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Russian Iranian Contradictions Over Syria - Helsinki Betrayal of Iran

Democracy and Class Struggle from what we can glean from multiple sources we see the Helsinki Summit as a victory for Israel and tacit agreement of Russia to turn a blind eye to Israeli attacks on Iranian forces in Syria.

Precisely what role Russia will play if Iran is attacked by Israel or United States is a open question - it would be unwise of Iran to in any way to depend on Russia in such a situation on the basis of what we seen at Helsinki between Putin and Trump.

De-Nuclearisation and Peace is not Unilateral it is Multilateral - US not making parallel moves just pushing more sanctions on North Korea

The United States and its NATO allies are looking to increase their arm-stretch into Iraq by opening new bases and dispatching newer troops

NATO and United States plan expansion in Iraq including opening new bases - the move has sparked outrage among Iraqi people who want the NATO and United States Troops out of Iraq.

Given the war preparations of the United States against Iran this move confirms our view of prepartions for War with Iran by November 2018.

Iran : You Wanna Lie us into War like you did many times before

Zbigniew Brzezinski's Rationalism on Iran is Dead - The Trump Era is the Era of the Living Dead



Iranian President Hassan Rouhani “Don’t play with the lion’s tail, this would only lead to regret,”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has warned the United States against provoking Tehran, saying that conflict with the country would be “the mother of all wars.”

“Don’t play with the lion’s tail, this would only lead to regret,” the Iranian leader said while speaking to Iranian diplomats on Sunday, local news agencies reported. “The Americans must understand well that peace with Iran is the mother of all peace, and war with Iran is the mother of all wars.”

Iranians will only be “united" by further threats from the US, Rouhani said, adding that the Islamic Republic “will certainly defeat America.“

 Iran supreme leader threatens to block all Gulf oil exports if its own are stopped

The new string of sharp comments from the Iranian president came a day after Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei backed the idea of blocking all oil exports from the region by closing the Strait of Hormuz in the event of Iran’s exports being banned. Meanwhile, the US is pressing its allies to completely cut imports of Iranian crude in response to Tehran’s alleged malign activities. Those who fail to comply with America’s request would be targeted by secondary US sanctions


Prof. Alexandr Buzgalin says while Putin heads a powerful state, this is not a system of one man rule; more than 100 billionaires and a stratum of top bureaucrats have political power

Saturday, July 21, 2018

MEK: Washington's Favorite Terror Cult

Against Western Hegemony in Middle East : Iran Defense Capability

Democracy and Class Struggle says that a War with Iran may sound very stupid in 2018 but stupidity has been normalized in the Age Of Trump

A Wake Up call For Iran : The Real Cost of America's "Liberation"

Iran: The possibility of a small war or even a big war is not so far off.: Here's How Trump Is About to Send World Oil Prices Soaring Even Higher : America’s bullheaded president is about to cause a lot of economic pain by Vijay Prashad

The possibility of a small war or even a big war is not so far off 

Here's How Trump Is About to Send World Oil Prices Soaring Even Higher America’s bullheaded president is about to cause a lot of economic pain by Vijay Prashad

From its office in Paris (France), out of sight of the drama of Trump’s European adventure, the International Energy Agency’s Oil Market Report makes for sober reading. Its June report suggests that the oil market will be “finely balanced next year,” which is a polite way of saying that it will be turbulent and—essentially—a mess. The embargoes of Iran and Venezuela have already set the oil market on edge, with Libya’s continued disruption making things very tight. Any further problem, the International Energy Agency says, and the price of oil is likely to spike out of control. Brent Crude, the index for oil prices, could whip from today’s price of just above $70/barrel to $250/barrel.

Trump’s War on Iran

The main point of disruption is the policy of the United States against Iran. In May of this year, U.S. President Donald Trump jettisoned U.S. commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. He called for a total embargo of Iranian oil exports by November of this year. Iran relies upon the export of oil. 

This May, as a result of the nuclear deal, Iran’s oil exports rose to a high point of 2.7 million barrels per day (bpd). In February, Iran’s oil ministry said that the country had hoped to raise this to 4.7 million bpd within the next four years. It is likely that Iran’s oil will be substantially off-line. This will have catastrophic effects for Iran, certainly, but also for the price of oil outside Iran.

Iran has hoped that its Asian buyers—who buy the bulk of Iranian oil—will not follow U.S. sanctions. They have pinned their hopes on China, which buys the bulk of the oil, as well as on India and Turkey. Already, Iran’s two other buyers—Japan and South Korea—have begun to cut their oil imports. China has indicated that it would not honor the U.S. sanctions. 

It is likely that the so-called petro-yuan will become a lifeline for the Iranian economy. 

This new mechanism for pricing oil remains outside the dollar’s institutions, and so not so exposed to U.S. pressure. India, vulnerable to U.S. pressure, has said that it would only buy Iranian oil if it is able to get a waiver against sanctions from the U.S. government. Turkey has also indicated that it would like to get a waiver, although it is likely that Turkey will also try and push against the sanctions regime.

When Trump was in Europe, he reminded the Europeans about the sanctions and the new U.S. posture toward Iran. The European firms, integrated into the U.S. economy, are unlikely to challenge the U.S. sanctions against Iran. After Trump made his remarks in May, the presidents of Russia (Vladimir Putin) and of France (Emmanuel Macron) said that they would protect their companies from U.S. sanctions, since they did not agree with the withdrawal from the nuclear deal. But neither Putin nor Macron has the pulse of his own businesses. 

Total (France) and Severstal (Russia) have already walked away from doing business with Iran. More will follow.

The Iranian government watches its buyers buckle before the pressure from Trump and the United States government. If Iranian oil exports decline to 700,000 bpd or even fewer, its treasury would be swiftly depleted. 

Even that amount is only possible if China—which imports 650,000 bpd—actually stands up to the United States. Devaluation of the rial by the Central Bank of Iran in March and April—prior to Trump’s May announcement—already showed the vulnerability of the Iranian economy. Fleeing from the cash economy, those Iranians with cash in hand have gone to the gold coin market, to the real estate market and into unofficial foreign exchange markets (a three-tier exchange rate system is now in operation—a harbinger of serious monetary problems). These Iranians are looking for somewhere to preserve their threatened value as the peril of economic collapse stares Iran in the face.

When Prices Rise….

In November, the United States will have a midterm election. It is an axiom of politics in the United States that high oil prices produce murder at the polls. Jimmy Carter faced re-election in 1980 with oil prices at $1.25 per gallon (or, adjusted for inflation to March 2018 dollars, at $3.89 per gallon). The gas price is currently at $2.88—about a dollar less than the price faced by Carter in his ill-fated attempt at re-election.

The Trump administration has said that it wants purchases of Iranian oil to come to zero by November 4, 2018. Two days later, the U.S. electorate will go to the polls. If prices rise as a consequence of the draw down of purchases from Iran, it will have an impact on the polls. Trump and his team recognize the idiocy of lifting oil prices just before an important election. This is why the U.S. government is pushing for at least three means to keep prices reasonably low.

1. Waivers. U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin indicated this week that the Trump administration would “consider exceptions” to the sanctions regime against Iran. This would be a return to the policy followed by the Obama administration—it allowed waivers to any country that could show that it was making good faith attempts to cut its oil purchases from Iran. The standard was high—imports had to fall by 20 percent every 180 days. Mnuchin’s remarks suggest that the Trump administration will take some sort of action that mimics the Obama policy. Japan, South Korea and the Europeans have been eager for the Trump administration to make this gesture. It would—at least—put off their own problems with energy supply.

2. Strategic Petroleum Reserve. After the Oil Weapon had been unsheathed by the oil-producing countries in 1973, the U.S. government began to hold a Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The U.S. government currently holds about 660 million barrels in its underground tanks in Louisiana and Texas. Last year, the U.S. consumed 7.26 billion barrels of oil or about 19.88 million barrels per day. That means that the U.S. has about a month’s worth of oil in its Reserve. The Trump administration is considering a test sale of about 5 million barrels of oil and then releasing about 30 million barrels into the market. This is a very small amount, but it is highly symbolic.

3. OPEC+ Increases. Saudi Arabia, which detests Iran, has already begun to violate OPEC limits and pump oil to keep prices down. In June, Saudi Arabia pumped 10.49 million bpd (its OPEC limit is 10.06 million bpd). The Kingdom, suffering its own economic crisis, is nonetheless willing to cut off its nose to spite its face. Saudi Arabia claims that it has 2 million bpd of excess capacity—not enough to plug a major hole in the world oil market. Nor do the other OPEC countries (UAE and Kuwait) that have said that they would pump oil to make up for the slack supply. Nor does Russia (not an OPEC member), which has also indicated—despite the U.S. sanctions against it—that it would pump part of its excess capacity of 300,000 bpd.

Can these three approaches make up for the decline of 900,000 bpd cut since September (two-thirds of this from Venezuela) and for the decline of a further 1 million bpd from Iran after November? It is unlikely.

Underinvestment in the oil industry as well as new tensions in Libya further weaken confidence that oil prices can be held at a reasonable level. If oil prices rise and if there is pressure on impoverished states to cut oil subsidies, the kind of protests that took place in Haiti recently should be expected.

A Shooting War

Last week, a senior Iranian military commander said that his country would—if pressured—close its territorial waters to international oil tankers. A fifth of the world’s oil passes through the Straits of Hormuz, almost half of the oil brought to the surface in West Asia.

The legal ground for such a closure is not clear. Iran points to the 1958 Geneva Convention on the Law of the Sea, whose Article 16 says that coastal states might “take the necessary steps in its territorial sea to prevent passage which is not innocent.” Iran could make the case that the economic war on the country is being deepened by the transit of oil from Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait to international markets. The 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea affirmed this notion of “innocent passage.”

But even if Iran is on solid ground, it would have a difficult time closing the Straits, which—at its narrowest—has a width of 34 miles. The U.S. naval base in Bahrain is entirely there to keep the Straits open. The possibility of a small war or even a big war is not so far off.


No War on Iran from Stephen Kinzer and National American Iranian Council

British Firms trading with Iran face US Sanctions within weeks

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said that no country in the region will export oil if Iran’s exports are stopped.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said that no country in the region will export oil if Iran’s exports are stopped. The same threat was earlier voiced by President Hassan Rouhani, RT reported.

Speaking to Iranian ambassadors and senior diplomats on Saturday, Khamenei backed Rouhani’s earlier warning to close the Strait of Hormuz, thus blocking all oil shipments from the Persian Gulf. 
“[These] were important remarks that reflect Islamic Republic’s approach,” the Ayatollah said, according to his official website. He added that Iran’s Foreign Ministry must closely follow the approach. 

The statement comes in response to anti-Iran rhetoric by the US, which is currently pressing allies to cut off Iranian crude exports. During a recent tour, a senior State Department official warned that those failing to reduce Iranian oil imports to “zero” by early November would face US sanctions.

US covert Sabotage of Korean Peace Process- Same shit new bottles from same scum

More backstory on North Korea and United States from Peter Lee and history of United States duplicity in North Korean US relations.

Is Iran Serious about Closing the Strait of Hormuz ?

The Coming War will see asymmetric naval warfare of a type and scale we have not seen - Iran will not wait for an attack or military coup - they are masters of preemption - the United States has opened a hornets nest and it will regret doing so.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Iran : Military Coup Coming : United States Overt and Covert Operations Against Iran from Sibel Edmonds

Democracy and Class Struggle says the Sibel Edmonds prediction of a military coup in Iran makes sense to us - but like in Turkey it may not succeed !

We also add that we take the view this Military Coup was approved at the Helsinki Summit by Putin.

Clearly the planning for this goes back 18 months.

Rami Khouri on Syria and Iran and complex Russia and why engagement with Iran is way forward - he maybe behind the curve - we are in Trump Putin Times.


South Africa calls out Apartheid Israel

Inter Korean Co-operation - Seize the time

Let Koreans deepen inter Korean Co-operation and drive the peace process to victory  

Israel Legislates Apartheid State - Unequal rights are recognized by the government as the essence of the state

Wait for the defenders of the indefensible speak - time to expose this monstrosity in the 21st Century - it is curtains for Israel - it is self destruction from the Yahoo's.

The materialist dialectics of real life will assert themselves and all this hubris following Helsinki and this Apartheid Law point to certainty of nemesis.

Putin is Anointed King, but Big Capital has the Real Power

Democracy and Class Struggle says some comrades have ambiguous positions about Putin - some times we understood why - but from last election we could not let that ambiguity slide and called Putin support out 

Putin had passed his sell by date and Russia is entering a new dangerous phase we detected hubris on his part and his mirror imaging with Trump and it should cause us all concern.

Those that think that peace will come through top down geo political grand bargains are not just mistaken but dangerous they forget what our chairman taught us :

The People and the People Alone are the Motive Force in making of World History - Chairman Mao Zedong


Thursday, July 19, 2018

Japan - A Backdoor Nuclear Power with its Tons of Plutonium enough for 6000 Nuclear Bombs

Look a 4.27 minutes for the Japanese Plutonium Story - enough to build 6000 Nuclear Bombs.

Interesting how this story never makes headlines in view of the North Korean de-nuclearization talks.

Iran: Emerging as a Global Force

Democracy and Class Struggle says the Trump Putin Helsinki Summit will go down in history as the Anti Iran pro Israel Summit.

Any serious attempts to break Hezbollah supply lines by Israel/US or covertly by Russia could spin into a new war in Middle East.

What type of War will be waged as retaliation against Israel and US or covert war against Russian interference we cannot tell.

We are materialists not fortune tellers but it is likely to be asymmetrical.

Syrian Democratic Forces Political Wing Seeks To Normalize Relations With Damascus

Democracy and Class Struggle has been reporting this Kurdish (SDF) move for some time - we also welcome internal forces in Syria being part of a new emerging Syria.

This process long pre dates Helsinki and we do not see it as being part of the Summit Deal which was principally defense of Israel and anti Iran.


The Golan Heights - The Great Helsinki Betrayal ?

"Israel commits not to act against regime of Moscow ally Assad in exchange for freedom of action against Iran and maintaining demilitarized Golan buffer zone".


Betrayal of GAZA betrayal of Golan Heights will be the Helsinki Summit Memorial while others concentrate on the Trump Theatre they overlooking what is the substance of US and Russia Helsinki Summit defending Israel.


Hypernormalization simply explained by Russell Brandt

Democracy and Class Struggle says hypernormalization is explained by Russell Brandt in about as simple a manner as possible.

Democracy and Class Struggle was struck how hypernormalization  is now on steroids at the great theatre that was the Trump Putin summit.

British Labour Party's Anti-Semitism Document: Criticizing Israel Is not Anti-Semitism

Moshe Machover speaks

As'ad AbuKhalil on What the Trump Putin Summit Means for Syria

Democracy and Class Struggle says As'ad AbuKhalil is one of the most intelligent commentators on Middle East politics - he also has the Angry Arab Site.

He has  good analysis of the differences between Hezbollah and Russia and Russia's collaboration with Israel.

Our Views are very close to the views of As'ad AbuKhalil but we see also any serious attempt of USA/Russia/Israel to disrupt the Iranian Iraq Syria Lebanon Hezbollah supply lines will explode into new War in Middle East..


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

India's Far-Right Government Honors Convicted Killers Who Lynch Muslim Meat Traders

Syrian Army Liberated Another Group Of Settlements East Of Golans

Helsinki - Trump Theatrics and the "Dignified" withdrawl of Iran from Syria

Democracy and Class Struggle say behind all the Trumpian Theatrics at Helsinki lay the main question of Iran the target of Bolton and Pompeo and Netanyahu.

Now we get the Russian Rhetoric of Andrew Korbyko of the "dignified" withdrawal of Iran from Syria - the spin has already began a Grand Bargain was struck or in the process of being struck and Iran is the sacrifice

Only idiots think Iran will go quietly into the night - we are witnessing a prelude to a new nightmare another new tragic turn in the Middle East by the political fantasists of hyper realism.

Aeschylus could not write anything more tragic and its presented as hyper realism to fit the already hyper normalization - which simply translate into lies that lead to death - Imperialism by any other name is still Imperialism.

Andrew Korbyko article in Global Research "It's Official Israel is now a Joint Russian American Protectorate"

Declaring The Joint Protectorate

Everything that the Western world previously assumed about “Israel’s” supposed “invincibility” has been exposed as a discredited propaganda operation that not even the US is capable of conducting anymore after the on-the-ground facts have disproven its very basis. Long thought of as the “Sparta” of Mideast affairs because of its military’s ability to punch well above its weight in regional conflicts and the efficient capabilities of its intelligence services in catalyzing the MENA-wide Yinon Plan of the so-called “Arab Spring”, “Israel” has now been exposed to have several glaring vulnerabilities that have put it in such a position of weakness vis-à-vis Iran that it’s now compelled to seek joint American and Russian assistance in ensuring its security.

During the joint press conference in Helsinki, President Putin proclaimed his long-known desire to protect “Israeli” interests by telling the world that:

“I would also like to note that after the terrorists are routed in southwest Syria, in the so-called ‘southern zone’, the situation in the Golan Heights should be brought into full conformity with the 1974 agreement on the disengagement of Israeli and Syrian forces. This will make it possible to bring tranquillity to the Golan Heights and restore the ceasefire between the Syrian Arab Republic and the State of Israel. The President devoted special attention to this issue today.”

Trump took it even further by adding that:

“We’ve worked with Israel long and hard for many years, many decades. I think that never has any country been closer than we are. President Putin also is helping Israel, and we both spoke with Bibi Netanyahu. And they would like to do certain things with respect to Syria, having to do with the safety of Israel. So, in that respect we absolutely would like to work in order to help Israel, and Israel will be working with us, so both countries would work jointly.

 And I think that when you look at all the progress that has been made in certain sections with the eradication of ISIS – we’re about 98–99 percent there – and other things that have taken place that we have done and that, frankly, Russia has helped us within certain respects. But I think that working with Israel is a great thing, and creating safety for Israel is something that both President Putin and I would like to see very much.”

Beyond any shadow of doubt, the two Great Powers have made “Israel” their joint protectorate, and this surprising state of affairs has far-reaching implications for not just Syria, but the entire Mideast and especially Iran.

Yinon Gone Bad

To be succinct, the Yinon Plan dramatically backfired by creating the conditions for Iranian military “advisors” in Syria to creep closer to the occupied Golan Heights, a pressing security threat of the highest importance that could only be temporarily staved off by Russia’s greenlighting of “Israeli” bombing raids against them.

Still, this isn’t a sufficient solution because it’s unclear exactly how many of these forces are in the region and whether or not they’re operating incognito as part of the “National Defense Forces” militias or even members of the Syrian Arab Army itself. Furthermore,

Russia barely has any influence on Iran’s military plans in Syria no matter how much pressure Moscow has put on Damascus to curtail what the Kremlin views to be a regionally destabilizing factor.

The only way to sustainably secure “Israel’s” existence from the asymmetrical threat that Iranian forces and their Hezbollah allies pose near the occupied Golan Heights was for Tel Aviv to strike an indirect deal with Damascus through Russian mediation whereby the self-proclaimed “Jewish State” would implicitly recognize the continued leadership of President Assad in the Arab Republic so long as he could guarantee that his sworn enemy’s foes will be kept an uncertain distance away from the de-facto “border”.

Getting “Israel” to back down from its years-long unofficial policy of regime change in Syria would be even more of a game-changer than when Saudi Arabia recently did the same, with Russia being responsible for both previously unthinkable policy reversals.

For full article visit here:


Helsinki - Kabuki Theatre - Bizarre Theatre - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomes the deep commitment of the United States and President Trump to Israel’s security, as expressed in the meeting between President Trump and President Putin.

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomes the deep commitment of the United States and President Trump to Israel’s security, as expressed in the meeting between President Trump and President Putin. 

The friendship between Israel and the US has never been stronger,” the statement said, adding that Netanyahu “also greatly appreciates the security coordination between Israel and Russia and President Putin’s clear position on the need to implement the 1974 separation agreements between Israel and Syria.”

Both Putin and Trump phoned Netanyahu to assure him of Israel's security while Gaza is being attacked by Israel  - sic.

Democracy and Class Struggle says while everybody seems interested in Trump's theatre of distraction Netanyahu and Bolton and Pompeo are getting what they want an attack on Iran.

Whether it is escalated sanctions, more covert operations, direct attack or a combination of all we will soon tell but Israel has the right to attack Iran - that has the tacit approval of Putin.

Great victory for the neo cons disguised behind Trump theatrics.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Chris Wallace interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin

Aeschylus and Tragic Drama by George Thomson

The tragic performances were the principal event at an annual festival at which a prize was awarded for the best drama of the year. 

Each competitor was required to submit four plays a “tetralogy” as it was called, consisting of three tragedies ( a Trilogy) followed by a Satyr play. The Satyr play was burlesque, so called because it had a chorus of satyrs. 

These mere mythical creatures half man half beast, representing the unsophisticated savage men as seen by the Athenians. (They may be compared to the bird man Papageno in Mozarts Magic Flute).

Let us take as an example the great tetralogy of Aeschylus, the Oresteia. The story taken from mythology, contains many primitive features such as the ancestral curse but at the end these are all relegated to the past

In the first play, Agamemnon is murdered on his return from Troy by his wife Clytemnestra. In the second she is murdered by her son Orestes at the command of Apollo. In the third after being purified by Apollo and persecuted by his mothers avenging spirits ,the furies, Orestes is brought to trial and acquitted before a court of justice founded for this purpose by Athena, goddess of democratic Athens.

She resolves the conflict between Apollo and the Furies by inviting them to supervise the new court.The Reign of Law had began.

At the end of the trilogy the story is revealed to us in retrospect as a symbol of man's struggle to raise himself out of savagery into civilization.The satyr play dealt with the wanderings on Menelaus after the fall of Troy as a romantic lighthearted  parallel to his brothers tragic homecoming.

Aeschylus was a democrat and a Pythagorean. He believed that conflict between tribal custom, represented the drama of the furies and aristocratic privilege represented by Apollo, had been resolved in democracy which accordingly he regarded as the fusion of opposites in the mean. 

In the trilogy therefore which represented the offense, the counter offense and the reconciliation, he created a dramatic form provided a perfect vehicle for dialectical movement of thought.

Source : the Human Essence

Too Dumb for Suicide by Tim Heidecker


Lying Their Way Into Heaven

What if Trump is meeting Putin to sound him out on a U.S. or Israeli attack on Iran?

Democracy and Class Struggle says it was sickening to see Trump and Putin express concern for the security of Israel at the Helsinki Summit at the same time Israel was bombing and killing Palestinians in Gaza.

The re-establishment of Syrian Sovereignty over its own territory near the Golan Heights in the last few days is freaking out Israel and the anti Iranian War Drum beats loudly in Israel especially now that Hezbollah is so near the Golan Heights.

Therefore the question asked  by Charlie Smith in the article below is not invention - surmise or guess it reflects the reality on the ground between Israel and Syria.

Iran has been - is - the United States main target in the Middle East. 

What if Trump is meeting Putin to sound him out on a U.S. or Israeli attack on Iran?

Putin isn't going to be thrilled by the idea of a more pro-American regime coming to power in the Persian country on his doorstep.

But the upside for Putin is that this type of military action would likely send the price of oil soaring, which would be extremely beneficial for the Russian economy.

According to a 2016 World Bank Group report, income from oil and gas accounted for more than a third of the Russian government's revenues.

Late last month, Trump's ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, was in India meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and advising his country to stop buying oil from Iran.

“Sanctions are coming (on Iran) and we’re going forward on that, and with India and the U.S. building strong relationships we hoped that they would lessen their dependence on Iran,” Haley was quoted as saying by Reuters.

India has reportedly begun cutting oil imports from Iran. 

It's Iran's second-largest customer for oil after China.

In May, new Secretary of State John Bolton told CNN that Iran's actions were bringing America closer to war. 

To reinforce his jingoistic world view, a New Yorker profile on Bolton in March was entitled "John ('Bomb Iran') Bolton, the New Warmonger in the White House".

In fact, Bolton himself wrote an opinion piece himself in the New York Times in 2015 with this headline: "To Stop Iran's Bomb, Bomb Iran".

Iran's population exceeds 80 million. It's a major regional player affecting the balance of power between Sunni and Shia Muslims.

Trump has clearly sided with its arch rival, Saudi Arabia. That was reflected in a US$110 billion series of American weapons sales agreed to in 2017.

Steve Bannon is out of the White House, but his support for aggressive U.S. action against China is continuing under Donald Trump.

China won't like an attack on Iran

Meanwhile, the president of the Asia Society Policy and former prime minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, recently spoke about China's global ambitions in a speech in Singapore.

"China took the idea of the New Silk Road and turned it into a multi-trillion dollar trade, investment, infrastructure and wider geo-political and geo-economic initiative, engaging 73 different countries across much of Eurasia, Africa and beyond," Rudd said. "China signed up most of the developed world in the first large-scale non-Bretton Woods multilateral development bank called the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), capitalized it and launched it so that it now has a balance sheet already approaching the size of the Asian Development Bank."

The New Silk Road, also known as President Xi Jinping's Belt and Road Initiative, is designed to extend Chinese influence to an even greater degree through Pakistan, Iran, and all the way to West Asia, Africa, and the Mediterranean.

The Chinese-controlled Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is arising as a challenger to the World Bank, which is always headed by an American.

A U.S. or Israeli strike on Iran, followed by regime change, would seriously undermine China's grand plans.

It would also likely disrupt China's supply of oil, causing serious economic problems.

And this could come just as China's trade war with America is intensifying.


Explaining Materialism : the Quantum Challenge by Paul, Cockshott

Democracy and Class Struggle continues Explaining Materialism by Paul Cockshott re-establishing objective reality against all the subjectivism that dominates capitalist society today with its subjective hyper normalization.

Lenin in Materialism and Empiro Criticism fought against all forms of subjectivism and fideism at the beginning of the 20th Century and we welcome Paul Cockshott's working doing similar at the beginning of 21st Century and creating the necessary clarity for the revolutionary movement..

Explaining Materialism:

Explaining Materialism - The Human Essence by George Thomson

Explaining Materialism

Monday, July 16, 2018

Putin, Trump and Political Theatre

Vladislav Surkov

The Engineer of 'a system of make-believe', 'a land of imitation political parties, stage-managed media and fake social movements

Strugatsky Brothers

Time for revolutionary politics to get real and expose the reality creators by exposing reality itself - militant materialism is calling

Trump, Putin and The Iran Agenda - The Reality not the Helsinki Theatre

Democracy and Class Struggle says James Dorsey picked up of the Trump view of protecting Israel and labeling Iran the problem - this is not simple - but strategic interests  can converge and imperialist trade offs could be on the agenda..


The Trump Putin Meeting - Constructive or Capitulation ?

Democracy and Class Struggle says the Liberal Real News poses a false question it was neither constructive or capitulation it was pure theatre - reality has not changed Pompeo and Bolton are the details Trump is the Theatre of distraction as NATO edges forward.

When the deception and self deception ends and the masks come off there will be war Putin and Trump want to defend Israel that is geo politics and its ugly.

Geo Politics - Lies - Bizarre Press Conference of an Arsehole and his Minder - it does not serve Russian or American People

Capitalist Imperialism is parasitic and full of shit - The Human race can do better than this crap - 
I hope !

Fact check the lies told at this meeting by Trump and Putin and the lies will tell you all you need to know !

Wait for the US Republican Fox Spin and Russian Spin to make calling this bizarre summit a success !

Trump is all theatre and Pompeo and Bolton are the details - time for Russia to open its eyes this is a game that spells disaster

Deception and Self Deception are reaching new heights with the Helsinki Summit

The Finnish Communist Revolution 1918

Democracy and Class Struggle had studied Lenin on the question of his support for Norwegian Independence from Sweden and welcome the videos above on Finnish Independence from Russia is also worthy of more detailed study.

Studying the Theory and Practice of Self determination in Norway and Finland are instructive even today and will allow comrades to overcome the vestiges of Proudhonism and Luxembourgism on the National Question -which still inhibits the  Left to deal with the National Question in a revolutionary manner.

Labelling Dalits and Adivasis as Maoists is an old state strategy for crushing dissent and criticism by Anand Teltumbde

In ‘Republic of Caste’, published this year, Anand Teltumbde writes about how Maoist and Naxalite labels make Dalits and Adivasis even more vulnerable.

Despite its mode of expression, the much-maligned Naxalite movement is essentially an act of dissent, a public protest, a fact occasionally acknowledged by the government itself, although the actions of the latter never reflect this admission. 

The state has always preferred to criminalise Naxalites, to the extent of waging a full-fledged war upon tribal populations in the guise of fighting Naxalism.

 It extends this attitude to all those who question the government’s violations of civil rights. The government labels them as Naxalites/Maoists and unleashes its repressive might on them. 

Many legal luminaries and activists, who have taken it upon themselves to defend the civil rights of citizens as per the Constitution, aver that the ordinary laws available to the government are capable, if operated equitably, of tackling any criminal activity of which the state accuses Naxalites. 

Instead, the government has preferred to create a range of draconian laws expressly to deal with the Naxalite “menace”. There is no empirical evidence that such laws have achieved anything apart from misrepresenting the notion of security: alienating the interests of state security from the security of the population.

Invariably, they have operated as oppressive tools against defenceless people and thereby aggravated the very problem that they were supposed to solve.

Sudhir Dhawale, a well-known social activist in Maharashtra, who was arrested by the police for his alleged links with the Maoists, was released from Nagpur’s central prison in May 2014 after being acquitted of all charges. 

Yet, he had had to spend forty months in jail as an undertrial. 

Eight of his co-accused were also acquitted with him. 

In 2005, the Dalit poet Shantanu Kamble was arrested on similar charges and tortured for over a hundred days before he got bail. 

He now stands cleared by the court of all charges. The radical political activist, Arun Ferreira, confined in jail for well over four years, was tortured and harassed, repeatedly arrested in fresh cases after being acquitted in earlier ones, before he could finally get bail in January 2012.

The lesser known cases of the arrest of twelve members of the Deshbhakti Yuva Manch of Chandrapur in January 2008 and of Bandu Meshram from Nagpur on very similar charges also come to mind. All these people have been acquitted but not before undergoing mistreatment at the hands of the police and the humiliations of jail life. 

There are scores of other cases from remote rural areas where young women and men were arrested on the vague charge of being Maoists, many without the charges even being framed, who now face the ruin of their youth and future as they await trial without any support or legal aid.

As the state opened hostilities against its own people, it came out with the high-pitched propaganda about Naxalites building an urban network.

It implied the threat that any criticism of government action against the Naxalites would be construed as support for them and attract the wrath of the state. In 2007, an example was made of Binayak Sen, a revered doctor with an impeccable record of public service, who was sentenced to life imprisonment. Sen – out on bail currently by order of the Supreme Court – paid a heavy price for exposing the Chhattisgarh state’s unconstitutional operations.

While the anti-national tag has come to refer to all left-liberal civil rights activists and protestors in urban spaces, another accusation hurled repeatedly, if they dare to protest against the state, is that they are simply subsets in the Venn diagram of Naxalites.

In Maharashtra most people arrested as Maoists are Dalits and Adivasis. 

The Maoist label is compounded by their caste identity which already renders them vulnerable.

Although the ruling classes have succeeded in enervating the Dalit movement, the Ambedkarite consciousness among Dalits remains alive. It occasionally manifests itself in militant outbreak against the system’s excesses, as in the wake of the Khairlanji murders and the more recent actions of the Bhim Army in response to the violence against Dalit households in Saharanpur, UP. 

It is this kind of incipient dissent the state wants to nip in the bud by pinning the label of Maoism or Naxalism on Dalit and Adivasi youth in particular. Sudhir Dhawale expressed this idea in clear terms to the Indian Express (May 23, 2014), following his release from prison:

Dissenting voices are stifled. We rarely see the oppressed caste fight back. Sustained agitation that we saw post-Khairlanji [against caste atrocities] is no more a common sight. Many of us who participated in protest rallies then (post-Khairlanji) have been booked in cases. We were labelled as “Naxals”.

With the arrest of Dhawale, the well-known Dalit social activist and editor of Vidrohi, yet another Binayak Sen emerged. Not an exact copy, as Binayak Sen comes from a bhadralok family, earned his postgraduate degree from a prestigious medical school, has an enviable academic record and certain well-deserved decorations received in the course of his professional life. Sudhir Dhawale comes from a poor Dalit family, he is moderately well-educated and has lived without any notable social acclaim so far. What makes their cases similar, apart from their unflinching dedication to the oppressed, is the neurotic behaviour of the state towards them.

Sudhir Dhawale has been a political activist right from his college days in Nagpur when he was part of the Vidyarthi Pragati Sanghatana, a radical students’ organisation in the 1980s. He never hid his ideological leanings or association with the mass organisations that professed Marxism-Leninism, loosely identified as Naxalism, and now lumped together with Maoism by the state, after the merger of the most militant Naxal parties – CPI (ML) (Peoples’ War) and the Maoist Communist Centre – into CPI (Maoist). He denied any connection with the Maoist party or its activities, least of all the violent actions committed by it. Starting in 1995, Dhawale worked actively to resist atrocities against Dalits and campaigned for the effective implementation of the PoA Act. After moving to Mumbai, he became active in the cultural movement and took part in organising an alternative Vidrohi Marathi Sahitya Sammelan in 1999 in protest against the mainstream literary gathering which is heavily sponsored by the state government. 

This initiative took the form of the Vidrohi Sanskrutik Chalwal (Forum for Cultural Resistance), with its own bimonthly organ, Vidrohi, of which Dhawale became the editor. Soon Vidrohi became a rallying point for radical activists in Maharashtra. He drew on his literary flair to write pamphlets and books propagating revolutionary ideas in support of the ongoing struggles of adivasis and Dalits.

After the Bombay police gunned down ten Dalits and injured several persons protesting the desecration of an Ambedkar statue in Ramabai Nagar on July 11, 1997, Dhawale was among those at the forefront seeking justice.

He played a leading role in the foundation of Republican Panther on 6 December 2007 – Ambedkar’s death anniversary – which identifies itself as “a movement for the annihilation of caste”. He was active in the state-wide protests that erupted after the gory caste atrocity at Khairlanji, protests perversely attributed to the Naxalites by the then Home minister of Maharashtra, RR Patil. That was when Dhawale came under the police scanner.

Dhawale was arrested by plain-clothed police officials on January 2, 2011 at the Wardha railway station, while returning from a literary conference held in the town. He was charged under Section 124 of the IPC and Sections 17, 20 and 39 of the UAPA, which amounts to sedition and waging a war against the state. 

When questioned over the arrest, all the police had to say was that they had found incriminating literature in his house and that one Bhimrao Bhoite, an alleged Maoist who was arrested earlier, had mentioned his name. 

The literature in question was eighty-seven books by Ambedkar, Marx, Lenin and Arundhati Roy, confiscated by the police in a raid on his house during which they ransacked the place and took away his computer and books, the possession of none of which is remotely illegal. Rather, the illegality lay, as he alleges, in the entry and search of his Mumbai apartment in the presence of only his two children, both minors.

These cases represent the plight of thousands of tribals and Dalits in India. A plethora of constitutional provisions are in place to protect the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, and yet, in practice no SC/ST law comes to their rescue or penalises the culprits. Why? Because they have been given the dreaded label of “Maoist”, an identity inconsequential in law as decreed by the Supreme Court but deemed self-evidently criminal by the police. To be designated a Maoist is to be implicitly considered “the greatest internal security threat to our country”, to use Dr Manmohan Singh’s words on Naxalism. 

The facts speak otherwise. The police who abuse and insult the poor, beat and torture them, molest and rape women, indulge in forgery and lies and foist false cases on innocents to cover up their own misdeeds are the main catalysts in manufacturing Maoists. Politicians who tacitly promote police criminality and endanger democracy are the real internal security threat to our country.

A cursory look at the so-called Maoist cases will reveal that the main intention of the police is to harass people by keeping them in jail for as long as possible.

Their muddled logic informs them that such heinous treatment of leading activists would terrorise the general public into submission. Empirical evidence goes to show the contrary. Neither are the activists who are subjected to such blatant atrocities and injustice scared into giving up their activism, nor has there been any decline in the incidence of dissent. Rather, these acts of lawlessness by state actors further alienate people from the system and impel at least some of them to become Maoists.

All that is reflected in these episodes is the Indian state’s intention to harm its own people, no matter how high the costs to the country. 

There are thousands languishing for years in Indian jails for the “crime” of being Maoist. Invariably each one has suffered illegal torture during police custody and humiliating conditions thereafter during judicial custody. Custodial torture and lawlessness of the police are the norm in our democracy. 

India signed the “United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment” in 1997 but is yet to ratify the treaty in domestic law. India does not have any specific law against custodial torture, nor does it have robust procedural safeguards against custodial violence. 

This directly feeds into the lawless behaviour of the police. One may not quarrel with the professional privilege of the police to arrest people and frame charges based on whatever information they may have, but these charges are subject to judicial scrutiny.

When executive privilege is wantonly and grossly misused – as repeatedly established – one expects that some kind of check would be instituted against the lawlessness of the police. As it turns out, there is effectively none.

The police can arrest anyone they want as a Maoist, torture and entangle them in a few dozen cases, which would easily mean jail time for a minimum of four to five years irrespective of what the court finally decides. 

One can see a pattern in Maoism-related cases where police lawlessness emerges as the sole culprit.



Explaining Materialism - the Human Essence by George Thomson

Democracy and Class Struggle is continuing its explanation of philosophic materialism and materialist dialectics to show it is a  powerful explanatory tool to overcome the rampant subjectivism  that runs riot on the political left -  because it is not anchored in materialist philosophy.

Thomson has a profound understanding of music as part of our culture which is worth re visiting in this book if you want to understand the richness of philosophic materialism - read on.

Read the PDF here


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Protesters in Helsinki against Trump and Putin

Fraud, Famine and Fascism by Douglas Tottle

For a Free PDF Version of the Book : Fraud , Famine and Fascism by Douglas Tottle visit here:

The ideological lessons and methodology of The Ukrainian Genocide Myth were applied by United States State Department to promote the anti Mao famine mythology which we have exposed here.

Studying the past can provide insights into the present and no more so than Ukraine and the general methodology of anti communists in the "20th century in a  trail was blazed by Nazi propagandists which became articles of faith of Western Propaganda against Communism - which only heretics challenge.

What the Russian People Want : The Three No's - No NATO expansion, No approaching, No Deployment

Russia's needs a Vyacheslav Molotov to stand down Trump to get the three No's not "partner" crap which is weakness writ large.

No is word that needs to be spoken to Trump.

Oh! To Be In England- George Formby (anti EDL)

Tommy Robinson - Trump  - Bannon - off our streets - birds of a feather flock together.

Bannon trying to bring all the right scum together from Hotel's in London with regular recruiting visits to the sewers.

That;s why he has that smell and unwashed look.

Whose been working the London Sewers ?

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You Wanna Lie us into War - Don't Come Around Here No More

Follow Your Leader - Anti Fascist Songs

                                     Trump has no balls at all - 
                      without his protection

Peggy Seeger - Song of choice (Anti-fascist song)

                                     Trump has no balls at all - 
                      without his protection

Steve Hedley speaks out about the Fascist Attack on him and Trade Union comrades

This is the kind of shit you get when you let Trump into British Isles to enable Racists and Fascists.