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Trump Refuses To Criticize Saudi Arabia's 'Mr. Bonesaw'

Lavrov is Hoping Against Hope That NATO WONT Start a War in Eastern Europe

Democracy and Class Struggle are realists and not pessimists - but the plan to dismember Russia is still very much on NATO cards - they would prefer to do it with a dead Russia run by Liberals rather than a live fighting Russia led by Patriots and Communists - which is why they plan on Post Putin Chaos scenario like 1990's.

Originally Brzezinski saw this War as arising from a Polish/Belarus dispute and although he is dead he is not wrong as we see Poland as more of danger to Russia than the Ukraine.

Therefore the new European War for Russia's survival is still on the cards and although supported by elements in the Ukraine is led by Poland which still dreams of the INTERMARIUM of a Poland from the Black Sea to the Baltic.

Polish Imperialism is invisible in the West.

Russia has the right to be concerned about existential threats and act appropriately as the West is not listening and does not care - but ultimately it will be the West and particularly Poland that will pay the major price in any coming War and not Russia.

Putin Goes to Heaven: A Pre - emptive strike against Russia will lead to such a swift response that our enemies will not have time to pray for repentance.

Italy - no one can stop the fury of women - no one can stop militant Maoist Margherita - the revolutionary proletarian feminist movement!



Economic Singularity : Prof. Richard Wolff: Capitalism on the Brink of Collapse

Presidential Shame ! Trump going even softer on Saudis Killers of Khashoggi

Jared Kushner under the spotlight helping Saudis behind the scenes with cover and PR. 

Seems Kushner briefing MBS about his enemies in the Kingdom based on his access to US Intelligence,

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

You want it Darker - We Kill the Flame

The starvation of millions in Yemen and the Horrific Murder of Khashoggi dismembered while alive.

Trump PR Agent for the Saudi Killers - You want it darker - we kill the flame.

A million candles burning for the love that never came

Saudi Arabia Is Invested In President Donald Trump

U.S.-Backed War in Yemen Raged, UAE Hired U.S. Mercenaries to Kill Yemeni Leaders

A shocking new investigation has revealed that the United Arab Emirates hired U.S. mercenaries to carry out assassinations of political and clerical leaders in Yemen. 

The former elite U.S. special operations fighters were paid to take part in missions to kill those deemed to be “terrorists” by the UAE. The UAE worked with the U.S. company Spear Operations Group, founded by an Israeli-American man named Abraham Golan, who told BuzzFeed,

 “There was a targeted assassination program in Yemen. I was running it.” 

The group’s first target in Yemen was a local leader of al-Islah, a political party whose members include Nobel Peace Prize laureate Tawakel Karman. 

We speak with journalist Aram Roston of BuzzFeed News, who broke the story. 

His new piece is titled “A Middle East Monarchy Hired American Ex-Soldiers To Kill Its Political Enemies. This Could Be The Future Of War.”

Prof. Wolff takes on Jordan Peterson

Jordan Petersen creates his own fantasy world on the internet where the "free"market makes everybody better off - the reality exposed by Marxism of this lie for him is pure horror - market reality is horrific and is so because of free market utopian  fantasies spread by him - long ago exposed by Karl Polyani and of course by Karl Marx himself.

Saudi Arabia - a British Creation

Russia and Artificial intelligence : Medvedev Takes a Ride: Driverless Car Gives PM a Tour of Russian “Silicon Valley Skolkovo

The only thing missing is the software of socialism - we do not need the anarchic liberalism of Medvedev.

Artificial Intelligence and Socialism offer liberation potential - but under capitalism just inequality anarchy and chaos.

Does Saudi Arabia Own Donald Trump?

Khashoggi Scandal Will Be The Downfall Of Mohammad Bin Salman

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Era of Artificial Intelligence

Continuing our study of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on productive forces - we cover the Class Struggle and production relations daily but understanding changes in productive forces are important to understand how to build a future socialism.

China’s Lesson to Russia: Hit With Full Force; Fight ‘Em on All Fronts! Econ, Tech and Military!

The only thing missing is Russian and Chinese Communists - with renewed revolutionary communist leadership in Russia and China US capitalism would not last one minute.

It is revisionism that has extended the life of US Capitalism - especially China in 2008 which protected the international capitalist system unlike the 1929 economic collapse when Communists fought for systemic change under Comintern leadership.

You can agitate and propagandize all you like but if capitalist markets dominate Russia and China you will be victims and not victors.

The answer is under your feet and embedded in Russian and Chinese History but you worship foreign capitalism which is incompatible with your culture and history.

Saudi Arabia's Greatest Crime is not murder of Khashoggi but worst famine in 100 years in Yemen

Audio proves Saudis killed journalist - While US President covers for the Saudi Mafia Type hit and dismemberment of Khashoggi - Trump goes Lower

How Low can Trump Go - when it comes to the Saudis he does not just bend he writhes on his stomach like a snake.

Two Koreas Advance Peace Without Trump's Approval

Monday, October 15, 2018

Khashoggi Picked the Wrong Prince

Truth from the Angry Arab - Professor As'ad AbuKhali - Truth from the Angry Arab

"They are working on a cover up story as we speak!

Trump's Conspiracy TheoryAbout A Saudi Journalist's Death

Former Saudi Political Prisoner: Khashoggi’s Disappearance is Sending a Gruesome Message to Critics

Barbarism Unlimited c/o Saudi Arabia - Saudi PR Representative in USA  Donald J Trump

Trump and Reality - Rogue Killers ? from Rogue State of Saudi Arabia - Reality Bending from sorcerer in White House

Is Trump trying to spin before the world the Saudi killing of Jamal Khashoggi to protect the Saudi killers.

CNN says Saudis say Khashoggi death was from interrogation gone wrong - the Trump and Media Spin has started to get murderous Saudis off the hook - why did the Saudis send an autopsy specialist with a bone-saw to the Saudi Consulate in Turkey with the interrogation/hit team if they did not intend to kill and dismember Khashoggi's body - expect lies and bloody lies


Punjab - Barnala Farmers Protest - Salute the heroic Rally in Barnala says Harsh Thakor


Yesterday Barnala fruit market ground witnessed one of the most intense and impactfull rallies ever staged in the history of revolutionary movement in Punjab with around 1 lakh peasants converging resembling many streams turning into a big ocean.

The speakers vociferously condemned the pro-imperialist policies of the ruling classes that payed no heed to the interests of the farmers by providing no alternative to the burning of paddy stubble and adressed only 9% of the peasant population with its programme.

Most unfairly the govt.blamed the farmers for the pollution caused and not the damage caused by the multi-nationals.

Chandigarh : Scores of farmers Saturday held a demonstration at Punjab's Barnala district, asking the government to come out with a viable solution for stubble burning.

Under the banner of Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU), farmers including women gathered at Barnala's grain market, protesting against the state and central government for allegedly harassing paddy growers in Punjab.

They demanded the government give farmers Rs 200 per quintal as the bonus for the management of crop residue if it failed to propose a viable solution for stubble burning problem.

Also Read | Crop burning worsens Delhi air, haze makes breathing difficult for second day in Mumbai

"The government should come out with a proper solution for stubble burning problem or else give us Rs 200 per quintal as a bonus for the management of crop residue," said BKU (Ugrahan) general secretary Sukhdev Singh Khokrikalan.

They sad by using farm machinery, only 9 per cent of the stubble which comes around 20 lakh tonne out of 220 lakh tonne can be managed, said Khokrikalan. He said farmers were being unnecessarily defamed over stubble burning issue.

"Stubble burning causes only 8 per cent of air pollution and only paddy growers are being blamed for causing environmental pollution. But nobody speaks about those who cause 92 per cent of pollution," he further said. Farmers also accused private farm equipment companies of making the profit by hiking the cost of machinery.

"Farmers do not want that they should burn the stubble as it causes environmental pollution. But they have to do so in the absence of any workable solution to the problem," he said. Punjab and Haryana annually generate 220 and 65 lakh tonne of paddy stubble, respectively.

The Debate - US Syria Plan

Publication is for information- not approval of any side in the debate.

Our position is that the Kurds and the Syrian Government need to reach and agreement on autonomy and the United States should leave North East Syria.

Over 200,000 people have taken to the streets of Berlin to protest the rise of far-right populism in Germany and Europe.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Dark History of Trump's "America First" Slogan Traced To KKK & Fascism


Rouhani: US in war against Iran, seeks 'regime change'

Democracy and Class Struggle says do not take your eyes of Iran in run up to Mid Terms in November - expect escalation by Israel or USA to divert from Trump's domestic troubles.

The murder of Jamal Khashoggi complicates the anti Iran activities of US and Israel and exposes the unstable terrorism of the Saudi State.

Rouhani saying US in War against Iran  and seeks regime change is good  - it gets rid of diplomatic language which US does not respect and calls a spade a spade.

Salute to Condemnation of "Undeclared Emergency" at meeting in Mumbai on 12th October by Harsh Thakor


Yesterday on October 12th I was privileged to participate in a public meeting condemning 'undeclared emergency' in Dadar Matunga cultural- center,in Mumbai. Attended by about 500 persons it vociferously condemned the fascist arrests of democrats and repression on peoples movements

I heard first hand reports on repression in Chattisgarh by Soni an adivasi activist in Gadricholi and by a dalit women worker from Reliance.With most illustrative examples they depicted how sincere democratic activists doing grassroots work were banned and arrested as maoist or naxals and how brutally the police came down on the adivasis and workers in their day to day lives.The women worker from Reliance described how her husband was tormented who was the sole bread winner.

The speakers most vividly illustrated with concrete examples how the state banged every nail in the coffin to suppress any resistance of the dalit community for democracy.Sonu Sori expressed how she learnt so much from being imprisoned itself about the autocratic nature of the state.Also heard a most touching speech by Sagar son of Vernon Gonzalves.

He recounted how he became an even stronger person with the attack on his father after being bewildered at first and how the experience revolutionized him. The programme concluded with a most spirited and enlivening programme by Kabir Kala Manch ressurecting the flame of resistance.Around 40 organizations participated Heartening to to witness presence of so many youth.

Some activists of leading years were present like Sunil Dighe,Abhilash Ramchandran ,Sanober Keswar,Salim Saboowala ,Deepto Gopinath,Subodh More etc which was also positive. On 12-10-2018 A People's Convention Against Undeclared Emergency was held at Dadar Matunga Cultural Centre Next to Yashwant Natya Mandir, Dadar West, Mumbai.

The People's Convention was Organized by Mumbai Rises to Save Democracy a forum of 40 organizations who works and organized people in different areas among the people.


"If crime itself assumes authority and power, And hunts down people, holding them criminals, Everyone endowed with a mouth who keeps silent, Becomes a criminal himself"

-. Vara Vara Rao, arrested writer activist

The speakers were:

Senior Counsel Mihir Desai,

Abdul Wahid Shaikh author of Begunah Qaidi and activist with Innocence Network. He was in jail for 9 years under UAPA and other draconian Laws.

Soni Sori. Tribal Rights Activists from Chattisgarh. She was arrested under UAPA and was in jail for many years. She was faced torture in police custody and been attacked many times.

Nikhil Wagle Senior Journalist. Have been attacked by the Right Wing Organizations for years.

From the family members and friends the following comrades and activists spoke.

1. Lalsu Soma Nogoti, Advocate, Forest Rights Activists and Zilla Parishad Member from Bhamragad, Gadchiroli. He is the first Law Graduate from his Community, Madia. Lalsu has himself faced persecution due to his leadership in the struggle for forest rights in the area.

2. Mumbai Reliance Contract Workers and Union Leaders have been arrested under draconian UAPA since January 2018.
Rajita family member of the worker arrested spoke.

3. Minal Gadling wife of Advocate Surendra Gadling spoke.

4. Sagar Abraham-Gonsalves spoke on his father Vernon Gonsalves arrest.

A documentary was shown on Reliance Workers arrested under UAPA.

Cultural Performance by Rossi DSouza, Medraj and Yalgaar Sanskrutik Manch.

The Convention was anchored by Baljeet Kaur.

Vote of thanks by Sushmita Varma.

We Demand:-

1. Immediate and unconditional release of democratic rights activists, workers, families arrested in alleged connection to the violence of Bhima Koregoan.

2. Drop false UAPA charges against activists, workers, dalits, Muslims and tribals.

3. Arrest Manohar Bhide and Milind Ekbote for instigating and planning attack on visitors to Bhima Koregoan.

4. Repeal Draconian UAPA

Down with Manuwad, caste system, Brahmanwad, saffronization of education, Feudalism, Patriarchy.

Down with Capitalism, Imperialism, Globalization, Multinationals Transnationals, IMF-World.

Stop Mining which is destroying our natural resources and displacing our Tribals.

Stop selling our natural resources to Indian Corporates, Multinationals and Transnationals.

Jal-Jungle-Zamin is our birth right.

Stop killing Adivasis in fake encounter, which in reality are police murder reported by many fact finding reports

Down with combine forces of BJP-RSS-VHP-BAJRANGDAL.

Unite and fight Against the Fascist and anti-people forces.

Workers, Pesants, Dalits, Tribals, Intellectual, Students, Teachers, Oppressed Miniority, Oppressed Nationality, Unity Zindabad.

Jai Bhim Lal Salaam. HINDU REPORT

About 500 people took part in the People’s Convention Against Undeclared Emergency organised by groups working for the rights of women, Dalits, and against the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, in Dadar on Friday.

The Pune Police had recently arrested several activists and charged them under the Act for alleged links to Maoist outfits and involvement in the Bhima-Koregaon violence. The arrested persons included advocate Surendra Gadling, professor Shoma Sen, poet Sudhir Dhawale, activists Vernon Gonsalves, Sudha Bharadwaj and Gautam Navlakha.

Minal Gadling, the wife of Mr. Gadling, said her husband fought the cases of poor Adivasis accused of being Maoists. She said, “Will anyone have the courage now to help the poor and take up the cases of the marginalised?” Sagar Gonsalves, the son of Mr. Gonsalves, said when the police raided their home on August 28, it was a déjà vu for him. He said, “There was a raid for six hours and I saw the cycle repeating. The first time, I was 12 and felt helpless. Even now it was the same feeling.” Mr. Gonsalves had earlier been charged with being a Maoist. Though he was acquitted of all charges, he spent nearly five years in prison. Sagar said, “While I am happy my father is home, it is a very claustrophobic environment. I feel we are being watched at all times and for what?”

Abdul Wahid Sheikh of the Innocence Network said the Act was also being used against Muslims in the country. He said, “Six months ago, I was sharing this stage with advocate Gadling. We live in a police state as the police can arrest anyone at any time.”

Mr Sheikh had been charged under the UAPA.
‘Jail without charges’

Advocate Mihir Desai said laws like UAPA had been created to keep people imprisoned for years without any charges. Tribal rights activist Soni Sori said that whenever Adivasis in Chhattisgarh raise their voice against land acquisition, they are branded Naxals, charged with the UAPA and face the full wrath of the local police. “Where do we go when the perpetrators of the crime are the police themselves? Who do we file a complaint with?” Ms. Sori said. Journalist Nikhil Wagle said reporters in Chhatisgarh were also charged under the UAPA and imprisoned.

Donald Trump’s Poll Numbers DROP In ALL 50 States!

Trumpism is a phenomena that reflects the deep contradiction between capitalism and democracy in the 21st Century USA that brings forward Fascism as a solution albeit in a US Form.

Defeats for Trump will bring forth more ugly manifestations of Fascism in the USA not less as he desperately tries to hang onto power.

The Democrats have proved themselves incapable of restraining Trump even if they desire to - which is sometimes questionable.

A New Democratic Politics which puts Democracy for the People before Capitalism for the few needs to arise - there is no Royal Road but a Tough Fight Ahead.


Friday, October 12, 2018

Nepal: Black March Past against the government of Oli

Kathmandu: CP Gajurel, the Chairman of Patriotic People’s Republican Front, Nepal, has said that they have poured into street to discover the lost territories and search maps from the government offices that exclude those areas. 

He had said it in a programme, which was organised at Shanti Vatika after the Black March Past that followed the route Shanti Vatika – Bag Bazaar – Putali Sadak – Martyr’s Gate – New Road – Indra Chowk – Bhotahiti – Shanti Vatika had turned into a protest programme. 

The Black March Past was held with black banners that had opposed price hike, unemployment, rape and murder, duplicate map of Nepal that excludes Kalapani area, anti-national citizenship ordinance etc.

Speaking at the programme he said that the present government, communist by name, has been contributory to serve the interest of smugglers, contractors, mafias and brokers and hack the poor people into street. 

Their anti-national and anti-people acts have unmasked their communist guise and people have started looking towards our party as an alternative political force, he stressed. Before concluding his speech, he reiterated that it is the new democratic revolution that can solve the longstanding problems and called upon people to rally around it.

Speaking at the programme, Ramsingh Shris, standing committee member of the CPN (Revolutionary Maoist), said that the Oli government, which claims to be a communist government, is not even social democrat let alone communist, rather they represent comprador bourgeoisie.

Suresh Shrestha, Central Committee member of the CPN (RM) and Amir Maharjan the Chairman of the Revolutionary Youth League also had addressed the protest programme.

The protest programme, which was jointly organised by Patriotic People’s Republican Front, Nepal and Revolutionary Youth League, was chaired by Khagendra Chhantyal. Asal Tamang had conducted the programme in which Darshan sharma welcome the chief guest, other guests and the entire audience

The Rise of Brazil’s Far Right and What it Shows About Western Democracies

The Workers Party Social Democratic Failure leads to Fascism

Fears for young Marxist activist missing after police raid in China


A young rights activist who called for China’s top university to be transparent about its investigation of a rape case and joined a labour dispute in Shenzhen has not been seen for more than six weeks after she was detained by police.

Yue Xin, 22, was taken into custody on August 24 along with about 50 other activists, many of them young Marxists, who were involved in a labour rights protest in Shenzhen.

She had earlier accused Peking University of trying to silence her for demanding information about the handling of a sexual misconduct case that led to a student’s suicide 20 years ago – one of China’s most discussed #MeToo incidents.

The detentions were part of an intensifying clampdown by the authorities on a growing number of young Chinese activists who have found inspiration in Marxism in recent years, hoping to bring change on issues ranging from feminism and income equality to workers’ rights.

But in sharp contrast to the official Marxist line, this new generation of Marxists emphasises individual freedoms, with some even showing interest in a Western constitutional democracy – a stand the country’s mainstream Marxists and Maoists usually dismiss as the wrong path for China.

Why Beijing isn’t Marxist enough for China’s radical millennials

Most of the protesters detained in August have since been released, but four have been placed under “residential surveillance at a designated location” – a form of secret detention – while four others are still in custody and could face prosecution, according to their friends and other activists.

But the whereabouts of Yue, as well as her mother, who has been out of contact since early September, remain unknown.

“Yue might not reappear for a long time,” said a student activist speaking on condition of anonymity, adding that she wanted to raise awareness of Yue’s plight.

The young activist graduated from Peking University’s School of Foreign Languages this summer. In April, as the #MeToo movement gained traction on Chinese campuses and in workplaces, she filed a formal request to the college demanding that it disclose information about its handling of a sexual misconduct case involving a professor that resulted in the suicide of a student two decades ago. 

Yue then wrote an open letter accusing the college of trying to muzzle her by pressuring her family and suggesting she might not be allowed to graduate, leading to a public backlash against the university on social media.

In July, Yue turned her focus to a labour dispute at Shenzhen-based Jasic Technology. Leftist university student activists, including Yue, travelled from other parts of the country to back the workers in Guangdong in their campaign for union rights at the factory, which makes electronic welding machines and robotic arms. 

But on August 24, police in riot gear raided the flat where they were staying in Huizhou, near Shenzhen, and detained the group, according to activists.

Earlier that month, Yue had told the South China Morning Post she wanted to support the workers in Shenzhen, even if it meant being arrested.

“More than 30 innocent workers have been locked up already and treated inhumanely. I cannot just sit back and be OK with just voicing my support online – I have to go to the front line,” Yue said. “I’m prepared to be arrested … but it’s not about being arrested or not … it’s about believing that what you are doing is about justice, then you will have no fear.”

Chinese Maoists join students in fight for workers’ rights at Jasic Technology 

There are also concerns for Yue’s mother. NGOCN, a social development non-profit based in Guangzhou which Yue had applied to join after graduation, said Yue’s mother had contacted them a week after the Huizhou raid, trying to find out what had happened to her daughter.

Executive director Wu Lilan said they told Yue’s mother they had not been in touch with Yue since June, but they would try to help

“Yue Xin kept in contact with her mother after she came to Guangdong, but her mother was anxious when she hadn’t heard from her for four or five days,” Wu said. But Wu said the NGO had been unable to contact Yue’s mother, who lives in Beijing, since September 2. The Post has also tried to contact Yue’s mother but her phone remains switched off.

An officer at Yanziling police station in Shenzhen said they were not handling Yue’s case and directed inquiries to the Pingshan district government office, which could not be reached for comment.

Apart from Yue, four editors of Epoch Pioneer, a leftist website focusing on labour activism, have been placed under “residential surveillance at a designated location” in Guangzhou, according to activists from the Jasic worker support group. 

They said four workers were also being held in the Shenzhen Second Detention Centre, accused of “gathering a crowd to disturb social order”, with limited access to lawyers.

Other young activists from the group have been released, but are being closely watched by their universities and parents, according to the activists.

Would Karl Marx recognise China’s new communism?

While classes on Marxism are routinely part of the curriculum at universities in China, the growing number of young leftist activists on campuses has apparently got college authorities worried.

Since the new academic year began in September, young Marxists have come up against tighter controls at their universities. 

One of them, a student at the School of Economics at Renmin University of China in Beijing, detailed how he was “blacklisted for caring about the grass roots” in an article posted online that was later removed by censors. 

Xiang Junwei accused faculty administrators had put him and his family under pressure, with a lecturer telling his parents he needed to correct his “dangerous thoughts” and was in a “politically problematic” position. He said he had been excluded from a university online chat group and claimed the faculty had targeted 12 other young Marxists for similar treatment.

In a separate article, he outlined the case of another female student at the school, who he said had been treated in hospital after she went on hunger strike to protest against her family and a lecturer trying to stop her from getting involved in the labour rights campaign in Shenzhen. 

He called on the university to allow her to return to her studies without having to sign a statement saying she would abandon her activism – a statement he said it insisted she sign if she wanted to go back to class.

Renmin University’s School of Economics could not be reached for comment.

A new class struggle: Chinese party members get back to Communist Manifesto basics

Marxist student societies have also said they had trouble renewing their registrations at top colleges including Renmin University, Nanjing University and the University of Science and Technology Beijing. 

At Peking University, where Yue studied, the Marxism society had to find a faculty adviser from the School of Marxism to support its application to re-register after the campus Communist Youth League chapter withdrew its backing.

Speaking in early August, Yue said students were following a tradition at the university of getting involved in grass-roots activism and labour rights. “Student activists have been fighting on a wide range of issues – including against sexual harassment and in support of democracy on campus … not everyone in this movement would identify as Marxist, Leninist or Maoist but they are certainly all influenced by Marxism,” she said.



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Why American Collapse is Only Just Beginning? -- Perfectly Explained

Political Economy Research : The Rough Road to 2019/20 - The making of the Perfect Storm



Political Economy Research says Trump struggles to maintain the debt bubble while the FED tries to deflate it.

UK Brexit arriving in 2019 amid Trade Wars,

The perfect storm is fast arriving and confidence is fast disappearing 2019/20 are going to be bad by any measure and worse than 2007 because quantitative easing is NOT an option (unless they are mad - always possible)

Steve Keen thinks the coming Crash will not be as bad as 2007 in 2020 but we disagree - but we both agree it is coming and is already here.

Ron Paul is pushing a right wing conspiracy theory that the Economic Crash in process is being pushed by the "Democrats Deep State" not the internal contradictions of United States capitalism.

The battle for the narrative of collapse was covered a few days ago by Nomi Prins anticipating the fake narratives like those of Ron Paul and capitalist apologists.

“How Fascism Works”: Jason Stanley On Trump, Bolsonaro and the Rise of Fascism Across the Globe

This is a Liberal View of Fascism it contains some truths but they are limited it really misses the main point that capitalism today without any bourgeois democracy is Fascism.

Democracy and Capitalism has become increasingly incompatible - capitalism is not the saviour of democracy but its 21st Century killer.

Fascists promote a fake "us and them" called Globalists and patriots 

The real "us and them"  are the Bourgeoisie and Proletarians - the Bourgeois one percent and the oppressed Proletarian masses and classes the ninety nine per cent.

Without understanding the class character of Fascism like the Liberals you will never eliminate it just recycle from 20th to 21st century.




Trump Tears up Treaties Pushing for War on Iran, Using Bush-Style Iraq Lies

Trump Probably Engaged in Felony Tax Evasion

Saudis Getting away with a barbaric murder : Is the U.S. Complicit in Saudi Journalist's Disappearance?

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Jordan Petersen Can't Debate ?

Jordan Petersen needs a safe space - We live in fraudulent Trumpian times and Petersen is the ultimate fraud.

Petersen is to the intellect what Trump is to the art of the deal - a fraud

October 19th - 21st October - Boise State University - responding to Petersen

The Intellectual Dark Web is Afraid of Marx

There is a numeracy problem as well as literary problem on the Intellectual Dark Web - I address the numeracy question here :

China :“30 million people starving to death” is not true By Sun Jingxian

On Measuring "Famine" Deaths: Different Criteria for Socialism and Capitalism? by Utsa Patnaik

Then let us look at the Marxist Literary Straw man Cultural Marxism - at least a conservative philosopher Roger Scruton unlike Jordan Petersen understood the Frankfurt School and its conservatism - unlike the intellectual Dark Web which creates their own Marxist Monster from their fevered sick anti communist minds.


Criticizing Capitalism with David Harvey and Richard Wolff

After looking at the technological possibilities we now come back to the social realities.

David Harvey is at 17.00 minutes

"Quantum Computing, AI and Blockchain: The Future of IT"

Technological possibilities from Shoucheng Zhang living at the frontier - but social realities are moving in a regressive not progressive direction

AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order

Democracy and Class Struggle see's rapid progress in artificial intelligence and quantum computing  all which can potentially and actually politically manipulate us - we have seen at Cambridge Analytica or in Internet use in current Brazil Election by Right Wing.

Therefore we must profoundly understand and utilize these new tools in the class struggle.

I am hungry scan Me ! - technology of poverty

Brazil's Presidential Election is Part of a 'Global Reactionary Cycle'

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Are Republicans Getting Away Inflaming Civil Unrest ?

There maybe some provocation before the November Mid Terms ? 

From the United States of America to the United States of Brazil Fascist Violence Raises its Ugly Head.

Nikki Haley Resigns : Trump: we have a number of people who would like to do UN job

The Whore of Babylon Resigns - but will she be next Vice President in 2020 ?

Another Shoe about to drop ? Something Not Right ?

News From The South - Brazil - Climate Change - Legacy of Che Guevara

Was Hitler a Socialist ? Debunking Hitler Myths by Three Arrows - exposing the New Right

Hitler was not a nationalist but an Imperialist as anyone who reads Mein Kampf knows because of his views of Slavs and Eastern Europe - Concerning Socialism the above video is good but Thyssen and Ford Provided early Nazi Funds and later when he broke with Thyssen he relied more on I G Farben and the new Chemical Industries rather than the old Industrialists.

It is sad that this still has to be explained in 2018 but with the rise of Bannon and Trump any amount of madness and stupidity now seems possible especially in USA where Hitler was a socialist seems to be in the water and is repeated ad nauseam..

How Khashoggi angered Riyadh?

The Fight Against Brazilian Fascism is NOW !

Jair Bolsonaro uses Steve Bannon tactics on social media with fake news geared  towards evangelicals - lying their way to power the Fascist Way 

Violence reported throughout Brazil with killing of supporters of Workers Party.

Prepare for People's War

Monday, October 8, 2018

Protest staged in Istanbul for missing Saudi journalist

WikiLeaks has hit out at UK newspapers which have been curiously circumspect about the alleged murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate in Turkey last week.

The whistleblower organization tweeted that no British newspaper had led their Monday front pages with news about Khashoggi’s suspected murder despite the fact that news agencies like the Associated Press and Reuters were all reporting on the story — and suggested that the lack of interest from the UK papers was due to the fact that they “all take Saudi money”


Where Does #MeToo Go from Here? Women Are “On Fire” with Rage as Kavanaugh Joins Supreme Court

Trump's Trade War And Escalation Of US-China Standoff

Introduction’ chapter, from the Document-China: A Modern Social-Imperialist Power, by CPI (Maoist)


In its 9th Congress held in January 2017, the United Congress of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) (CPI-Maoist) decided to conduct a special study on emerging trends in social, economic, political, and cultural changes with regard to strategy toward capitalist-revisionist China.

The Central Committee was authorised to execute this decision.

As per the decision taken by the Central Committee during its 4th Conference, it considered mainly two things: the trends within China, and whether China has become a social-imperialist power.

These were their two study points. After investigating, the Central Committee adopted the following thesis at its 5th Conference:

“Today China has become a modern social-imperialist power, an integral part of the capitalist-imperialist world system, while also playing the role of antagonist towards the oppressed classes and people in general.” 

The Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties, groups and powers are in solidarity with the worker-peasant, suppressed, and other oppressed classes of society with the objective of world socialist revolution, marching toward a creative struggle to win over antagonistic imperialist China and end its conceptions of revisionism, social-imperialism, and obscurantism.

Our two communist parties have two global responsibilities: to support the working class and to support its revolution. To accomplish these tasks, the social-imperialist nature of China must be exposed thoroughly. 

We must understand the process by which China transformed into a major and competent imperialist state among the imperialist nations of the world.

We must also succeed in the process of segregating global alliances and enmities in accordance with the principles of international class divisions. We must evaluate ever changing structural variations and their specific conditions prevailing in the world. Unless we study these aspects, we cannot understand modern wars, the politics of modern revisionists, and the incidental variations in the imperialist system. 

Leninism holds that imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism – it is war, it is moribund.

Imperialism affirms the rise of the socialist movement, and the 20th century has proven this. The Leninist theory of imperialism applies even today. 

War is the supreme tool by which imperialism divides and reorganises the world for its vested interests. Imperialism indulges in war for the sake of its monopoly on the world. It principally gains through war.

Wars are inevitable so long as imperialism exists in the world. It penetrates into underdeveloped nations in the guise of neo-colonialism to continue its obsessive compulsion for loot. It sucks the blood of the common people and the oppressed, and it is the cause of their extreme misery and distress.

 “Modern wars are the result of imperialism,” said Lenin, time and time again. 

The two world wars in first half of the 20th century broke out among the imperialist countries as a contest to gain supremacy over the world by dividing and reorganizing it. “The attempt to escape the new political and economic crises of the imperialist countries led to the last two world wars,” said Mao.

“The attempt to escape the new political and economic crises of the imperialist countries led to the last two world wars,” said Mao.

America has plundered the wealth of the world through imperialist war. It acquired windfall gains by selling weapons in abundance to countries who have engaged in war. In this way, America has become  the imperialist superpower of the capitalist world. When America’s imperialist economic system  incorporated a war economy, it focused only on wars.

 Hence, it orchestrated aggression and war. We can see this trend from Korea, Vietnam to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. War will continue so long as imperialism prevails. If we want to abolish war, we must eradicate the capitalist-imperialist system. The cold war between the then superpowers of the US and the USSR had an impact on the developed and underdeveloped countries. This gave rise to wars directly or indirectly among them.

From 1945- 1990, at the least 125 regional wars, civil wars, and armed conflicts led to the deaths of more than 40 million people, while millions more were victimized and displaced. The economic crisis that resulted in these countries because of imperialist war is greater than that of the crisis that caused the World War II.

Wars continued to break out during the 1990s. American forces waged treacherous wars in Honduras, Ukraine and in Egypt, and America fomented incessant armed riots. Military interventions by Britain and America’s other allies have led to the deaths of nearly 3.2 million Muslims. 

The wealthiest and the most secular country in Africa, Libya, was destroyed by America. Libya, which once warmly embraced migrants, is now being destroyed, displacing half its population.

More than 1 billion people live in extreme poverty and suffer from malnutrition. Moreover, nearly 17 million people are dying due to poverty every year. Half of them are children. 

America is trying to cover the ever-increasing expansion and expenditure of Israel. Leaving aside the welfare of its own people, America is amassing more than 20 trillion-dollars in debts to pay the debts of Israel and massacre Muslims.

 America is directing trillions from its budget to do this, subjecting its own people to misery and thereby causing the deaths of more than 200,000 of its own people every year.

The imperialist riots unleashed in Syria with the intent to overthrow the government of Bashar Al Assad have led to the deaths of 500,000 people and another 2 million wounded or displaced.

Moreover, millions of people were made homeless, migrating to neighbouring countries as well as some European countries. America destroyed many communities that had lived together amidst their shrines and holy places in brotherhood, peace, secularism and non-violence. 

The imperialist wars of aggression waged under the leadership of America on Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq and many other countries have caused countless deaths and injuries, destroyed countless homes, and forced countless people worldwide to migrate.

In order to secure the imperialist system and deceive the people of the world, imperialists and revisionists mislead the people in all possible ways with various fictions according to the changing scenery of the contemporary world. 

It is time to expose and mortify them. The contemporary political vengeance of imperialism is a predictable result of the capitalist economic system.

Imperialism is extending its political machinery to suppress the people by implementing its fascist dictatorship far and wide. The stronger the repression, the stronger the resistance.

The worker-peasant classes, the petty-bourgeoisie and other oppressed classes of society, even the endangered species, are relentlessly waging wars against Imperialism.

Our party, the Communist Party of India (Maoist), is relentlessly striving to exterminate imperialism from the earth, to install communism, and to unite the oppressed classes and masses. 

Our party leads them and shoulders the responsibility to fight alongside them.

In light of China’s rise as a social-imperialist power, the present task is for all working-class parties around the world to develop manoeuvres to sustain themselves. 

Party leadership, on these principles, must gather the oppressed classes and people of their societies and lead them in the march towards socialism.

This document was released by the Central Committee to elucidate how socialist China transformed into a capitalist and imperialist power and how to develop strategies to combat it. Let us study this document thoroughly. 

In the light of five inherent features and three special aspects of imperialism taught by the great Lenin, let us analyse and synthesise in the light of Marxism-Leninism Maoism in order to build a correct scientific understanding of China’s social-imperialist development.

Translated from Telagu by the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement


Brazil Election: Jair Bolsonaro will face Fernando Haddad in runoff

Jair Bolsonaro is to the right of Donald Trump he is more like a Duterte.  

These are fighting times in Brazil to stop Fascism and full spectrum resistance and by all mean necessary apply to win this struggle against Bolsonaro.

Smash Brazilian Fascism no time for Liberalism - know your enemy and fight him.


The Next Republic: The Rise Of A New Radical Majority

A vision of the future is a necessity for winning the future and D.D Guttenplan points in the right direction the the details will be worked out in practice.

The opening of a serious conversation ?

Sunday, October 7, 2018

India: Salute the Historic Protest in Barnala in Punjab on October 2nd 2018 says Harsh Thakor



The flame of justice was rekindled to its highest crescendo in Barnala on October 2nd creating the vibrations of an Ocean. .The issue was the release of Comrade Manjeet Dhaner who was framed by a death sentence for the murder of girl Kiranjeet Kaur in 1997.

3 persons namely Prem Kuman,Narain Dutt and Manjeet ihaner were framed on false charges of the 3 persons wrongly convicted Prem Kumar and Narain Dutt were pardoned in 2005 in a hearing by Karnal special court but Manjeet Dinar was still imprisoned.

In spite of a supreme court order in 2011 to release Dhaner the governor of Punjab refused to implement resolution.

The state govt earlier had the audacity to oppose the pardoning of the killers arrested but the democratic movement prevented it.

The committee formed to scrap the life sentence to Daner organized the rally.

Over 20000 people converged reminiscent of an army turning a spark into a prairie fire.It comprised of over 40 organizations of peasants,youth,workers ,women and govt. employees.Activists assembled from Bathinda, Barnala,Mansa, Ferozepur, Muktsar, Faridkot, Sangrur, Abohar and Kotkura,

The majority of the participants were those belonging to the Bharatiya Kisan Union Dakaunda and Ugrahan factions.

The rally was addressed by Buta Singh Burgill,Jogender Singh,Raminder Singh Patiala,Satnam Singh Ajnala ,Zora singh Nasrali and Prempal Kaur. 

Other participants included Raldu singh Mansa,Gurdep Singh Sukhpur, Rajinder Badhode Kanwaljeet Khanna,Harjinder Kaur,Mahima Singh and Kulwant Rai.

All speakers narrated how arresting democratic activists like Manjeet Dinar is part and parcel of the anti-people ruling class politics which perpetrates injustice on women and often works hand in hand with goonda elements.They vociferously asserted that if death sentence on Dhaner was not lifted in coming days the state would have to pay a big price.On 4th October the Supreme court would give the hearing.

One of the most significant protests ion the history of the revolutionary democratic movement of Punjab or of the democratic revolutionary resistance against injustice on framed activists .

It symbolized the fight against injustice on political prisoners as a whole in the semi-fascist socio-political system .It proved the great revolutionary potential of the masses of Punjab

White Supremacy Violence Increases but FBI Hunts for “Black Identity Extremists”

Brothers and Sisters from Brazil to USA from India to British Isles





Women hold up half the Sky : Afro-Brazilian Women Take on Brazil's Establishment in Upcoming Election


Brett Kavanaugh Post-Game Cold Open - SNL

Iran's World Court Win Exposes U.S. as Rogue State

Saturday, October 6, 2018

The Kavanaugh Case : Democrats didn't pursue a criminal investigation for perjury and played Republican game

The assertion of white privilege and power for a Kavanaugh will have its consequences - the protection of their own and the criminalisation of their opponents is the path Trump has laid the foundations for - and is following - the normalization of injustice is stoking the fires of hell - there is justice for one honest women in USA or their is no justice at all.

What happens at Georgetown Prep, stays at Georgetown Prep,' " Kavanaugh said, drawing a few laughs. "That's been a good thing for all of us, I think." 



India: Harsh Thakor says Salute Krantikari Pendu Mazdoor Union Rally in Longowal Village in Punjab


In Punjab today 7 lakh Dalit families are still landless and 1,50000 belong to the poor peasantry.

40 Lakh acres of land is lying vacant and unavailable.

If all distributed every Dalit family could possess at least 4 and a half acres of land.

In recent months the KPMU has led a series of struggles in vilages like Dhuri, Badli  Kalan, Jaloor, Namol and Chajli.Sangrur region protecting the Dalit panchayat rights from the ruling class agents who had the connivance of the administration.

The conference or rally organised by Krantikari Pendu Mazdoor union in Longowal village in Punjab was an event not only of significance to Punjab but to the agrarian revolutionary movement in India as a whole.

The theme was based on the path of the Dalit community to attain liberation from the tyranny of the ruling classes and how Ambedkar and Sikhism had to be interpreted in accordance to condition existing today.

A red spark literally lit the town hall in Longowal on October 3rd. 1500 Participants came from around 50 villages from Sangrur and Mansa...

An event of great qualitative success which exposed how Punjab is still morally a semi-feudal state even if landlords of the conventional type are not operating..Meticuluos efforts and planning were made to mobilise the Dalit community for the event by holding village level meetings all over the district.

There was a very fine introductory speech by Lakhweer Longowal the secretary of He Longowal KPMU unit where he summarised the tyranny the Dalit labourers faced at the hands of the ruling classes and the heroic land capture struggles in 50 villages in Sangrur. Participants came from around 50 villages from Sangrur and Mansa.

Professor Jatinder Singh meticulously explained the participants that without revolutionary class struggle . 

Ambedkar's ideas would go into oblivion having no concrete solution to problems.

He rebuked the manner in which Hindu rightists were trying to use and project Ambedkar for their sectarian gains to promote Hindu fascism.

He also explained how ruling classes were manipulating Sikh ism to suppress or divert the genuine movements.What was significant was the considerable participation of youth and student community.

The KPMU demanded 1/3 rd distribution of panchayat land to all Dalit labourers,awarding of 10 Marlas of land to every Dalit family,Regular employment,Prevention of Nazoor land being illegally sold by ruling class elements implementation of the 1970 land ceiling act which prevented anyone from owning more than 10 acres of land,and all land wards for Dalits to be made permanent.

Other resolutions passed were for scrapping all unjust laws and implementing laws protecting Scheduled castes,condemning the arrests of the intellectuals who were arrested on framed or false charges ,opposing rise in prices of Petrol and diesel and for girls to have freedom in hostels. By making them open for 24 hours.

The success of the meet is owed to the painstaking groundwork of KPMU in organizing land struggles resisting the tyranny of ruling class landlord and goonda elements..

I was privileged to participate in the event.

The cultural songs also were very touching literally reverberating the hearts of the audience.

One of the best efforts by any organisation to educate the Dalit agricultural labour community in preparing the ground for an agrarian revolution and making them come to grips with the fascist nature of ruling class politics.

Overall around 1500 people assembled but the emphasis was on mobilising the more politically conscious or cream of the political activists.

Injustice in America - Trump's Corrupt Presidency now corrupts Judiciary - what next ?



A confused state of mind, equally close to sickness and criminality, was for twelve years [of Nazi rule] held to be the greatest virtue.

The Language of the Third Reich (2002), p. 61.