth and at the same time forces austerity measures against the working class and the masses of France.

Due to these anti-social policies, the reactionary, racist, nationalist, and fascist forces have been reinforced in all EU member-states. 

These forces are not opposing the capitalists and imperialists, albeit they so present themselves. They are propagandists and supporters of extreme anti-labor policies and the push of public life towards fascism. 

They express the most extreme forces of capitalism, exploitation, and social, ethnic, religious, cultural, and gender discrimination. They are the forces that pave the way to war and the slaughter of toilers and peoples of Europe.

The EU is a reactionary construction of the capitalist-imperialist elites, which is historically doomed to fail. It is a reactionary alliance with internal contradictions and deadlocks. The developments around Brexit confirm this assumption. 

The EU resembles a laboratory aiming to design policies against the toilers and the peoples and plundering of the wealth that the toilers and peoples of the dependent and neo-colonial countries are producing. It is a new "sacred alliance" against the working class, the social resistance movements, the migration flows, and peoples' struggles for national and social liberation.

The EU has a leading role, together with, but at the same time discretely from, the US and other imperialist countries, in defending the global power of the capital and the multinationals. It supports imperialist economic and military interventions and loots the semi-colonial and dependent countries of their natural and human wealth. 

Only in the recent years they directly and actively -or indirectly- supported military interventions in Libya, Mali and Central African Republic. 

They stirred up the civil war in Syria and led the escalation of the internal crisis, bloodshed, and the risks of separation in Ukraine. They support the imperialist campaign against the people of Venezuela, they participate in the illegal economic sanctions and reinforce the anti-constitutional initiatives of the opposition

They actively support the so-called anti-terrorist campaign by collaborating with the US imperialists against the liberating and revolutionary peoples’ movements. They adopt tough anti-immigration policies, they build legislative and practical barriers and walls against desperate migrants and refugees and they are responsible for thousands of deaths at the borders. 

They promote anticommunist hysteria and, with their policies, they reinforce the revival of racism, fascism and Nazi gangs. They push for the adoption of tough measures to suppress and reduce democratic rights.

The European Parliament -and the direct general election in the EU member-states- is a well-planned project to build a democratic facade for this reactionary alliance of European bourgeoisie. 

It is a tool of disorientation of people and workers’ resistance movements. It is an institution of ratification of the reactionary policies of the European Commission, the European Council and the Council of the EU. 

It legitimizes policies against the movements of social and ethnic liberation and promotes anti- communism. It is an institution that has been devastated since the very beginning of its existence in the eyes of the European peoples and that is why it faces complete deprecation through the high abstention rates in the European elections.

The so–called European Parliament is a construct of the powerful and not a fulfilled demand of the struggles and movements of the peoples of Europe. All these years of barbarism it has been identified with the policies of the capitalists and imperialists. 

It is not just an “elephant cemetery”, some silent, highly paid MPs who only know how to applaud and subscribe; but a body of supporters and propagandists of the rotten capitalist European idea, which has nothing to do with the long–standing demand and need for fraternity and common struggle of the toilers and peoples of Europe. This is a need that can only be served in the struggles to overthrow this barbaric and reactionary alliance of capitalists and imperialists.

Against all of them, against the EU and the governments of the member-states, against the capitalist barbarity and imperialism, the power of the struggling working class and the peoples’ movements must rise again. We fight to strengthen internationalist solidarity and common struggles, we defend the right of the peoples to choose their own path of development and social organization. We support the resistance against the EU policies. We strongly oppose the revival of fascism, racism and neo-Nazism. We stand in favor of the socialist prospect of the peoples and the working class

We who sign this common public announcement, left and communist organizations and parties from European countries, address the toilers, the unemployed, the youth, the immigrants and all the progressive and struggling people and the movements of resistance against capitalist barbarism and imperialism. 

We call on them to actively resist the policies of the EU, with the ultimate goal of crushing this imperialist reactionary alliance. We are struggling for the secession-withdrawal of our countries from the EU. 

We call for mass boycottage to the farce of the European elections and we are struggling to turn passive action to a massive and militant movement against the EU.





Democracy and Class Struggle – Wales

Committee for the Construction of the Maoist Communist Party Galicia – Spain

CPG(m-l) -Greece

PMLI- Italy

Initiative for the Construction of a revolutionary- Communist Party – Austria

Jugendwiderstand- Germany

Marxism Leninism Maoism - Ireland

The European Elections - From Farce to Tragedy - Social Democrats are Judas Goats by Nickglais

Outdistanced and Outsmarted by the Right because we have a social democratic and not a revolutionary Left in British Isles.

Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party cannot deliver a Left Brexit they triangulate to the remain camp and even negotiate with the Tories and have left the field wide open to the political right with their Judas Goat leadership.

The European Elections have also exposed the political opportunism of so called Leftists like Claire Fox and George Galloway and the utter political bankruptcy of The Communist Party of Great Britain Marxist Leninist who say to support the Brexit Party.

Democracy and Class Struggle say we have no choice but to spoil our ballots papers or boycott the farce of the European Elections which looks like a tragedy - a self inflicted one -  the EU will provide lots of funds for right wing revival of Brexit Party given they are the likely winners.




An Interview with InfoWars in the last few weeks revealed the right wing fascistic thought of Nigel Farage on the Left.

Alex Jones: “Why is the left allied with radical Islam?”

Nigel Farage: “Because they hate Christianity. They deny, absolutely, our Judeo-Christian culture, which if you think about it actually are the roots, completely, of our nations and our civilisation. 

They deny that. They also want to abolish the nation state – they want to get rid of it. 

They want to replace it with the globalist project, and the European Union is the prototype for the new world order.


PS : It is no accident that Galloway and CPGB ML are social chauvinists and defenders of unitary British State and OPPOSE Scottish and Welsh Independence.

Note: On Radical Islam it is our own Intelligence Services (not noted for being Left) that have been allied with Radical Islamists to defeat Progressive Secular Governments. 

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Manufactured Iranian Threat in the Persian Gulf

Col. Wilkerson: US Would Face a Unified Venezuelan Military in an Armed Intervention

Democracy and Class Struggle can see why Colonel Larry Wilkerson is called the voice of neo realism in US Foreign Policy - his analysis is based on facts not fantasy.

We say: 

Pompeo is nothing but a political prostitute of the Koch Brothers and their Oil Refinery in Texas desperate for Venezuelan Oil.

Bolton frankly has mental problems principally his hatred of Iran and his love of the MEK and Maryam Rajavi is a profound sickness - Venezuela comes second to Iran in his hate list.

Abrams should be in prison for his murderous role in Central America - he hopes  for a re run in Venezuela  - prison calls him - justice will not evade him for ever.

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Die Thälmann Kolonne - Song of the German Republican Volunteers (1937)

Red Salute to 1,500 Volunteers of the Thalmann Battalion one of the largest in the International Brigades - Red Salute to the Anti Fascist Youth of Germany who fight Fascism Today - especially in Berlin.

Ernst Thalmann German Communist leader 
16 April 1886 – 18 August 1944

Prof. Richard Wolff: What Is Class?

Professor Wolff making sure we understand the basics 

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NATO on the Border! 9000 Soldiers in Estonia Only 2 Hours Away From St. Petersburg !

Venezuela - Rift in Washington arises from Failed Venezuelan Coup

The Haitian Revolution and What We Can Learn From It

Democracy and Class Struggle cannot vouch for the political practice of Black Red Guard in Kansas City but we can vouch for his grasp of history especially the Haitian Revolution - it is similar to ours.

We also see the American Revolution of 1776 as a counter Revolution and is interesting to compare the declaration of the Haitian Revolution with the American Declaration of Independence in 1776..

Haitian Declaration of Independence in 1804

"Let us walk down another path; let us imitate those people who, extending their concern into the future, and dreading to leave an example of cowardice for posterity, preferred to be exterminated rather than lose their place as one of the world's free peoples."


It is not enough to have expelled the barbarians who have bloodied our land for two centuries; it is not enough to have restrained those ever-evolving factions that one after another mocked the specter of liberty that France dangled before you. We must, with one last act of national authority, forever assure the empire of liberty in the country of our birth; we must take any hope of re-enslaving us away from the inhuman government that for so long kept us in the most humiliating torpor. In the end we must live independent or die.

Independence or death . . . let these sacred words unite us and be the signal of battle and of our reunion.
Citizens, my countrymen, on this solemn day I have brought together those courageous soldiers who, as liberty lay dying, spilled their blood to save it; these generals who have guided your efforts against tyranny have not yet done enough for your happiness; the French name still haunts our land.

Everything revives the memories of the cruelties of this barbarous people: our laws, our habits, our towns, everything still carries the stamp of the French. Indeed! There are still French in our island, and you believe yourself free and independent of that Republic which, it is true, has fought all the nations, but which has never defeated those who wanted to be free.

What! Victims of our [own] credulity and indulgence for 14 years; defeated not by French armies, but by the pathetic eloquence of their agents' proclamations; when will we tire of breathing the air that they breathe? What do we have in common with this nation of executioners? 

The difference between its cruelty and our patient moderation, its color and ours the great seas that separate us, our avenging climate, all tell us plainly that they are not our brothers, that they never will be, and that if they find refuge among us, they will plot again to trouble and divide us.

Native citizens, men, women, girls, and children, let your gaze extend on all parts of this island: look there for your spouses, your husbands, your brothers, your sisters. Indeed! Look there for your children, your suckling infants, what have they become?... I shudder to say it ... the prey of these vultures.

Instead of these dear victims, your alarmed gaze will see only their assassins, these tigers still dripping with their blood, whose terrible presence indicts your lack of feeling and your guilty slowness in avenging them. What are you waiting for before appeasing their spirits? Remember that you had wanted your remains to rest next to those of your fathers, after you defeated tyranny; will you descend into their tombs without having avenged them? No! Their bones would reject yours.

And you, precious men, intrepid generals, who, without concern for your own pain, have revived liberty by shedding all your blood, know that you have done nothing if you do not give the nations a terrible, but just example of the vengeance that must be wrought by a people proud to have recovered its liberty and jealous to maintain it let us frighten all those who would dare try to take it from us again; let us begin with the French. Let them tremble when they approach our coast, if not from the memory of those cruelties they perpetrated here, then from the terrible resolution that we will have made to put to death anyone born French whose profane foot soils the land of liberty.

We have dared to be free, let us be thus by ourselves and for ourselves. Let us imitate the grown child: his own weight breaks the boundary that has become an obstacle to him. What people fought for us? What people wanted to gather the fruits of our labor? And what dishonorable absurdity to conquer in order to be enslaved. Enslaved?... Let us leave this description for the French; they have conquered but are no longer free.

Let us walk down another path; let us imitate those people who, extending their concern into the future, and dreading to leave an example of cowardice for posterity, preferred to be exterminated rather than lose their place as one of the world's free peoples.

Let us ensure, however, that a missionary spirit does not destroy our work; let us allow our neighbors to breathe in peace; may they live quietly under the laws that they have made for themselves, and let us not, as revolutionary firebrands, declare ourselves the lawgivers of the Caribbean, nor let our glory consist in troubling the peace of the neighboring islands. Unlike that which we inhabit, theirs has not been drenched in the innocent blood of its inhabitants; they have no vengeance to claim from the authority that protects them.

Fortunate to have never known the ideals that have destroyed us, they can only have good wishes for our prosperity.

Peace to our neighbors; but let this be our cry: "Anathama to the French name! Eternal hatred of France!"

Natives of Haiti! My happy fate was to be one day the sentinel who would watch over the idol to which you sacrifice; I have watched, sometimes fighting alone, and if I have been so fortunate as to return to your hands the sacred trust you confided to me, know that it is now your task to preserve it. In fighting for your liberty, I was working for my own happiness. Before consolidating it with laws that will guarantee your free individuality, your leaders, who I have assembled here, and I, owe you the final proof of our devotion.

Generals and you, leaders, collected here close to me for the good of our land, the day has come, the day which must make our glory, our independence, eternal.

If there could exist among us a lukewarm heart, let him distance himself and tremble to take the oath which must unite us. Let us vow to ourselves, to posterity, to the entire universe, to forever renounce France, and to die rather than live under its domination; to fight until our last breath for the independence of our country.

And you, a people so long without good fortune, witness to the oath we take, remember that I counted on your constancy and courage when I threw myself into the career of liberty to fight the despotism and tyranny you had struggled against for 14 years. Remember that I sacrificed everything to rally to your defense; family, children, fortune, and now I am rich only with your liberty; my name has become a horror to all those who want slavery. 

Despots and tyrants curse the day that I was born. If ever you refused or grumbled while receiving those laws that the spirit guarding your fate dictates to me for your own good, you would deserve the fate of an ungrateful people. But I reject that awful idea; you will sustain the liberty that you cherish and support the leader who commands you. Therefore vow before me to live free and independent, and to prefer death to anything that will try to place you back in chains. Swear, finally, to pursue forever the traitors and enemies of your independence.
*   *   *   *   *
Done at the headquarters of Gonaives, the first day of January 1804, the first year of independence.
The Deed of independence

Native Army

Today, January 1st 1804, the general in chief of the native army, accompanied by the generals of the army, assembled in order to take measures that will insure the good of the country;

After having told the assembled generals his true intentions, to assure forever a stable government for the natives of Haiti, the object of his greatest concern, which he has accomplished in a speech which declares to foreign powers the decision to make the country independent, and to enjoy a liberty consecrated by the blood of the people of this island; and after having gathered their responses has asked that each of the assembled generals take a vow to forever renounce France, to die rather than live under its domination, and to fight for independence until their last breath.

The generals, deeply moved by these sacred principles, after voting their unanimous attachment to the declared project of independence, have all sworn to posterity, to the universe, to forever renounce France, and to die rather than to live under its domination.

Strangers on the Right by Don

Don it is Socialists and Communists that will take down the Right NOT Liberals

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DPRK - Imperialist Media recycling old lies about food crisis by Dermot Hudson

Comment on the stories about 'food crisis ' in the DPRK or imperialist media recycling old lies

The imperialist and bourgeois  mainstream media is intensifying its propaganda campaign against People's Korea with a number of outlets such as the BBC,CNN , Daily Mail and Sky News talking about 'crop failures' , 'rations cut ' , 'starvation ' and 'famine '.

This is basically recycling old lies and slanders about the socialist system of the DPRK .

Looking at the reports there is a claim that rations have cut to 300g(or two thirds of a pound in imperial measurement ) of food per person per day . 

To respond to this , firstly , our delegation visited the DPRK in April and say or heard nothing to confirm that this is the case . 

Secondly , even if this is true there is an element of mischievous distortion because the 300g can only refer to the basic supply of grains such as rice which are supplied directly to the population . 

Other foods may be purchased from shops and markets .300g of grain per day is not a famine and many people in the world would be happy if they could receive 300g of grain per day .

Visiting the DPRK in September 2018 , February 2019 and April 2019 we saw no sign of crop failure or starvation . 

In fact food seemed fairly abundant with crowded restaurants and well stocked shops . 

Grain is supplied to the people of the DPRK at a low cost which simply covers the cost of transporting it.

Stopping at a Motorway service station on the way from Pyongyang to Mt Myohyang we saw plenty of food on sale outside including fruit.

Despite the sanctions the DPRK is going ahead in the spirit of self-reliance .

In his New Year address Marshal KIM JONG UN said " the agricultural sector waged an unremitting struggle for increased cereal production, thus producing a large number of high-yielding units and farmers even in adverse weather conditions."

Recently , respected Marshal KIM JONG UN is his major policy speech to the 1st session to the 14th Supreme People's Assembly said that 

"The agricultural sector should pay special attention to solving the problems of seed, fertilizer and water and securing the land under cultivation, introduce scientific farming methods and raise the rate of mechanization of farm work, and thus attain without fail the grain production target set by the Party. 

The stockbreeding bases such as chicken and pig farms should be modernly built or renovated, domestic animals be raised in a scientific way, and a mass movement be launched to raise grass-eating animals perseveringly. 

Also, a turn should be made in the production and processing of seafood by consolidating the material and technical foundations of the fishing industry."

Thus the DPRK is striving to increase food production
The BBC and some British newspaper outlets should remember when they talk about "famine " and "hunger " in the DPRK , that in Britain many rely on foodbanks and numbers of homeless are increasing 




Barr: Ignorance in the Highest Office of the Department of Justice Exposed - Cross Examination Lesson 101




La Brigata Garibaldi - Red Salute to Comrades

Democracy and Class Struggle loves Anti Fascist Italy - not just those that fight Fascism in the past but TODAY.

Los Angeles : Mass Arrests as Communists Lead May Day March through Boyle Heights

By Matt Handocerdos

Communists, revolutionaries, and the masses marched through the streets of Boyle Heights and into one of the crumbling centers of gentrification – the so-called “Boyle Heights Arts District” for this year’s combative May Day. Although several attendees got away at the end of the march, 24 people were kettled and arrested on rioting charges.

Of the 24 people arrested — known as the “May Day 24”– two were volunteer reporters and photographers for Incendiary. All their cameras and camcorders were confiscated.

The march was publicized as “Red May Day,” according to Red Guards Los Angeles (RGLA) social media posts, in opposition to the phony May Day marches and rallies in downtown Los Angeles led by the labor aristocrats of organized labor, Democratic Party imperialists, and capitalist non-profits.

The rally started at Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights, where Communists, revolutionaries, and the masses gathered to hear speeches about International Workers’ Day from RGLA and others. There was also a public reading of “May Day, Forever Red Again!” a May Day poem originally published in the Maoist theoretical journal, Struggle Sessions; at this time the police presence was light.

The rally then mobilized and took over the busy intersection of 1st Street and Boyle Avenue. Marchers ignited road flares and raised them high, while others proudly held up red flags, posters of Karl Marx, Chairman Mao, and Chairman Gonzalo, hammers and sickles, and revolutionary pro-worker slogans. The police presence increased slightly, but there was still no interference.

The marchers yelled out popular and revolutionary chants, such as “El barrio no se vende, se ama y se defiende!” (The hood is not for sale, it is to be loved and defended!), “One solution: revolution!” and “¡Qué tenemos? ¡Nada! ¡Qué queremos? ¡Todo!” (What do we have? Nothing! What do we want? Everything!) as they approached the final destination: the arts district.

As marchers made their way to the arts district, they made a temporary stop near 3rd Street and Boyle Avenue, just down the street from the well-known struggle by the Mariachi renters against their slumlord back in 2017 and 2018. A revolutionary with Serve the People – Los Angeles, which organizes the barrio committees for working-class tenants, delivered a May Day speech.

Afterward the march continued toward the Pico Gardens housing projects, stopping momentarily at Clarence Street and 4th Street where another revolutionary delivered a speech from Defend Boyle Heights. The speech covered May Day and the overall importance of the Communist movement’s key relationship with the anti-gentrification movement.

By this time the police presence began to swell, mostly consisting of bicycle police. But as the marchers progressed into the arts district, police cruisers began appearing and at least one helicopter flew directly over the marchers as they descended on the arts district.

Although attendance was low, the militant marchers were in high spirits. Smoke grenades were deployed and buckets of paint were splattered on the walls of several galleries and other buildings in the art district. Popular slogans, such as “GENTRY OUT”, appeared in spray paint on some walls close to two gentrifier breweries, Indie Brewery and Dry River Brewery.

An altercation ensued between a man who stepped outside after hearing the noise from the march and quickly began taunting marchers and recording them; he was allegedly struck several times in the head by sticks and ran away. As the march was coming to a conclusion and participants began to disperse, a swarm of bicycle police and undercover police cars kettled a majority of the march.

Initially, the police said they were arresting everyone for vandalism, assault, arson, and failure to disperse. They kept the May Day 24 near 7th Street and Anderson Street for about two hours, questioning some, attempting to drum up worry and fear. However, the vast majority of the marchers were resilient and shouted revolutionary slogans in celebration of the announced existence of the Committee to Reconstitute the Communist Party of the USA in the “International May Day 2019: Dare to struggle, dare to win!” statement. Some shouted “Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism!” as they attempted to breach the police line. But more than 50 police on foot with more than a dozen police cruisers and at least two helicopters surrounded the marchers.

After a few hours, the police loaded up all 24 marchers into police vans and transported them to the Los Angeles Metropolitan Detention Center. During the ride, several marchers slipped out of the zip ties and made light of the police’s inability to break their spirits.

As the marchers were booked and charged for “rioting,” their spirits remained unbroken. Comrades sang revolutionary songs and hummed and whistled The Internationale while in the cells. Some even berated the police, raising up the spirits of all the arrested marchers.

A GoFundMe has gone up collecting funds for the May Day 24.

As of tonight all of the May Day 24 have been released.





Friday, May 3, 2019

Gadchiroli Massacre : One Year On Indian Government Pays the Price for its misdeeds

From Silence to Uproar - Its OK when you kill the poor !

This attack is punishment for the massacre of adivasis and Dalit comrades a year ago - we protested the Gadchiroli Massacre a year ago - the world was silent - now I am sure the media will protest that India's killers pay the price for their misdeeds one year ago

Fifteen Gadchiroli police personnel and the driver of a private vehicle they were travelling in were blown up when Maoists triggered an IED blast at Lendhri nullah close to the Maharashtra-Chhattisgarh border on Wednesday afternoon in the worst attack on security forces in the area in 10 years.

The quick response team (QRT) personnel from Kurkheda police station, over 150km from Nagpur, were headed towards Dadapur village near Purada, where the Maoists had torched dozens of vehicles of a Chhattisgarh-based road construction company earlier in the day, when the incident took place.

It came as a blow on Maharashtra’s foundation day because the incident seemed planned — sources said the IED may have been placed under the road tarmac months ago — and came days after the maoists ended their “martyrs’ week” on April 28 to mark the killing of 40 cadres, many of them women, by security forces on April 22-23 last year.

Maharashtra Police chief Subodh Jaiswal, speaking in Mumbai, vowed a “befitting” response to the “cowardly” attack, but seemed to rule out an intelligence failure. “This is not proper to say it was due to an intelligence failure. It’s a sad incident… We will fight back, we will take on the Naxalites. If more police personnel are needed, we will deploy immediately.” Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao cancelled a reception and cultural programme scheduled for Maharashtra Day at Raj Bhavan.

CM Devendra Fadnavis also promised a fightback, tweeting, “The police will not lose their morale, in fact (they’ll) fight this menace with more force.” But state Congress chief Ashok Chavan and NCP supremo Sharad Pawar called for the CM to step down, saying he, as home minister, had neglected law and order in the Naxalite-affected areas of the state.

The arson and subsequent blast on Wednesday are believed to be the handiwork of Maoists of Company 4, Kurkheda-Korchi-Khobramenda and Tippagarh dalams, and other formations under the North Gadchiroli division. After torching the vehicles of the road construction firm, the Maoists seemed to have lain in wait for police. A convoy of three vehicles left Kurkheda for Dadapur, about 40km away, and the first two vehicles, carrying, among others, the sub-divisional police officer, cleared the spot. The third vehicle, a private MUV carrying the cops, was blown up.

Sources said police made a big mistake travelling together in a vehicle during such a sensitive period. Also, if they had followed the standard operating procedure of using a road opening party on foot to scan the roads, the hiding Naxalite who had to trigger the IED could have been foiled. But they pointed out that police perhaps never expected the IED to be planted on a road used by a large number of villagers.

Interestingly, the Maoists had put up posters at Dadapur village and across the district condemning the BJP governments at the Centre and in the state, PM Narendra Modi, CM Fadnavis, district guardian minister Ambrishrao Atram and the “Ambani Group” for ravaging the natural resources of the district in the name of development.

DIG (Naxal range) Ankush Shinde said an inquiry will take place. “We will take stock of the situation,” he said. Till the filing of the report, police were in the process of shifting the bodies to Gadchiroli for post-mortem




Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr protests against  the Indian States Operation Green Hunt which has caused countless deaths amongst India's poorest people especially the Adivasi tribal people.

This call was first issued by the Welsh Socialist Republican Congress over the Malkangiri massacre in 2016 but the killings continue with the latest at Gadchiroli

The recent massacre at Gadchiroli  is another sad bloody page with the BJP Hinduvuta Fascist Modi Government killing the people and we call on people outside and inside India to protest this continuous fascistic killing by the Modi Government – in particular at Indian Embassies around the World on May 1st 2018

Those comrades killed serving the people in Gadchiroli names will be added to the People's hero's of India and their killers will forever wear the badge of shame. 

Long Live The Resistance to Operation Green Hunt 

Long Live the heroes of Gadchiroli eternal shame to their killers. 

Solidarity with the struggle of the oppressed of India from the Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr and the Welsh Socialist Republican Congress. 

May 1st Protest at Indian Embassies worldwide against the killings at Gadchiroli.

Long Live Proletarian Internationalism.

Abby Martin on Failed April 30th Coup in Venezuela