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Brüder Seht Die Rote Fahne - Brothers see the Red Flag - Hannes Wader

2018 Forward to the Struggle for Democracy and Socialism - For Marxism Leninism Maoism

Red Salute to Lenin - Luxemburg- Liebknecht-Demonstration, Berlin (14.1.2018)

Lenin - Luxemburg- Liebknecht-Demonstration, Berlin the best way to start to the year of struggle

Irish republican ex-POW Pádraic MacCoitir stands with Ahed Tamimi

MacCoitir’s statement:

I remember well the early days of 1969 and like many others I never imagined the struggle to last as long as it is- without success so far.

Boys and girls were killed and indeed the first person I saw being shot dead was Desy Healy who was killed by a British soldier while throwing a sauce bottle during a riot on the day the Brits brought in Internment in August 71.

During that particular period of Internment some schoolboys, the youngest being 15, were interned.

Also in Leana an Duin Julie Livingstone was shot dead when a cowardly Britush soldier fired a plastic bullet at her. This was in May 81 during the hunger strike and during a period when many other children were killed and injured when hit with that lethal weapon.

We are seeing this on a daily basis in Palestine and the most famous of those imprisoned is Ahed Tamimi who’s just 15. 

Ahed has seen a lot in her short life with relatives being killed, wounded and imprisoned. The zionist regime totally ignore the criticism being levelled at them so it’s important we add our voices to the injustice being levelled against the Palestinian people.

SOURCE: http://samidoun.net/2018/01/video-irish-republican-ex-pow-padraic-maccoitir-stands-with-ahed-tamimi/



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Marxism Leninism Maoism with J.Moufawad- Paul

Democracy and Class Struggle appreciates the work of J Moufawad - Paul but we read him critically and we stress unlike J Moufawad- Paul the continuity of MLM with the new Soviet Philosophy of the 1930's and the Maoist theory of contradiction we have also pointed out in past the Leninist origins of the Mass Line.

J Moufawad Paul correctly says the mass line and a new non commandist conception of the revolutionary party along with protracted peoples war is central to Marxism Leninism Maoism.

Therefore we appreciate his thought and contributions but by reading or listening to him critically we can better advance Marxism Leninism Maoism.

Sharpen your own Marxism Leninism Maoism by reading and criticising J Moufawad Paul in the true spirit of what Mao called communist largeness of mind.

Korea: Barrier of Mistrust and Confrontation Should Be Demolished by Pak Chol Jun in Rodong Sinmun

The new policy for improving the relations between the north and the south, clarified by respected Supreme Leader 

Kim Jong Un in his New Year Address, is a brilliant embodiment of the Juche-based line for national reunification which the DPRK has consistently maintained and a revelation of his noble patriotic will to write a new history of national reunification by the concerted efforts  of the Korean nation itself.

It is the most positive policy for reunification as it correctly reflects the immensely increased comprehensive national strength of the DPRK, strategic structure on the Korean Peninsula dramatically changed by it, the prevailing situation and the ever-growing desire for reunification.

The issue of easing the acute military tension between the north and the south and creating a peaceful environment on the Korean Peninsula, the issue of positively establishing a climate favorable for national reconciliation and reunification and the issue for the authorities in the north and the south to hold aloft the banner of national independence serve as a precious guideline that should be held fast to in defusing the tensions and improving the inter-Korean relations at present.

The recent north-south high-level talks, held under this new policy, proved again that there is no problem unsolvable if the north and the south pool their efforts.

Now is the time for the north and the south to have sincere discussion on the issue of improving their relations and seek a way out for the nation in a bold manner by the concerted efforts.

The issue of improving inter-Korean relations is an important matter to be solved by the concerted efforts of not only the authorities but also the entire nation.

We will open the door of dialogue, contact and travel to anyone in south Korea, including the ruling party and opposition parties, organizations and individual personages of all backgrounds, if they truly want national reconciliation and unity.

Second Round of Joint Korean Talks - Moranbong Band - Tomorrow of Happiness

Democracy and Class Struggle is hearing good news from the Joint Talks in South Korea even a joint North/South Skating Team is being discussed and even the Moranbong Band going to the Winter Olympics - hope it is all true - an Orchestra from North Korea attending the Winter Olympics has been confirmed

Tomorrow will be even better says the Moranbong Band.

Korea has suffered enough and unification is the will of Korean People.

Fire and Fury: Insights into the Fights Within the US Ruling Elite? by Doug Henwood

Democracy and Class Struggle says Doug Henwood provides serious analysis of he Book Fire and Fury.

The confirmation of dysfunction in the White House should not blind us to the way the alt right Bannon programme still continues without his name through individuals in power.

While the book should be subject to political analysis it is also valuable for intelligence analysis and learning how to manipulate Trump and his White House and the Kremlin and Zhongnanhai have plenty of material to "play" Trump.

We are in a period of US retrogression and Fire and Fury is an historical document of that retrogression

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Welcome to Trump Shithole Hotel in Washington DC


The Spanish Gag Law: 2017 Very bad year for freedom of expression in Spain says Platform in Defense of Freedom of Information

In the video above you can listen to a song with which one of the members of 'La Insurgencia' reacts, at the beginning of 2017, to the opening of the judicial process against him.

Democracy and Class Struggle has highlighted the plight of comrade Pablo Hasel in Spain with a prospect of a 12 year prison sentence in February 2018 but there are many more cases of the use of the Spanish Gag Law against Rappers and Twitterers in  Spain. 

This repression must not occur in the dark without the people or the world knowing and condemning the Spanish Government

 "Very bad year for freedom of expression"in Spain says The Platform in Defense of Freedom of Information has warned of the seriousness of the situation.

There is no lack of examples to illustrate the situation in Spain : tweets  convicted of so called "glorifying terrorism", prison sentences for rappers or fines for journalists under the so-called 'Gag Law' have set off the alarms of the Platform in Defense of Freedom of Information (PDLI), an organization that safeguards the rights of freedom of information and expression in Spain, and that has summarized last year 2017 as "the year of the crimes of opinion".

Its president, Virginia Pérez Alonso, has declared that

 "it is difficult to find in the last democratic stage of Spain a precedent similar to the degree of repression against the freedom of expression that we have arrived at this year: people have been sent to jail for simple songs or by a tweet, this we had forgotten and it has happened in the middle of Europe and in the XXI century ". 

In the opinion of Pérez Alonso, this is "so serious that we will take time to assimilate its scope".

Twitterers and rappers to jail in 2017

* Cassandra. 2 years and 6 months in jail.

The year began with the process of the tweeting Cassandra, for which the prosecution requested 2 years and 6 months in prison, plus 3 probation, for making parodies about the Francoist general Carrero Blanco, killed by ETA in 1973, in a series of tweets published from November 2013 to January 2016. 

The prosecutor's order accused her of a "crime of humiliating the victims of terrorism", foreseen and punished in the Penal Code, and considered that her tweets were "serious messages of exaltation of terrorism. " Cassandra, 21 years old, was sentenced to one year in prison by the National Court.

* César Strawberry. 1 year in prison

Also in January, the singer César Strawberry was sentenced to one year in prison and six months of absolute disqualification. His crime was to publish six tweets in which he satirized ETA or the death of Carrero Blanco, and in which the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court understood that there was an exaltation of terrorism and humiliation to the victims.

* Valtonyc 3 and a half years in jail.

The following month, in February, the National Court imposed a sentence of three and a half years in prison to rapper Valtonyc, considering that the content of his songs incurred in the crimes of insults to the Crown and the glorification of terrorism. 

The PDLI considered that sentence "a very serious attack on freedom of expression and unacceptable in a plural and democratic state."

* Collective 'The Insurgency'. 2 years and one day in prison for its 12 members.

In November, twelve other rappers were sentenced to 2 years and one day in jail, disqualification from public office for nine years and a fine of 4,800 euros. 

It is about the twelve members of the La Insurgencia collective, who according to the National Court committed crimes of glorification of terrorism through the lyrics of their songs.

The sentence emphasizes in them "continued allusions that, devoid of any other consideration, openly involve the terrorist organization GRAPO". This terrorist organization, whose name is the acronym for Resistance Groups Antifascist First of October, disappeared more than a decade ago.

The PDLI also ruled on the sentencing of these twelve rappers, describing it as 

"a new violation of freedom of expression and a violation of this fundamental right, contrary to the international standards to which Spain is subject, such as the Universal Declaration. of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights ".

The March record: seven trials in a month

As the same platform denounces, in March 2017 the National Court "was cause for alarm" for holding no less than seven trials for the uplifting of terrorism in social networks. Of these cases, to avoid major sentences, four of the accused reached agreements in accordance with the Prosecutor's Office and accepted sentences of one to two years in prison and eight years of disqualification.
"A democratic anomaly": the fines for the 'Gag Law'

In 2017 the Spanish Police continued to fine journalists under the Citizen Security Law, popularly known as the 'Gag Law'.

SOURCE: Report On RT Espana

Green Day - Troubled Times - No Trump, No KKK , No Fascist USA - The Other America Fights Back


Iran Rejects Trump's Call for Changes to Nuclear Deal

American Idiot dedicated to Donald Trump and Alex Jones and Drudge the new Moribund Dotard Band

Trump is taking us on a trip to Hell supported by the Moribund Dotard Band of Alex Jones and Drudge - Republicans are rolling over and liberal libertarians like Smerconish on CNN are saying a little bit of insanity in a leader is good - this is IDIOT AMERICA.



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Paramilitary Forces Threaten to Derail Colombia's Peace Agreement

Democracy and Class Struggle whilst we want Peace in Colombia we did not agree with the FARC Peace agreement with the Colombian Government and nothing we have seen or heard since the agreement convinces us the Peace agreement was correct from the people's point of view..


Hawaii gets false missile strike alert - But is a False Flag Coming ? It took 38 Minutes to Correct Mistake

Democracy and Class Struggle says is a false flag event against North Korea in the making ?

This mistake took 38 minutes to correct 


From Haiti to Africa, US Owes More Than a Trump Apology

Smerconishism the liberal apology for Trump's Dotardism

Smerconishism ( liberal libertarianism) - Smerconish is a CNN commentator and I recently passed comment on his programme which said a bit of mental instability in a leader may be a good thing quoting work of a recent psychologist.

I saw this as part of normalizing Trump the ABNORMAL

His latest attack - attacking Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury and his comments on "shithole" is that we are not nuanced and that underneath all this racism is Trump the meritocrat.
( Silver Spoon Trump a meritocrat ! )

We should not take Trump at what he says but excuse him because it has a deeper better meaning. ( Sounds like worst Post Modernist Crap)

Social Democrats (liberal libertarians)) in the early 1930's argued we should be more nuanced about Hitler after all he marched on May Day said the British Daily Herald

Basically we are attacked for not being nuanced.

Smerconish is exactly what the liberal capitalist media does normalizing the ABNORMAL and backhanded apologists for the Fascism in the making.

President of the United States is a racist -Don Lemon - Liberals have got it - but what are we going to do about it ?

The African group of ambassadors to the United Nations issued a statement late Friday demanding an apology for President Trump’s “outrageous, racist and xenophobic remarks” concerning immigration. 

Trump’s widely reported comments referring to Haiti and African countries as “shithole countries” on Thursday prompted the ambassadors to hold an emergency meeting at the UN on Friday. 

In a statement described as unprecedented by former U.S. ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, the African ambassadors warned of possible racism within the Trump Administration. 

They said they are concerned by the “continuing and growing trend” in the White House of “denigrating” African countries and “people of color.”

Democracy and Class Struggle says Trump talks just like a Mafia Don -Trump will say and do more outrageous things until, someone has the guts to confront him and take him down.

Liberalism will not defeat Donald Trump but the fist of revolutionary Socialism will.

You are dealing with a Fascism in the making and if the American People do not take down Donald Trump the rest of the World Will.

The Dotard theory of the News Cycle bury one bad news story of yourself by an even worse one in the next news cycle

Africans React To Donald Trump Shithole Racist Remarks

Democracy and Class Struggle says Trump talks just like a Mafia Don -Trump will say and do more outrageous things until, someone has the guts to confront him and take him down.

Liberalism will not defeat Donald Trump but the fist of revolutionary Socialism will.

You are dealing with a Fascism in the making and if the American People do not take down Donald Trump the rest of the World Will.

Africa's Son Akon Speech on Why Africa is Better than America

The African group of ambassadors to the United Nations issued a statement late Friday demanding an apology for President Trump’s “outrageous, racist and xenophobic remarks” concerning immigration. 

Trump’s widely reported comments referring to Haiti and African countries as “shithole countries” on Thursday prompted the ambassadors to hold an emergency meeting at the UN on Friday. 

In a statement described as unprecedented by former U.S. ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, the African ambassadors warned of possible racism within the Trump Administration. 

They said they are concerned by the “continuing and growing trend” in the White House of “denigrating” African countries and “people of color.”

Democracy and Class Struggle talks just like a Mafia Don -Trump will say and do and say more outrageous things until, someone has the guts to confront him and take him down.

Liberalism will not defeat Donald Trump but the fist of revolutionary Socialism will.

You are dealing with a Fascism in the making and if the American People do not take down Donald Trump the rest of the World Will.

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Dotard Report 2 : Porn Star given $130,000 by Trump Lawyer just prior to 2016 Election


The Dotard theory of the News Cycle bury one bad news story of yourself by an even worse one in the next news cycle

Dotard Report 1: Trump Says US Doesn’t Want Immigrants From “Sh**hole Countries”

The Dotard theory of the News Cycle bury one bad news story of yourself by an even worse one in the next news cycle

Catalan Jailed VP denied request to attend parliament'

Democracy and Class Struggle says the  Spanish Government and the Unionist parties are turning political prisoners into political hostages to destroy the Catalan Parliaments Independence Majority.

The complicity of so called "Socialists" in this travesty of democracy by the Spanish State is an insult to the democracy of self determination - a democracy universally recognized even by the United Nations.

Trump Cancels Visit To Britain Because He Knows He Isn’t Welcome

In Colombia in 2017, murders of social leaders, union organizers and indigenous activists hit a new high since the historic peace agreement

USA: Steve Bannon faces questions on Capitol Hill on Russia Investigation

Its going to get ugly and bloody 

India: Salute the Punjab Khet Mazdoor Union in Bathinda on January 8th 2018 says Harsh Thakor





On January 8th at Puda ground near Civil Lines in Bathinda I was privileged to attend a state-level gathering of 5000 agricultural labourers organized by Punjab Khet Mazdoor Union.

This rally had great qualitative impact to shape the political consciousness of the dalit agricultural labourers who are virtually enslaved by the tyranny of the govt policies that never fulfill their promises.

With the recent spate of lakhs of suicides of dalit landless agricultural labourers there could have been no more appropriate time to stage such an event.The event was a tribute to the painstaking hardwork ,planning and preparation work of the leaders and activists of the Punjab Khet Mazdoor Union.

It was a sight to behold witnessing the rage of the activists when shouting slogans and their response top the speakers.Their animosity with the prevailing system was virtually written on their faces The venue literally shimmered the torch of liberation like thousands of red lamps being lit.Above all heartening to witness the participation of around 1000 women labourers.

The speakers emphasized only by being given land could any progress be made in the lives of the agricultural labourers.

The most important issues were the issue scrapping the debt,distribution of land according to the land ceilings act,creating employment for the whole year for the labourers,awarding free education and medical facilities ,creating agro-based industries to provided employment for them.etc.

With no agrarian revolutionary movement prevailing today in Punjab such an event had very important role to lay platform for it's base.Such an organized gathering proved the revolutionary potential of the landless dalit peasantry who displayed relentless determination.Inspite of such a strong offensive of the forces of globalisation allied with feudalism to beak the backbone of the movement of landless labourers they never relented to the enemy and marched to the venue like troops carrying swords.

For almost 25 years the Punjab Khet Mazdoor Union has lit the torch for the liberation of agricultural labour,striving to implement the massline.

Participation of so many women also had great political significance.

Punjab Khet Mazdur Union president,Zora Singh Nasrali described the tyranny of the day to day lives of the dalit agricultural labourers.

General secretary of P.M.K.U,Laxman Singh Sewewala described the methods of exploitation and the how the debts were literally extracted from the farmers .He summed up how the policies like supporting micro finance companies by the govt.were a severe blow for the welfare of the community He described several instances when for just for turning up 20 mins late for paying interest a labourer would be fined Rs 100..P.M.K.U.finance secretary Hamresh Malri described how all the political parties failed to keep their promises at election time b it the Akali Dali.Congess or A A .P..

He highlighted the importance of the agricultural laboures in understanding that the parliamentary democracy was virtually a pigsty .B.KU.(Ugrahan) presidentJ oginder Singh Ugrahan described how so many poor peasants were being robbed of land and turning into agricultural labourers.

He explained how the govt policies only favoured the landlord class and never fulfilled any promises it made to the masses on awarding land.Major Singh Karautke condemned the upper caste tyranny and the R.S.S.attacks on dalit comunity recently in maharsahtra and spoke about how pro upper caste the ruling parties were.Mukesh Malaudh and Tarsem Peter summed up the experiences of the Zameen Prapt Sangharsh committee in Sangrur.Balwant Singh chaired the meeting.The conclusion of every speech was interspersed with standing roars by the participants,literally igniting the effect of lightning..

It was also heartening to see the presence of activists of the landed peasantry giving moral support to the convention.The majority of the participants came from Muktsar district while others thronged from villages in Bathinda,Faridkot and Mansa.

The main formal demands were

1.Scrapping all debts awarded to agricultural labour and their families.
2.Implementation of the land ceilings act through re-distribution of land.
3.Awarding 10 marlas area of plot to al agricultural labour families.
4.Giving 3.3 lakhs to all dalit families for building houses.

To me such a conference is part and parcel of the overall movement in the country for the emancipation of dalit agricultural labour.

It proved whatever were the subjective weaknesses the Punjab Khjet Mazdoor Union pursue the revolutionary road and is not a victim of economism.

Weaknesses were the limited participation of students,youth and members of the industrial working class.

I also feel greater importance could have been given to the vital caste factor.

Sadly the bourgeois press gave the event virtually negligible coverage and reported it hardly giving it due justice.


The Punjab Khet Mazdoor Union in recent months carried out a major survey in the state.It felt that the basic reason behind the indebtedness of agricultural workers is the condition of their being landless. The thread of their living is tied to agriculture but they themselves are without any ownership of land. Only an insignificant section amongst them possesses small holdings. 

There exists a heavy deficiency of accumulated capital, agricultural implements and means of irrigation with them. Farming on the land taken on rent also proves to be a loss making deal. A fact has come to the fore in our survey that 36 families out of a total of 1618 families have come under the debt of Rs. 75,14,000 because of their venture to take land on rent. Although this amount seems to be a small amount in comparison to the total amount of debt, the amount per family comes to be Rs. 2,08,722. 

This amount is the highest amount of loan taken per family amongst the loans taken for other purposes. 12 families out of the total surveyed families possess merely 21 acres of land. According to the revenue record, 37,753 agricultural workers families (scheduled castes) in Punjab, own 64,513 hectares (1,61,282.5 acres) out of the total land holdings in Punjab. It comes out to be 4.27 acres per family. Out of these, 330 families have 4,754 hectares (11,885 acres) of land. They are, no doubt, counted as dalits but their class position has undergone a change. Amongst them are included dalit politicians and high bureaucrats.

34,306 families, having less than 10 acres own a total of 43074 hectare (1,07,685 acres) land. Out of these, 25,665 families, have 21,280 hectare (53,200 acres) land. In these 25,665 families, there are 16,167 families who have a total of 8,569 hectares (21,422 acres) land, which comes out to be about 1.32 acres per family. On account of small holdings and a deficiency of means of irrigation and agricultural implements, they cannot do farming in a profitable manner on their land. 

If they give it on rent they get much less than the prevalent rate. If ever they attempt to take land on rent, it turns out to be a loss making deal because of high costs of production and heavy rent. On account of anti-peasant and anti-agricultural workers policies of the government, while agri-labourers are in deep crisis, the process of dispossessing farmers of their lands has also intensified. According to another survey conducted by B.K.U. Ekta (Ugrahan) in three villages of Moga and Barnala districts, 17% of the landed peasantry has already become landless.

Viewing from this angle, it emerges out that besides the agri-labourers, there are large number of non-dalit farmers, who have become landless or have small landholdings, although remain involved with agriculture and land, but being landless or having small land holdings, the agriculture for them has become a cause for mounting debts and has ceased to be viable. Moreover, the government policies are accelerating this process.

Another reason for the indebtedness of the agricultural workers is the extremely discriminative, blameworthy and blood sucking bank policy of the government for them. It can be clearly seen from this survey conducted by the Punjab Khet Mazdoor Union that in the amount of debt standing against the agricultural workers, the amount given by the public sector banks is highly paltry. The only reason lying behind it is that the public sector banks are evading to give loans to the agricultural workers. The meager loans advanced usually carry 12% rate of interest.

On the other hand these very banks are providing loans to big capitalists and corporate houses either without interest or at abysmally low rate of interest. They are also given special concessions at the time of advancing the loans and its recovery.

A policy by the Reserve Bank of India has now been framed and implemented to accord recognition to blood sucking microfinance companies and self help groups which give loans to agricultural workers, women and other weaker sections at exorbitantly high rates of interest. 

Besides being accorded legal sanction, these companies are also being provided huge amounts of capital by the banks. Their capital is being guaranteed and the recoveries of the loans is also being ensured.

There is a provision for cheap bank loans to the owners of the land. The rates of interest for these loans are 4%, 7% and 12%. No doubt, for the poor peasants the rate is not that high but the conditions of recovery are very hard. But in comparison with agricultural workers, this is a concessionary policy. 

The extremely surprising position lies in the fact that arrangements have been made for providing cheap loans to the tune of thousands of crores to the owners of agro-based industries in the name of increasing manifold the allocation for loans to the agricultural sector. And now a policy has been made to provide capital to the usurers from out of the amount reserved for the agricultural sector. 

Free reins have been given to the aggressive practice of these usurers to give loans to the agricultural workers at a rate of interest ranging from 24% to 60%. The avoidance on the part of the public sector banks to give loans to agricultural workers at cheap rates compels them to get loans from private moneylenders and landlords at high rates of interest. The governments are continuously in a denial mode to regulate the business of these moneylenders and to bring them within the legal framework.

To me such a conference is part and parcel of the overall movement in the country for the emancipation of dalit agricultural labour.


The total amount of debt of 1618 families covered under this survey is Rs. 12,47,20,979.  the debt per family comes to Rs. 77,083.No. of Families surveyed Total amount of Debt Average debt per family 1618 Rs. 12,47,20,979 Rs. 77,083

Out of these 1,618 families, 254 families do not have any debt over their heads. Therefore total number of indebted families is 1364. As these families owe a debt of Rs. 12,47,20,979 (Rs 12.47 crore), therefore, average debt per family comes to Rs. 91,437. Out of 254 families found free from debt, some families informed that nobody is ready to give any loan to them. We still need to probe further into the condition of other families about their other supporting avenues of income. It has generally been seen that only those families of agricultural workers can remain free from debt, that have either its members in government service or have any other trade or work to do.

No. of indebted families Total amount of debt Average debt per family 1,364 Rs. 12,47,20,979 Rs. 91,437 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Inter-Korean High-Level Talks Held : Joint Statement

Inter-Korean high-level talks were held on Jan. 9 at the "house of peace" in the south side portion of Panmunjom amid great expectation and interest of all the fellow countrymen and the public at home and abroad.

Present there were a delegation of the north side led by Ri Son Gwon, chairman of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country of the DPRK, and a delegation of the south side with Minister of Unification Jo Myong Gyun as chief delegate.

At the talks the north and south authorities discussed in earnest the principled issues arising in successfully holding the 23rd Winter Olympics in south Korea and improving the inter-Korean relations, and adopted the following joint press release:

  Joint press release of inter-Korean high-level talks

  Inter-Korean high-level talks were held at Panmunjom on Jan. 9.

  At the talks both sides had sincere discussions on the participation of a delegation of the north side in the 23rd Winter Olympics and Paralympics and the improvement of the inter-Korean relations in conformity with the desire and expectations of all Koreans and agreed as follows:

  The north and the south agreed to proactively cooperate in ensuring that the 23rd Winter Olympics and Paralympics in the south side area would be successfully held, providing an occasion for enhancing the prestige of the nation.

  In this regard the north side agreed to send a delegation of the National Olympic Committee, sports team, a cheer group, an art troupe, a Taekwon-do demonstration group and a press corps along with a high-level delegation to the Olympics, and the south side agreed to provide conveniences needed for them.

  Both sides agreed to open working-level talks with regard to the north's dispatching of an advance party for a field tour beforehand and participation in the Winter Olympics, and agreed to discuss a schedule in the way of exchange of documents hereafter.

  The north and the south agreed to make concerted efforts to ease the military tension, create a peaceful environment in the Korean peninsula and promote national reconciliation and unity.

  They shared the viewpoint that the present military tension should be ironed out and agreed to have talks between the military authorities to this end.

  They agreed to promote national reconciliation and unity by invigorating contacts and travels, and exchange and cooperation in various fields.

  The north and the south agreed to respect the north-south declarations and solve all problems arising in inter-Korean relations through dialogue and negotiations on the principle of By Our Nation Itself.

  To this end, both sides agreed to have talks of every field along with high-level talks between the north and the south aimed at improving the inter-Korean relations.

Democracy and Class Struggle say that he South Korean representatives also pressed their North Korean counterparts about denuclearization, an issue the North Koreans had made clear as not part of the inter-Korean talks. 

North Korea’s Ri Son-gwon warned that South Korea’s false reports about denuclearization being part of these talks could derail their discussion: 

“The South Korean press is currently spreading the absurd notion that the issue of denuclearization is being addressed during the high-level inter-Korean talks. This has a very bad effect. There are so many things that must be done after inter-Korean relations improve, and spreading misleading reports at the outset doesn’t look good and could wreck the progress we’ve made.”

Ahed Tamimi—Message From A Freedom Fighter

A Dotard Test ? Will Trump rescind the Iran Nuclear Deal?

A Dotard Test will Trump listen to collective wisdom of the world or be swayed by a family member ? Family in this case as Jared Kushner, Mohammed bin Salman, and Benjamin Netanyahu

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

For Dotardism in Practice and Theory read Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff

Democracy and Class Struggle says that Fire and Fury will enlighten the unenlightened about the perverse sexuality of Donald Trump (Watch Your Wife)  to his profound political ignorance.

It is also a statement about the moribund state of the ideology of contemporary US Global Imperialist Capitalism.

The election of Donald Trump is truely God's gift to Chinese and Russian capitalism.

You can be sure the Kremlin and Zhongnanhai have studied the book.

Paradoxically you learn from the book that the best personal advice Trump had in 2017 came from Steve Bannon but Trump ignored his personal advice about not firing James Comey.

The fact that anyone with good advice will bite the dust in favour of Trumps's moronic family advisors ensures that the theory and practice of Dotardism will be short lived but nevertheless remain an interesting period of historical regression.

PS: The Dotard theory of the News Cycle bury one bad news story of yourself by an even worse one in the next news cycle

Sophism of Losers Frightened by Emergence of New Strategic State by Ri Hyo Jin

Democracy and Class Struggle says Sophism seems to be the order of the day for the Trump Administration with South Korean puppet Moon Jae -in thanking Trump for inter Korean talks ignoring the fact of the DPRK initiative from Kim Jong Un in his new year message which made it possible.

Recently, U.S. President Trump said through a formal website of the White House that enforcement of sanctions and pressure against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on a high level to remove the threats to American citizens and the mainland was the "diplomatic success" in the first year of his office. Meanwhile, U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson in an article contributed to the New York Times let out the similar piffle.

The shameless remarks about "diplomatic success" made by bosses of American politics and diplomacy are ridiculous sophism of the losers who made the DPRK rapidly emerge a strategic state by enforcing inhuman and illegal sanctions and blockade.

Last year the U.S. administration ran amuck with the unprecedented moves to stifle the DPRK by gambling on the security of the mainland and destiny of Americans. 

As a result the whole of the U.S. mainland came within the range of nuclear strike of the DPRK.

It is very deplorable to see the U.S. politicians boasting of their diplomatic failure as "diplomatic success."

World people call such men "Don Quixote".

The U.S. obsessed with anachronism will surely witness how the DPRK will achieve fresh victories on all fronts of building a powerful socialist country this year with the peace-guaranteeing powerful treasured sword.



Palestine : Voices of Resistance

Resistance is Existence - Existence is Resistance

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Two Catalan Leaders step down - 8 leaders in Prison or Brussels - Why is Europe and the World Silent when democracy is being held hostage by Spanish State ?

Democracy and Class Struggle says the ugly face of Francoist Integralism is surfacing in Spain very clearly with the outrageous attempts by the PP to ignore the majority vote during the recent election  for the Independence Movement in Catalonia by using prison and other means to sabotage the majority independence movement -  it has forced the resignation of two Catalan leaders

Spain insults any concept of democracy and self determination in Europe and the silence of the other European States is deafening and appalling on this question.

The costs Europe will pay for this silence is mounting day by day for the insults being delivered to the Catalan Independence Movement from psuedo leftists and rightist integralists.

Trevor Noah says Is President Trump Losing His Mind ?

Michael Wolff's 'six months in the White House - the ugliness and brutality revealed

Kim Jong-un’s New Year Address and the Prospect for Peace by Hyun Lee

“2017 was a year of heroic struggle and great victory,” said North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as he began his 2018 New Year’s Day address, much anticipated by North Korea watchers around the world. 

His country, he said, has accomplished the cause of “perfecting the national nuclear forces” and “at last come to possess a powerful and reliable war deterrent, which no force and nothing can reverse.” 

He then quickly moved on to discuss two other topics in great detail: the country’s five-year plan for economic development and the need for reconciliation between North and South Korea toward national reunification.

Two things stand out in Kim’s speech. One, North Korea looks back at 2017 as a year of struggle between itself in its drive to complete the construction of an effective nuclear deterrent versus the United States, determined to stop this from happening. And Kim Jong-un has effectively just said, “I win.” North Korea successfully tested what it called a hydrogen bomb in September 2017, then the Hwaseong 15, an intercontinental ballistic missile, in November 2017.

Despite the Trump administration’s retaliation, including unprecedented UN sanctions and military exercises, Kim declared in his recent speech, “Our country’s nuclear forces are capable of thwarting and countering any nuclear threats from the United States, and they constitute a powerful deterrent that prevents it from starting an adventurous war.”

Two, having gained confidence in its ability to defend itself from U.S. aggression, North Korea appears ready to move onto other important matters, like building its economy and improving relations with the South—two things that will likely be North Korea’s priorities this year.

Economic Development

Kim’s New Year address goes into minute detail about the country’s goals in all aspects of its economy, such as the metal industry, the chemical industry, agriculture, and light industry. The western media overlooks this section of the speech, perhaps because it appears to be about domestic affairs that don’t concern the west. 

But for North Korea, building a self-reliant economy is critical in its fight against U.S. aggression.

How is North Korea able to withstand so many years of sanctions and resist collapse? The only answer that western mainstream pundits can muster is China: “Surely, it’s because China is not doing enough to isolate North Korea.” 

But the real answer is in Kim’s speech, which outlines in great detail how to make all aspects of the country’s economy self-reliant: how to, for example, train and support scientists so the country can use its indigenous resources and know-how to build an economy independent from foreign powers.

If 2017 for North Korea was a year of struggle to complete its nuclear force to deter U.S. military threats, 2018, it seems, will be a year of struggle to undermine the power of U.S.-led sanctions—not through compromise and negotiations but, as Kim says in his New Year address, by concentrating “all efforts on consolidating the independence and Juche character of the national economy.”
Among the economic development goals outlined in Kim’s address are:

* “Stepping up the establishment of the C1 chemical industry,” which involves gasifying coal—a resource that is abundantly available in North Korea—then converting gasified coal into other useful products, such as synthetic fuel and industrial chemicals;

* Modernizing the machinery-building industry, including the Kumsong Tractor Factory and the Sungni Motor Complex, as well as equipment and production lines in light industry factories;

* Procuring raw materials in a self-reliant manner;

* Increasing livestock and the production of fruit, mushrooms, and fish—an indication that North Korea’s concern in the area of agriculture has moved beyond just producing enough to feed its people to diversifying their diet.

Improving North-South Relations toward Independent Reunification

“The United States and its vassal forces and their desperate manoeuvres to ignite a war” are obstacles to national reunification, according to Kim Jong-un. 

And although the previous conservative administration in South Korea was ousted and replaced by another, thanks to the massive resistance of the South Korean people, he noted, “nothing has been changed in the relations between the north and the south.” 

On the contrary, he said, South Korean authorities are siding with the United States in its hostile policy towards North Korea and he seeks to “put an end to this abnormal situation.”

Kim then made two important overtures to South Korea. He declared North Korea’s doors open “to anyone from south Korea, including the ruling party and opposition parties, organizations and individual personages of all backgrounds, for dialogue, contact and travel.” 

As for the Winter Olympic Games, he said, “We earnestly wish the Olympic Games a success and we are willing to send a delegation and the authorities of the north and the south may meet together soon to discuss this.” South Korean President Moon Jae-in has always wanted the Winter Olympics in South Korea in February to be an opportunity to showcase North-South unity and had repeatedly requested the North’s participation in the upcoming games.

Kim’s speech seems to indicate that with new found confidence in its ability to defend against U.S. aggression, North Korea is now ready to prioritize engagement with the new administration in the South. But its offer of detente is not without conditions. 

South Korea should, said Kim, “discontinue all the nuclear war drills they stage with outside forces” and “refrain from any acts of bringing in nuclear armaments and aggressive forces from the United States.” 

This echoes the spirit of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration, signed by former leaders Kim Dae-jung and Kim Jong-il in 2000—which states the question of Korea’s reunification should be resolved “independently and through the joint efforts of the Korean people.” (Read: Without the United States.)

At Moon Jae-in’s request, the United States agreed today to delay the joint military exercise that normally takes place in the Spring to avoid a flare-up of military tension during the Olympics. 

On Wednesday, North and South Korea reopened a communication channel in the truce village of Panmunjeom after it had been shut down for two years since ousted South Korean President Park Geun-hye unilaterally closed down the inter-Korean industrial zone in Kaesong in February 2016.

Rather than celebrating recent developments as breakthroughs toward peace, U.S. pundits were quick to pooh-pooh them. If South Korea “runs off the leash,” said Daniel R. Russel, former Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs in the Obama administration, to the New York Times, “it will exacerbate tensions within the alliance.” 

He added, “It is fine for the South Koreans to take the lead, but if they don’t have the U.S. behind them, they won’t get far with North Korea.”

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham tweeted the United States should skip the Winter Olympics if North Korea attends: “I’m confident South Korea will reject this absurd overture and fully believe that if North Korea goes to the Winter Olympics, we do not.” Scott Snyder of the Council on Foreign Relations chimed in and called Kim Jong-un’s offer of detente a “trap” in The Atlantic: “Now [Moon Jae-in] faces the added problem that his own near-term political goals could trap him into concessions that might weaken South Korea’s alliance with the United States.”

Why is the prospect of peace in Korea so threatening to those vested in maintaining the US-ROK alliance? U.S.’ alliance with South Korea—and Japan—is critical to its strategic interests in Asia, a region that the previous administration had identified as the center of this century’s global economy in its “pivot to Asia” doctrine. 

In Northeast Asia, the United States has invested billions of dollars to construct a trilateral missile defense system with South Korea and Japan to curtail China’s power in the region. To U.S. military strategists, South Korea, with a ‘real live enemy’ to its north, provides an ideal training ground for its forces, which routinely conduct massive exercises that simulate real war scenarios and involve tens of thousands of troops from the region as well as the continental United States.

South Korea is also among the top purchasers of U.S. weapons, a major source of earning for the United States. In the past decade, the United States sold more than $30 billion worth of weapons to South Korea. For the U.S. military industrial complex, a divided Korea perpetually threatened by war is a bonanza. 

And the continued division of the peninsula is critical to keep it that way. In short, what the United States seeks, in the name of the “US-ROK alliance,” is to turn the Military Demarcation Line that separates North and South Korea into a permanent border

Even as Moon and Kim take cautious steps to resume North-South contact, we can be sure that the wheels are already turning in Washington to undermine this effort.

Former human rights lawyer Moon Jae-in has said he wants South Korea to be “able to take the lead on matters on the Korean Peninsula.” 2018 will be a test of his determination to see his vision through. The South Korean people, who, just one year ago, took to the streets in the bitterest winter months to say, “Basta ya!” accomplished something no one had previously imagined possible: the ouster of the dictator’s daughter, Park Geun-hye. 

They can, once again, achieve what had once seemed out of reach by pressing the Moon Jae-in government to fulfill his vision—use the Winter Olympics as an opportunity for a breakthrough toward lasting peace and national reconciliation in defiance of the U.S. military industrial complex. 

To that end, peace and anti-war forces in the United States, too, need to press their own government to give South Korea the room to chart its own course

SOURCE: http://www.zoominkorea.org/kim-jong-uns-new-year-address-economic-development-and-improving-north-south-relations-as-2018-priorities/

Mother,Weep not for me by Saibaba in Nagpur Prison

Democracy and Class Struggle says Professor G N Saibaba should never be in prison - he is a true people's hero of the 21st century and one of India's best sons - please support the calls to free him.

When you came to see me
Mother, weep not for me
I couldn’t see your face
from the fiberglass window
If you glanced at my crippled body
you could truly believe that I am still alive
Mother, cry not for my absence at home
When I was at home
and the world
I had many friends
When I am incarcerated in this Prison’s
Anda cell
I have gained many more friends
Across the globe
Mother, despair not for my failing health
When you couldn’t afford a glass of milk
in my childhood
you fed me with your words
of strength and courage
At this time o pain and suffering
I am still strong with what you
had fed me
Mother, lose not your hope
I realised that jail is not death
it is my rebirth
and I will return home
to your lap that nurtured me
with hope and courage
Mother, fear not for my freedom
Tell the world
my freedom lost
is freedom gained for the multitudes
as everyone who comes to stand with me
take the cause of the wretched of the earth
wherein lies my freedom

(After you came to see me at the mulakat at the Prison window on 14th November 2017)

I hope someone translates it for you. Mother, pardon me for writing this in a foreign tongue that you don’t understand. What can I do? I am not allowed to write in the sweet language you taught me in my infancy in your lap.

Yours child with love

G.N. Saibaba

Anda cell, Central Prison
1st December, 2017.

The Theory and Practice of Dotardism contained in Fire and Fury says Supreme Leader

Dotardism the Theory and Practice of Moribund Imperialism 

Known followers of Dotardism are Info Wars aka Info lies - Breitbart - renamed Dimbart - Drudge Report aka Sludge Report they are to come together to form the Moribund Dotard Band.

First musical composition will be Ban Ban Bannon.

PS - After spending 11 Hours reading Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff this is my considered review

Monday, January 8, 2018

Nepal : Question for Prachanda - Where are our PLA, Where are our Weapons ?


Catalonia : After the December 21 elections, won by the pro-independence parties, an intense January lies ahead. In the coming weeks, the new Parliament has to appoint its president and bureau, and soon afterwards, a new Catalan president for the next government. The candidate of the parties for a Catalan state is Carles Puigdemont, but he’s in Brussels and could be arrested as soon as he sets foot in Catalonia.

RBC: Considerations on Catalan process

The Network of Communist Blogs (RBC) considers it appropriate to point out some considerations about the Catalan process and, ultimately, about the right to self-determination of all peoples.

Like José Díaz, when he advocated, in his speech at the Monumental Cinema of Madrid, for the creation of a "Popular Antifascist Movement" on the basis of four specific points, the RBC also defends the "liberation of the oppressed peoples by the Spanish imperialism.

That the right to freely govern their destinies to Catalonia, to Euskadi, to Galicia and to all nationalities are oppressed by the imperialism of Spain be granted ".

José Díaz, Secretary General of the PCE in the years when the Party was a Marxist-Leninist vanguard of the Spanish proletariat - faithful follower, therefore, of Lenin and Stalin - applied the doctrine and principles of what Lenin called "the double task of proletariat in terms of the right to self-determination "[1].

On this basis, the RBC emphasizes the following points on the so-called Catalan process, the last link, for the moment, of the historic struggle of the Catalan people for their liberation from Spanish imperialism:

1.- In the first place, the Catalan independence movement is not just a bourgeois movement as many leftist chauvinists point out. From its multiclass character, reflected in an enormous social support, stands out an evident emancipatory, popular and worker component, whose interested concealment seeks, above all, to separate the current Catalan movement from the struggle of the workers of the rest of the State.

2. The Communists, therefore, must not limit themselves to supporting or criticizing it, but, as in any popular or revolutionary movement, they must actively participate in it, directing the masses, especially the proletariat, and becoming their Vanguard.

3 .- The open wound in Catalonia is not going to close and with simple legal or budgetary patches.

In the context of political struggle in Catalonia, to which, it is to be expected, other nations of the Spanish State and the most diverse popular sectors will be added, the communists must not contribute at all to the fact that the monarchical regime can take over the situation and suffocate it.

For the communists the main task of this day, theoretical and practical, goes through the transformation of the Catalan problem of the Bourbon regime into the problem of the Bourbon regime in the Spanish state as a whole.

4. - As Federick Engels wrote, when, referring to the problem of Alsace and Lorraine, said that such a problem would not exist if France and Germany were socialist states, only the end of capitalism and the construction of free states of exploitation can resolve the national issue Catalan  [2].

Ultimately, in the liquidation of the regime of 78, that is, the socio-political and economic system that "tied and well tied" the Francoism is the only possibility of overcoming the "Spain one, large and free to that of the nations and popular classes of the State.

5.- The objective, then, is to eliminate private property and replace it with the socialization of the means of production, that is, to end capitalism, end the barbarism that this system represents for workers, peoples and humanity.  

The Communists is to support unambiguously any progress, however small, towards socialism. In this concrete sense, the passage from the monarchy of 78 to the Third Republic, with the deep meaning that this word has in Spain, constitutes a step forward that we must help to give, no matter how bourgeois this may ultimately be.

Let us never forget the famous words of Stalin in his Foundations of Leninism about the national question and its relation to the struggle against imperialism! [3]

6.- Following Lenin, it is about fighting, first of all, for class unity: All workers, regardless of our nationality, are class brothers! 

All workers have the same common enemy, which is the bourgeoisie of each of our nations! This does not exclude, in any way, neither the belonging of each worker to a specific nation or people nor their identification with a specific culture, which, as such, can never be enemies of the working class of any other State. 

In the concrete situation of Catalonia, the only enemy of the Spanish working class is the great Spanish chauvinism, heir to the fascists of 36. The only homeland of the Spanish bourgeoisie, of the parasitic class of the Bourbon monarchy, is its pocket.

7.- Finally, the RBC must mention the lamentable role of Podemos, whose ambiguity demonstrates, once again, that its main objective and raison d'etre is the demobilization of popular protest and the dismantling of the workers' organization.

Instead of taking the side of the republican forces in Catalonia, instead of articulating a democratic and progressive political front against the 78 State, instead of taking to the streets with the republican masses of the entire State, Podemos, it has placed, in the least bad of the cases, in the equidistance, that is, on the passive side of the monarchy and of great Spanish chauvinism; it has chosen to assume the status quo instead of putting itself aside from the progressive and democratic aspirations not only of the Catalans, but of the working class of the entire Spanish State; has renounced the construction of a Spain different from the current one; it is his accommodating and servile attitude, and not the legitimate struggle of the Catalan people, which has allowed fascism and chauvinism to reappear through the streets of Spain.

The Welsh comrade, Nicholas Glais, of the blog Democracy and Class Struggle, member of the RBC, has expressed himself correctly in the following terms regarding those who give coverage to Spanish chauvinism "on the left":

 "It is time to declare war on those Leftists who do not see national self-determination as part of the class struggle for democracy and socialism. "


In response to the left chauvinists and those who call themselves "neutral" or "equidistant" under the false excuse of considering the Catalan question a simple struggle between the Spanish and Catalan bourgeoisie, the RBC offers you a text by Stalin on the concession of the independence to Finland on the part of the USSR.

"On the independence of Finland

Report on the meeting of the All-Russia Central Executive Committee on December 22, 1917.

(Press reference)

A few days ago, the representatives of Finland addressed us claiming the immediate recognition of the full independence of Finland and the ratification of the fact of their separation from Russia.

In response, the Council of People's Commissaries has resolved to accede to this and to promulgate a decree concerning the full independence of Finland, a decree that has already been published in the newspapers.

Here is the text of the decision of the Council of People's Commissars:

"In response to the message of the Finnish government vindicating the recognition of the independence of the Finnish Republic, the Council of People's Commissars, in full agreement with the principles of the right of nations to self-determination, proposes: to propose to the Central Executive Committee: a ) the recognition of the Finnish Republic as an independent State and b) the organization, in agreement with the Finnish government, of a special commission (with representatives of both parties) to establish practical measures arising from the separation of Finland from Russia.

Obviously, the Council of People's Commissars could not proceed otherwise, since if a people, in the person of their representatives, claims recognition of their independence, the proletarian government, based on the principle of granting the right of self-determination to the people, must accede to it.

The bourgeois press says that we have led the country to complete disintegration, that we have lost several countries, including Finland. But, comrades, we could not lose it, since, in fact, it was never our property. If we had forcibly retained Finland, that would not mean in any way that we had acquired it.

We know perfectly well how it "acquires" by force and arbitrariness whole States and what terrain arises thanks to it for the relations between the people and their oppressors.

The principles of social democracy, its slogans and aspirations reside in the creation of the desired atmosphere of trust between the peoples, and only on that ground is the slogan "Proletarians of all countries, unite!" All this is old and public domain.

If we look more closely at the granting of independence to Finland, we will see that, in fact, the Council of People's Commissars has granted freedom, contrary to its wish, not to the people, not to the representatives of the Finnish proletariat, but to the Finnish bourgeoisie, which, by a strange set of circumstances, has seized power and received independence from the socialists of Russia.

The Finnish workers and social democrats have found themselves in a situation in which they have had to accept freedom, not directly from the hands of the socialists of Russia, but with the help of the Finnish bourgeoisie.

As this means a tragedy for the Finnish proletariat, we can not fail to point out that the Finnish Social Democrats, due solely to their indecision and incomprehensible cowardice,


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