Thursday, February 22, 2018

Kurdish forces have departed Aleppo city, handing the neighbourhoods under their control to the Syrian regime, in order to defend Afrin.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Kurdish forces have departed Aleppo city, handing the neighbourhoods under their control to the Syrian regime, in order to defend Afrin.

“As YPG and YPJ forces in Aleppo, we have acted with the awareness of our responsibility since the first day of the attacks against Afrin,” commander of the Kurdish force in Aleppo, Firat Khalil, announced in a statement published by ANF media, which has ties to the force.

“Due to the silence of all world powers on the barbaric attacks, all the YPG and YPJ forces in Aleppo went to Afrin and participated in the defense. For this reason, the neighborhoods east of Aleppo have come under the control of regime forces,” he said.

The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the all-female force (YPJ) had been in control of the mainly Kurdish Sheikh Maqsood area of Aleppo.

The statement from Khalil confirms reports earlier on Thursday that forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had entered Sheikh Maqsood and raised their flag.

Pro-regime forces have also entered the Kurdish canton of Afrin to help the YPG and YPJ defend against a Turkish offensive.

A third convoy of Syrian forces arrived in Afrin on Thursday.

Civilians from eastern areas of the Kurdish self-autonomous region of Rojava in northern Syria have also travelled to Afrin to show their solidarity with the isolated canton.

A convoy traveling from the eastern canton of Jazira and the central one of Euphrates came under Turkish fire on Thursday, “injuring a number of them,” according to Abdulkarim Omar, co-chair of foreign affairs for Jazira canton.

It is believed they were bringing food and medicine to Afrin, Reuters photojournalist Rodi Said reported.


No impact yet from Syrian Deployment in Afrin - Russia Moves Its Advanced Su-57 Stealth Fighters Into Syria

Tyranny is Tyranny - People's History of the United States


Republicans Launch Disgusting Attacks Against Survivors Of School Shootings

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Persons Of Mean And Vile Condition - Peoples History of the United States

This video shaws the genisis of methods of social class control in the United States - highly instructive

Columbus,The Indians,and Human Progress - People's History of United States

For Chapter two visit here :

The Peoples History of United States by Howard Zinn may not be perfect but is a necessary good beginning or foundational for a new History of the United States.

Will the Opportunity for Further Inter Korean Dialogue be missed as Pentagon pushes ahead with South Korea - US Joint Drills ?

Democracy and Class Struggle says South Korean doublespeak on Arirang -  the drills simulate decapitation of North Korean leadership and invasion  of North Korea but the South Korean Newscaster does not regard them as provocations !

For South Korean Newsreader a definition of provocation;

something that incites, instigates, angers, or irritates.

The Military exercises do all these things and are a cause of inter Korean tensions and justification for North Korean military defence including nuclear defense.

Some honesty would go a long way to resolving inter Korean conflict not Arirang doublespeak

The first 500 0f 4000 Syrian Fighters enter Afrin

Democracy and Class Struggle says an additional 1,200 Turkish commando's were sent as reinforcements on Tuesday to support Turkish Offensive in Afrin.

So far, at least 500 fighters with Syrian government-aligned “popular committees” have entered Afrin to “fulfill their role in protecting Syrian territory,” a commander with the Kurdish-led People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Afrin told Syria Direct.

Syria Direct previously reported that 4,000 militiamen entered Afrin, but the YPG commander clarified that 4,ooo is the total number of fighters expected to arrive in “successive groups” over the course of a 10-day period. Two groups have arrived so far, Syrian state news agency SANA reported.

Pro-government fighters present in Afrin were deployed “to all borders, clash points and the fronts with Turkey,” on Wednesday, the YPG commander told Syria Direct. The commander requested anonymity because he is not authorized to speak with the media.


Afrin - Erdogans Grave

Syrian Government Forces Entered Afrin

Press Statement of DPRK Permanent Mission to UN on "Legality" of sanctions

Democracy and Class Struggle says it is members of the Security Council that pose a threat to peace, breach of peace and act of aggression.

They should not determine what is legal or illegal - the world is upside down.

  The Permanent Mission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to the United Nations issued a press statement on February 12 as regards the fact that one year has passed since the DPRK Government requested the UN Secretariat to organize an international forum of legal experts for clarification of legality of the "sanctions resolutions" of the UN Security Council imposed against the DPRK.

  Recalling that in January last year the DPRK proposed the UN Secretariat to organize an international forum of legal experts for clarification of legality of the "sanctions resolutions", the press statement said:

  The Permanent Mission of the DPRK to the United Nations, during past one year, has constantly requested for earliest organization of the international forum of legal experts to the UN Secretariat through the meetings with the secretary-general, the under-secretary-general for Political Affairs and the under-secretary-general for Legal Affairs, and the letters of the DPRK permanent representative addressed to the secretary-general for 5 times, releases of the Permanent Mission's press statements for 4 times as well as press conferences and interviews for 5 times.

  However, the UN Secretariat still turns away our just proposal for organizing an international forum of legal experts, continuously persisting in its outdated sophistry, saying that pursuant to Article 39 of the UN Charter, it is for the Security Council to determine whether or not a particular action or set of actions or a particular situation or dispute constitutes a threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression and thus it is for the Security Council to decide what recommendations to make or what measures are to be taken to maintain or restore international peace and security.

  The UN Secretariat should listen carefully to the voices raised from numerous legal experts and lawyers of many countries, who are supporting our proposal for international forum, insisting that the Security Council has no legal ground or moral justification to condemn nuclear test or launch of ICBM and satellite as violation of international law.

  The DPRK Permanent Mission to the UN requests once again the UN Secretariat to immediately respond in a positive way to our proposal for organizing an international forum of legal experts, in conformity with the mission stipulated in the UN Charter.

Afrin Rojava Kurdistan - the Battle Continues

Once a Poster Child for Austerity, Latvia Becomes a Hotbed of Corruption

Democracy and Class Struggle has no problem with Latvia's banks helping North Korea bypass sanctions that we do not agree with.

However when you are a neo liberal poster child invariably you put money as your God before people.

Capitalists and bankers are profit patriots and sell out their countries interests for personal ones therefore we are not in the least surprised by corruption in Latvia.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Ukraine on Fire by Oliver Stone

Ukraine on Fire: The Real Story - Full Documentary by Oliver Stone (Original English version) from on Vimeo.

YPG: Syrian government responded to protecting Syrian border’s duty

The People Protection Units (YPG) assured that after a month of the ongoing resistance in Afrin against the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries and calling for the Syrian government to do its duty protecting the Syrian border, military units responded to the calling and headed to station on the border in Afrin.

The spokesperson of YPG Nury Mahmoud issued a statement about the entrance of units of the Syrian army to Afrin and said,

“After passing a month on the legendary resistance of our forces against the Turkish occupation army and the terrorist organizations allied with it; Jabhet al-Nusra, IS and others and inflicting vast damage in the equipment, our units called for the Syrian government and its army to do their duty and participate in defending Afrin and protecting the Syrian border against this brutal invasion.

And the Syrian government met the calling and responded to the defence duty, and sent military units on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 to station on the border and participate in defending the unity of the Syrian lands and its border.”



Syrian state TV shows pro-government fighters enter Kurdish-held Afrin region

Rex Tillerson has been reported in Asia Times has given permission to Turkish forces to come to Manbij - this is the duplicity we expect from the United States who is trying to keep SOB Erdogan on side and betray Kurds.

The YPG/SDF Kurdish forces have to make some difficult life or death decisions.

The situation in Afrin is fluid - with claims and counter claims about presence of Syrian forces.

The Report above from Syrian TV is firm evidence that Syrian forces are in Afrin.

Turkey Threatens To Strike Syrian Army

Defend Peace - Japanese Communists should stop Shinzo Abe's drive to War and support Inter Korean Dialogue

Genuine Japanese Communists should support inter Korean dialogue and bring the Nippon Kaigi Japanese Imperialist lover Shinzo Abe to account.

Shinzo Abe is sabotaging inter Korean Dialogue and must be exposed for his warmongering.

PS Japanese Communists should drop their support for sanctions on North Korea and protect Japanese Koreans from Government  witch hunt.

Do not play Shinzo Abe's anti DPRK game for the rebirth of Japanese Imperialism.


Post Olympic Inter Korean Dialogue - The South Korean View

Democracy and Class Struggle welcomes the push back of Moon Jae in against Shinzo Abe the Nippon Kaigi warmonger SOB over the question of anti DPRK military exercises of US and South Korea and Japan.

However we are aware that for Moon Jae-in to stand against Japan and US over the military exercises will take considerable courage and determination  - but if he did so he would write a new positive chapter in Korean History.

The Turkish military has increased their activity in Afrin recently, sending another big convoy to this rural region in Aleppo’s northwestern countryside.

LEBANON (10:40 A.M.) – The Turkish military has increased their activity in Afrin recently, sending another big convoy to this rural region in Aleppo’s northwestern countryside.

According to pro-opposition accounts, the Turkish military send a large convoy of reinforcements to the northern part of Afrin; they reportedly entered from northern Aleppo.

The convoy consisted of a large number of military personnel, along with an entire column of Type M-60 Sabra and Leopard tanks.

Recently, Turkey stepped up their military operations in the area, as their rebel allies launched several attacks along multiple axes in the Afrin region.

The Syrian government forces have yet to enter the Afrin region, despite previous reports by members of the National Defense Forces (NDF) via social media.

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:45 P.M.) – The Syrian government forces have yet to enter the Afrin region, despite previous reports by members of the National Defense Forces (NDF) via social media.
According to a military source in Aleppo, the Syrian government forces have remained at the towns of Al-Zahra’a and Nubl near the Afrin axis; however, they have not received orders to enter.

The source added that the only forces to enter Afrin from the government territories were members of the YPG from the Sheikh Maqsoud District of Aleppo city.

It appears the main issue blocking the government troops from entering Afrin is the agreed upon terms between Damascus and the YPG/PYD.

The YPG/PYD are not in favor of handing over their heavy weapons to the Syrian government, which would ultimately make Afrin under Damascus’ control.

For the Syrian government, the only way they will approve of their forces entering Afrin is to have the YPG surrender their heavy weapons.


Monday, February 19, 2018




61 Organizations comprising 20,000 people organized from 15 districts of the Malwa belt of Punjab converged at the grain market in Barnala to protest against the black laws of Punjab Control of Organised Crime Act (PCOCA)and Punjab Prevention to Damage to Pubic-Private Property Act .it represented every opressed section of society from industrial workers,peasants,agricultural labour,govt.employees ,students,youth,doctors and intellectuals.

The prominent speakers were Buta Singh Burgill of Bharatiya Kisan Union (Dakaunda),Joginder Singh Ugrahan of Bharatiya Kisan Union (Ugrahan),Mukseh Mulaudh of Zameen parapti Sangharsh commitee ,Lakhwinder of Textile mazdoor and hosiery workers union,Pardeep Kasba of Punjab Students Union,Narain Dutt of Inquilabi Kendra ,Zora Nasrali of Punjab Khet Mazdoor Union,Raminder of Naujwan Bharat Sabha ,Bhagwant Singh Samau of Mazdoor Mukti Morcha,Jagmohan Singh of Association for Democratic rights ,Chatramal Goyal of medical practitioners association,Nirbay Dedhuke of Kirti Kisan Union,representative of Indian federation of trade Unions,.

All the speakers exposed the nefarious designs of the state in using Punjab Control of Organised Crime Act (PCOCA)laws in the false pretext of curbing criminal activity and goondaism.and actually completely utilising it to suppress all peoples movements and Organizations.

Today every section of Society has suffered the onslaught of globalisation and pro-corporate govt.policies leading to peasant suicides because of inability to repay loans,victimisation of workers through massive retrenchment,banning of strikes and denial of minumum wages,inability of students to afford fees in private institutions ,massive unemployment and sexual opression of women.

The speakers gave vivid day to day examples of the fascist designs of the black laws like PCOCA prevalent and how only peoples organized resistance could defeat them.They all aspired to achieve the dream of Shaheed Bhagat Singh and his comrades who were betrayed by the Gandhian Congress in 1947.

They explained how maximum powers were given now to the police force to use PCOCA law to violate all conventional liberties.The peasant leaders spoke about how Captain Amrinder did not fulfill a single promise he made to the families of suicide victims in term s of debt relief and compensation.“Now, Punjab government is planning PCOCA to control gangsters. Police will misuse it on the directions of politicians and innocents will be harassed.

The PCOCA would further multiply the problems for common man,” State General Sectary of Istri Jagriti Manch Amandeep Deol said.

The protesters alleged that government does not face any danger from common man. The agitators rued that the state has sold government properties at lower rates to favour their near ones while new taxes were being imposed on poor.

It was one of the biggest rallies ever staged in protest against black laws in the history of Punjab..Event was of great significance to prevent the ascendancy of fascism when the state is investing every ounce of energy into introducing laws to ban and suppress democratic movements and organizations.The joint front of so many organizations and unity of several trends made the event a sweeping success.

The venue literally resembled an Ocean shimmering the torch of justice to extinguish the dark rays of fascism.The participants wrote a new chapter in the history of rallies organized against state repression ,swarming in like bees to the rally.It was reminiscent of a huge army assembled.,preparing for a war.It was a tribute to the meticulous grassroots work and preparation work of the leaders and activists of all the participating groups. The unity of industrial workers and peasants had great significance as well as the participation of the student community.The role of the industrial workers was particularly noteworthy .

The rally had great political significance with the fascist attacks of the administration on all sections of people like the mass arrests of peasants when protesting.police attacks on campuses, and brutal lathi charges on industrial workers.It was great example to the whole nation when fascist attacks on movements and activists are becoming the order of the day .

It proved the great potential of the oppressed classes of Punjab in giving major resistance to the fascist trends prevailing and the their deep frustrations generated by the oppressive social order.The event was a true model .of a revolutionary democratic protest to the entire nation playing a major role in elevation the democratic political consciousness of every section of the masses.

Syria: Convoy of Aleppo residents arrives in Afrin amid reports of YPG-Syrian govt. deal

A convoy of residents of Aleppo was greeted by thousands of people in Afrin on Monday, in a show of unity amid an escalation of Turkish shelling of numerous villages in the Kurdish-dominated region.

A significant number of convoy members reportedly hailed mostly from Aleppo's mostly Kurdish districts.

The convoy arrived in Afrin following Syrian State TV reports of a deal between pro-Syrian government forces and the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) to allow forces loyal to the Syrian government in the Afrin region.

Authorities have not confirmed these reports. According to local media, armed troops are due to enter the city imminently, following an YPG-Syrian government agreement to deploy pro-Syrian government fighters on the Turkish border.

Hezbollah and Israel plus Syrian Army And YPG Working To Reach Deal Over Afrin


US-led War Games: The greatest obstacle to peace by Hyun Lee

Democracy and Class Struggle says sometimes the obvious escapes people, the DPRK developed its nuclear weapons because of the nuclear blackmail and threats from the US, including these annual war games which are simulated plans to invade North Korea and kill its leadership -  if that threat was removed permanently then a discussion of a Nuclear Free Korean Peninsula becomes a possibility - with their continuation there will be no prospect of peace let alone future de- nuclearisation,

Seize the Time South Korea - Give Peace a Chance 

The United States and Japan are currently conducting joint military exercises even as the Winter Olympics are still ongoing. The dock landing ship USS Rushmore, with elements of the U.S. 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit and the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (SDF),concluded five days of amphibious landing exercises off the Southern California coast on February 7.

The annual Cope North exercise, involving more than 100 aircraft and 2,850 personnel of the U.S. Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy, as well as the Japan Air Self-Defense Force and the Royal Australian Air Force, began on February 14 and will take place in Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands through March 2. The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force and the US Navy will also hold a four-day computer-simulated joint missile defense drill on board Aegis destroyers starting February 16.

Key Resolve Foal Eagle, the joint US-ROK war games that happen every year in the Spring have been delayed this year due to the Olympics but are scheduled to resume in April. Ulchi Freedom Guardian, another massive joint military exercise, is scheduled for August. These exercises are offensive war games. Last year’s Foal Eagle involved 300,000 South Korean and 15,000 US troops, including the notorious SEAL Team six, the unit that assassinated Osama Bin Laden. It also involved B-1B and B-52 nuclear bombers, F22 and F35 stealth fighters, as well as an aircraft carrier and a nuclear submarine. These exercises rehearse OPLAN 5015, a war plan that includes special forces assassinations, contingencies for North Korea’s regime collapse, preemptive strikes, and the so-called Korea Massive Punishment & Retaliation (KMPR) battle plan, which involves surgical strikes against key North Korean leadership figures and military infrastructure.

The upcoming military exercises pose the greatest obstacle to efforts for peace and North-South reconciliation in the current moment. 

If they move ahead as planned, North Korea will almost certainly respond by resuming nuclear and/or ballistic missile tests. 

Moving forward with the joint war games, in other words, is the surest way to undermine the process of detente that has begun between the North and South through their Olympic cooperation.

A North-South summit that can pave the way for talks between the United States and North Korea is our only chance at peace on the Korean peninsula. It is essential, therefore, for those who desire genuine peace in Korea to raise a unified voice urging the White House and the Pentagon to halt the provocative joint war games and support the Korean initiative for dialogue. Let us nurture the seed sowed in PyeongChang to take root for lasting peace.


Turkey commits War Crimes in Afrin and British Government is Silent

Syrian Popular Forces to Arrive in Afrin to combat Turkish Aggression

Nuri Mahmoud, a spokesman for the People's Protection Units (YPG), told Al Jazeera on Monday that they are calling on the Syrian government forces "to preserve a united Syria", in a development that could mean regime forces might directly confront Turkish troops in the region.

Aleppo, SANA – SANA’s reporter in Aleppo said on Monday that popular forces are to arrive in Afrin area soon to support locals in facing the aggression launched by the Turkish regime on the area since January 20th.

The reporter said that the arrival of popular forces will strengthen the locals’ resilience and resistance against the Turkish aggression which targets infrastructure, public and private properties, and economic and services establishments.

The Turkish regime has been waging a barbaric aggression on Afrin area for almost a month, using various types of weapons and shells including the internationally-prohibited chlorine gas, killing and injuring hundreds of civilians and destroying infrastructure, properties, and historical landmarks.

Hazem Sabbagh

North Korea warns US against ruining South détente

U.S. Condemned for Obstructing Improvement of Inter-Korean Relations

  The National Reunification Institute on Feb. 14 made public an indictment slamming how the United States has obstructed the improvement of the north-south relations and the peace and the reunification of the Korean Peninsula in every way and laying bare the true colors.

  The indictment cited facts that the U.S. has dampened the reconciliation and unity of the Korean nation and trampled on the desire for the reunification through impudent interference and undisguised pressure since it occupied south Korea.

  Such moves have reached an extreme phase since Trump came to power, the indictment says, and goes on:

  When the pro-democracy and pro-reform forces came to power in south Korea after Park Geun Hye was ousted from power as she was hell-bent on pro-U.S. actions and confrontation with the fellow countrymen of the north, Trump told the regime that he would toughly deal with the north issue, the south-north summit is possible under special conditions only and dialogue for dialogue is not allowed.

  U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson, U.S. Secretary of Defense Mattis, National Security Adviser of the White House McMaster and other U.S. VIPs flew into Seoul one on the heels of the other and talked nonsense that it is of the most urgent necessity for the north to show the will to dismantle its nukes first and told the south Korean authorities not to improve the relations with the north without due consideration.

  When this year has witnessed a dramatic reconciliation phase thanks to the proactive measure and sincere efforts of the DPRK, Trump said that he supported the north-south dialogue 100 percent for the fear of criticism by the public at home and abroad but cried out for persistently enforcing the policy of the maximum pressure on the north and wooed his underlings to pressurize the south Korean authorities.

  The U.S. threw a serious roadblock in the way of improving the inter-Korean ties and the national reunification by escalating the tension on the Korean Peninsula through ceaseless arms build-up and frantic aggression war rackets against the north.

  Last year Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military maneuvers were staged for two months. Mobilized in the exercises were hundreds of thousands of troops and huge strategic assets and even U.S. special forces enough to carry out a war.

  The drills were unprecedented in their military strength, scale, intensity and period.

  Not content with spitting out such warlike remarks as "fire and fury" and "the calm before the storm", Trump unhesitatingly appeared on the UN forum to say that he would totally destroy tens of millions of Korean people.

  Right after the dramatic climate of reconciliation has been created between the north and the south and the Winter Olympics was held in south Korea this year, the Trump group announced they would immediately resume Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises after the Olympics, even though they unwillingly postponed the exercises.

  Noting that the U.S. has persistently resorted to the despicable moves of disturbing reconciliation, cooperation and exchange between the north and the south through vicious smear campaign, sanctions and pressure upon the DPRK, the indictment goes on:

  The U.S. organized anti-DPRK bodies such as "Citizens Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea" and "Network for Democratization of North Korea" on a large scale and spent a huge amount of money for them in a bid to put the north-south confrontation to the extremes for 9 years after the conservative group took the power in south Korea.

  Trump, incumbent president of the U.S., imprudently behaved, vociferating about "settlement of the nuclear issue of the north" after his assumption of office only to experience a hot agony of shame due to the DPRK's step of boosting up self-defensive nuclear force. Then he got frantic with the anti-DPRK moves, labeling the DPRK as "human rights abuser" with the mobilization of "defectors from the north" under the pretence of the worn-out "human rights issue of the north".

  Historically the U.S. has fabricated all sorts of laws such as the "Trading with the Enemy Act", "Export Control Act," "Foreign Assistance Act" and "Export-Import Bank Act" to impose unprecedented economic sanctions upon the DPRK and prevented south Korea and other vassal forces from doing economic cooperation with the DPRK.

  From the beginning of the year the U.S. called for "maximum pressure" on the north until it abandons nuclear and missile program, mischievously behaving linking the technical matters the south Korean authorities promoted for the DPRK's participation in the Winter Olympics to provisions of the UN "sanctions resolution" and "independent sanctions".

  Resorting to high-handed and arbitrary practices and shameless interference over the past 70 years since its occupation of a half of Korea, the U.S. has trampled down upon the aspiration and wishes of the Korean nation for the improvement of the inter-Korean relations and national reunification.

The historical thrice-cursed crimes of the U.S. prove that the U.S. is the sworn enemy of  the Korean nation and the biggest hurdle in the way for peace and reunification.

  The U.S. should properly understand the ever-growing aspiration and will of Koreans for national reunification and stop at once the anachronistic and unethical criminal acts against the improvement of the north-south relations and reunification of Korea

Post-Olympics inter-Korean relations

Democracy and Class Struggle says if the principal goal of South Korea is denuclearisation with inter Korean talks they are not likely to make progress anytime soon.

The resumption of the US South Korean  military exercises to decapitate North Korea are also likely to undermine inter Korean dialogue - even terminate it.

Confidence building not military exercises is the need of the hour

Inter Korean family exchanges look possible but pressure on South Korea from the United States disguised as "International Pressure" is still trying to put the chain back on the South Korean dog who has been off the leash during the Olympics..

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Drawing the Color Line - From a Peoples History of the United States

The Harder the Struggle the More Glorious the Victory - Smash Turkish Invaders and FSA scum in Afrin

The Eight Youths Incident at Guangdong University of Technology has caused a public uproar : Mao still speaks to the Youth of China

The recent arrest and manhunt of eight youths for participating in a [Marxist] reading session at Guangdong University of Technology (GUT) caused a major public uproar. 

Numerous students and other people have expressed solidarity with the youths and called for justice.'

The severe handling and the public response to the “Eight Youths” Incident are unheard of. 

The incident has yet to be publicly confirmed by the police since their intrusion of the reading session on November 15th, 2017. Zhang, Sun, Zheng, and Ye are bailed from remand while the other four youths are still wanted.

On 15 November, two youths taking part in a leftist reading circle at Guangdong University of Technology in Guangzhou, were arrested by police on the ridiculous pretext of “illegal business operations”. 

This was later changed to “gathering crowds to disturb social order”, a very common charge against worker activists and others. 

Half a month later, two organisers of the reading group were detained on the same charge. 

Four other participants are still wanted by the police.
At least seven of the eight youth are Maoist comrades.

Three staff members from a well-known labour NGO in Guangdong were sentenced to harsh prison terms in 2016

So the growing number of young leftists, representing the radicalisation of the Chinese masses, and their attempts to propagandise Maoism as contemporary Marxism, seems very dangerous to the CCP whose rule is based on “capitalism with Chinese characteristics”.


Afrin : According to SDF the fighting continues on five fronts and Turkish army bombarded several villages damaging homes.

According to SDF the fighting continues on five fronts and Turkish army bombarded several villages damaging homes.


In Shera front fighting emerged around Dikmedash village between SDF and invading forces. Chema village was targeted by the Turkish army.

Heavy fighting was reported around Deraqliya and Carinceke villages on Saturday night.


In Jindires district Turkish artillery targeted Dewa and Til Silor villages from Saturday night until the early hours of Sunday.

Locals report that SDF fighters targeted Turkish military positions around Axcele village but no information could be obtained about the results of the action.


Turkish warplanes bombed the area around Sheikhorze village and Turkish artillery hit the villages and SDF positions along the border.


In Afrin city center Turkish army launched an artillery attack at 23h00. Surrounding villages were targeted as well as the city center.

Aaj Bazar Mein -- Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Professor G N Saibaba reminds us of Faiz Ahmed Faiz in his poetic letter to us all on 7th February 2018 from Nagpur Jail 

I am living on the margins of life.
My pain, a voiceless song,
my being a nameless mote.
If only my pain could speak,
I’d know who I am.
And if myself could find its essence,
I’d unravel the mystery of this world.
If I could seize this hidden mystery,
my silence would find expression

(Faiz Ahmad Faiz)

Faiz Ahmed Faiz is amongst the most famous poets of last century. Faiz, who was hounoured by Lenin Peace Prize in 1963, was seldom subjected to arrests by the right-wing pro-imperialist military regimes of Pakistan. 

Once, during the dictatorship of General Zia-ul-Haq, he was arrested and taken to the police station in front of the public. In this context, he wrote 'Aaj Bazar mein'

Aaj bazaar main pa ba jolan chalo
aaj bazaar main pa bajolan chalo
let us walk in bazaar in shackles
Chashm-e-nam, jaan-e-shoreeda kafi nahin
wet eyes and restless soul is not enough
Tohmat-e-ishq-posheeda kafi nahin
being charged for nurturing concealed love is not enough
aaj bazaar main pa-bajolan chalo
let us walk in bazaar in shackles
Dast afshan chalo, mast-o-raqsan chalo
let us go with afshan in hand, in trance and dancing
Khak bar sar chalo, khoon badaman chalo
go with dust on head and blood on garb
Rah takta hai sub shehr-e-janaan chalo
Go as the city of my beloved is waiting
Hakim-e-shehr bhi, majma-e-aam bhi
City’s ruler and crowd of commoners
Teer-e-ilzam bhi, sang-e-dushnam bhi
arrow of false charge, stone of accusation
Subh-e-nashaad bhi, roz-e-naakaam bhi
morning of sorrow, day of failure
Unka dum-saaz apnay siwa kaun hai
who is their friend except me
Shehr-e-janaan main ab baa-sifa kaun hai
who is untainted in the city of beloved
Dast-e-qatil kay shayan raha kaun hai
who deserve the killers or executioners hand
Rakht-e-dil bandh lo, dil figaro chalo
get ready for the journey of heart, go wounded heart
Phir hameen qatl ho aain yaro chalo
let me go to be executed





US Propose to slap 53% Tariff on South Korean Steel while North Korean media argue for resumption of inter Korean Exchanges

The United States thinks its South Korean running dog has got off the leash and must be punished with 53% tariffs on Steel.

Are we faced with a new crisis engineered by US to bring down South Korean Economy as in Asian Financial Crash in 1997.

Meanwhile North Korea is trying to normalize relations with South Korea.

Will 2018 see the South Korean running dog be put back on its chain or will it run loose ?

Saturday, February 17, 2018

G N Saibaba - India's greatest Son at the beginning of 21st Century writes from Nagpur Jail

India - Saibaba - Political Prisoner

7th February 2018.

A letter to dear students and my fellow teachers,
I dream of being in my classroom
day and night fettered behind
the strong iron beams
of my tiny solitary prison cell
I see you, talk to you
and hug you by the force
of my frail land challenged life
in my unchained mind’s eye
as the desire for freedom
flows through the sinews
and veins of my blood stream
even as I am caged
far away from you
Teaching is my forte’,
breath and life, you know
I embraced literature 
for it clasps us with
our troubled histories,
philosophies and economics
of pangs of pain, tears,
fears and hopes
for a bright new day
The cage of lies,
seditious clauses
and conspitorial confabulations
confine and keep me away
from your intimate and critical
engagement with knowledge
and warm affection for the liberty
of the trampled earth.

Dear friends,

I have lived all my conscious life on the campuses of learning and teaching in search of knowledge, love and freedom. In the course of this search, I learnt that freedom for a few was no freedom. I began to study histories, philosophies and literatures with more eagerness and critical engagement. 

That led me to look around myself closely. I travelled across and met people living in sub-human conditions. I realised that they never tasted freedom very much like me. I understood that castes and freedom can never co-exist. I began to speak to myself. Then I slowly started to speak to my fellow beings on my journey. I grasped of a great void of silence around me. 

I saw a society of silence. I dashed myself against the boulders of silence. I brutally wounded myself. A vast majority of the multitudes have never been allowed to break their silence. Centuries of silence solidified in our lives below the high and barren rocks of argumentative India. I desired to break the prison house of silence. I struggled within myself. The rocks were hard to move. I realised that I carried within myself our silent society. It wasn’t an easy journey.

It was such a long journey, strenuous and painful. Eventually, I thought I gathered a voice myself. I wanted my fellow beings also to have a voice of their own so that we could converse. In the process, my voice gradually began to emerge. I bewildered to see that my voice was heard. After some time, my voice even started to rise a bit. Then, suddenly fell an axen on my throat. My voice was silenced in one stroke.

Friends, today, I reel under excruciating pain relentlessly. The closure of my voice within me exploded my crippled body from each of my organ. One after the other, my organs started bursting. The silence within me explodes into shooting pain. My vocal cords acquired lesion making my voice a thin and inaudible shrill. My heart broke with Hypertrophic cardiomayopathy. 

My brain has started having blackouts with a condition called syncope. My kidneys are silted with pebbles; gallbladder gathered stones and pancreas grew a tail of pain called pancreatitis. Nerve lines in my left shoulder broke under the conditions of my arrest, named as brachial plexopathy. More and more organs of silence replaced the original. I have been living with explosive and shooting pain day in and day out.

I am living on the margins of life.
My pain, a voiceless song,
my being a nameless mote.
If only my pain could speak,
I’d know who I am.
And if myself could find its essence,
I’d unravel the mystery of this world.
If I could seize this hidden mystery,
my silence would find expression
(Faiz Ahmad Faiz)

Eleven long months have passed. I continue to languish under the brutal conditions of incarceration without any relief. I am forced to live without any human dignity and bodily integrity. 

The conditions under which I am living have reduced me to sub-human and inhuman levels. You think of the crime attributed to me: I have lived for freedom, I have tried to find the voice of the voiceless and I tried to find my voice. I wrote about them, I spoke about them, those my fellow beings who are not allowed to have the voice of their own for centuries. This is my crime. 

Degrading my body and mind is not simply removing humanity from me alone, it is an act of dehumanising our entire society; our civilizational existence.

I hope none of you feel sympathetic to my condition. I don’t believe in sympathy, I only believe in solidarity. I intended to tell you my story only because I believe that it is also your story. Also because I believe my freedom is your freedom.

With love and regards
G.N. Saibaba
Andacell, Central prison


Russia Debate: Kyle Kulinski verses Cenk Uygur

Democracy and Class Struggle says there is much confusion amongst US liberals about Trump and Russia and this debate above confirms it. 

Jimmy Dore issued a warning about the confusion.

Our view from the beginning is that Trump is compromised by a money trail to Russian Oligarchs which goes back decades - the Russian Government knows all  about that - but that shoe has not dropped yet in the Mueller investigation.

We felt from the beginning that Russia acting like America interfering in Elections would be politically counter productive and create more problems for Russian Diplomacy and Lavrov's work  than it would solve.

What Russia might have perceived as short term influence success is a long term nightmare.

'Trump’s threats of pre-emptive strike give N.Korea motivation to strike first' - ex-US Defense Secretary

Democracy and Class Struggle warns against any reassurance about Mattis from former US Minister of Defense and a pre emptive strike on North Korea - as Trump faces challenge to his Presidency in 2018 expect the unexpected and think the unthinkable !

Thirteen Russians charged over 2016 US election meddling

Surprise ! Surprise ! Russia does what the US does interfere around the world in other people's elections.

Also indicates that FBI and US Intelligence has deeply penetrated Russian Intelligence.

Also a lot of financial forensics tracing money - augurs a bad year for Trump.

Friday, February 16, 2018

After two days of high-level security meetings between US and Turkish officials, US Defense Secretary James Mattis pointed out that Washington is supporting NATO-ally Turkey, in part, because of the threats it faces internally.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — After two days of high-level security meetings between US and Turkish officials, US Defense Secretary James Mattis pointed out that Washington is supporting NATO-ally Turkey, in part, because of the threats it faces internally.

"Let me just hit on Turkey right up front. Turkey is a NATO ally. It is the only NATO country with an active insurgency inside its own border," Mattis told reporters late Sunday night.

Mattis stated the two countries' militaries are meeting daily right now, describing the "legitimate security concerns" of Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey as a "very complex campaign" and "tough."

Specifically, he explained: "We are assisting Turkey, a number of the nations are assisting Turkey, in terms of missile defense and counter-terrorism."

Mattis highlighted that already after a year into the presidency of Donald Trump; NATO members have reversed what was a "downward trend" on defense spending.

[Y]ou see it with the number of nations that have already achieve 2.0 [percent of GDP], or will here this year, and you see it in the number that have national plans to get 2.0," he said.

Mattis, who heads the Department of Defense, made his remarks after Trump's national security advisor, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, met on Saturday and Sunday in Istanbul with Turkey's Ibrahim Kalyn, deputy secretary-general and Turkish presidential spokesperson.

"Long-term strategic partnership relations between Turkey and the U.S. were reaffirmed and the two countries’ priorities and sensitivities were discussed," stated Kalin, calling the two countries "long-standing allies."

The Turkish statement did not single out any terror groups.

"[M]atters, which negatively affect bilateral relations, were discussed in detail, and ways of developing joint fight against terrorism in all its forms were investigated," added Kalin.

The White House statement was nearly identical to Kalin's.

However, they "explored ways to expand the joint fight against all forms of terrorism."

As ISIS has been militarily defeated in Iraq and northern Syria, its foreign militants have often tried to flee through Turkey.

Additionally, the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) has re-ignited an armed insurgency against the Turkish state, seeking greater political, cultural, and minority rights for Kurds and others. Washington and Ankara list the PKK as a terrorist organization.

The US-led Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS has supported Kurdish fighters in their Syrian campaign. Most belong to the People's Protection Units (YPG) and are the backbone of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Turkey considers the YPG as an extension of the PKK. The YPG denies any organic links to the Turkish political party.

However with no credible reports of an ISIS presence, the United States did not prevent Turkey's Operation Olive Branch assault on the Kurdish canton of Afrin in Syria; but at the same time, has said it understands that people in Afrin want to protect their homes.

The UK-based conflict monitor Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported four civilians killed in Afrin canton by Turkish strikes on Sunday, bringing the total to 74 since Turkey launched the operation on January 20. Kurdish officials have claimed the death toll is at least as high as 160.

Turkey denies targeting civilians, but YPG Commander Sipan Hamo claims that 90 percent of the Turkish strikes target civilian populations.

Jimmy Kimmel on School Shooting in Parkland, Florida

The NRA and the American Civil Liberties Union say that people with mental issues should have guns - it is the NRA and the American Civil Liberties Union are defending the indefensible.while school children continue to die.

Turkey and Kurdish Struggle : From Mattis to Tillerson Perfidy Unleashed

Democracy and Class Struggle says a major Turkish Offensive Against Afrin "coincides" with Mattis and Tillerson meeting with Turkish counterparts.

Ankara is pushing Washington to cut its ties with the Kurdish YPG, the dominant force in the SDF – the coalition’s chief ally fighting ISIS in Syria. Turkey believes the YPG is a Syrian branch of the PKK, a named terror organization.

“We demanded this relationship be ended. I mean we want them to end all the support given to the Syrian army of PKK, the YPG,” Turkey’s Defence Minister Nurettin Canikli told reporters in Brussels, a day after meeting US Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

“We demanded this structure be removed from SDF,” Canikli said.

Mattis spoke positively of progress in ongoing talks with Turkey. “I believe we are finding common ground and there are areas of uncommon ground, where sometimes war just gives you bad alternatives to choose from…” he told reporters at the NATO defence ministers meeting in Brussels.

“We continue to collaborate on ways to ensure their legitimate concerns are addressed,” he added.

US officials have said they understand Turkey has security concerns on its border with Syria, but has maintained its relationship with the YPG, providing arms and training in the war against ISIS, despite Turkey’s concerns.

Ankara has demanded the United States take back any heavy weapons given to the YPG, alleging that the arms have been used by the PKK against Turkey.

The United States has “never given heavy arms to the YPG so there is none to take back,” US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Thursday.

Tillerson has arrived in Ankara for meetings with Turkish officials. He will meet Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Friday morning.

Spokesman of YPG: We do not oppose any party wants to support us

The spokesman for the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Afrin, Brusk Hasakah, said that they do not oppose any party if it wants to support them, pointing out that their forces did not formally invite the forces of the regime or Russia to enter Afrin.

This came during a telephone call to the spokesman of (YPG) in Afrin, Brusk Hasaka, during his participation in the news of Ronahi channel.

He said “We are not fighting only one side, but we are fighting several sides. We are fighting Turkey, the second force in NATO, and those who claim to be a free army and al-Qaeda.”

Brusk explained that Afrin is Syrian land and its Kurdish people are part of the Syrian people. 

He pointed out that the rumors that the People’s Protection Units and the Syrian Democratic Forces demanded that the forces of the regime or Russia enter Afrin are not correct and said that “the rumors that have emerged are far from reality and we did not formally request them to enter Afrin.”

He stressed that they do not oppose the offer of any party, support, as happened in Kobani when the international coalition supported them in the fight against IS.

He pointed out that the whole world was looking at Afrin and its forces with a “small eye,” and referred to the Turkish statements to enter Afrin within two days, but the resistance shown by our forces and the people, amazed the world and proved the contrary.

He concluded by saying that they took their will from the resistance shown by the martyrs and the people in confronting the aggression

Turkish Advance ? Statement from Syrian Democratic Forces

The media center of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)  said that their forces destroyed several military vehicles belonging to the Turkish occupation forces and mercenaries, and killed a number of elements of the Turkish occupation forces and its  mercenaries during the past 24 hours.

The media center of the Syrian Democratic Forces revealed in a statement the outcome of the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on Afrin and military operations in the past 24 hours.

The text of the statement:

1 – Afrin: Stêrk village was the target of heavy shelling by the Turkish invasion army , where the shelling continued indiscriminately since the hours of yesterday evening and continued until late at night and caused severe damage to homes and village property.

– Azaz city was a center of a heavy shelling that targeted Cuqê village and Stêrk village yesterday night. The shelling started at 3:30 pm and lasted for hours, and intermittently four shells landed in Cuqê village and three shells in Stêrk village.'

2 – Jandiers: Our forces spotted 4 military vehicles of the Turkish invasion army and its terrorists (Jabhat al-Nousra and IS mercenaries) in the vicinity Dêwa village and targeted them with shelling, causing direct injuries, which were all destroyed at 3:30 pm yesterday and the flames rose from them, and has been documented on video []

After that, photos obtained from the vicinity of the village showing the army of the Turkish invasion and the terrorists . They used the children as human shields in their invasion against Afrin. A group of children appeared in the pictures, surrounded by a military machine loaded with Dushka arms. Jandiers was bombed, and that was yesterday evening.

– The anti-flight reconnaissance aircraft overflew the skies of Jandiers at 7 am this morning.

– The village of Sindianika was the target of heavy shelling since 1 pm this afternoon, where the shelling continues until the time of preparation of this report.

And in a scene confirms the brutality and barbarity of the Turkish invasion army and the terrorists has been the cemetery and the shrine of Abdul Rahman heavy artillery bombardment yesterday evening, confirming that this invasion targeted even our graves and monuments after targeting the archaeological sites and infrastructure and neighborhoods and villages populated by civilians.

– In the afternoon hours, the Turkish invasion army and the terrorists tried to advance on the axis of Muhammadiyah village. Our forces clashed with them and returned them after heavy losses. The terrorists left their dead on the battlefield and fled. Our forces pursue them and clashed with them until the time of preparing this report in the vicinity and hills of the village.

3. Shira: At 9 pm last night, Bavlon village was the target of air raids by the Turkish invasion army, where the village was attacked by an air strike targeting civilian houses.

4 – Raju: Our troops spotted an armored vehicle of the Turkish invasion army on the axis of the village of (Kanya Batmanê) in the hours of yesterday evening and targeted a direct injury caused by the high flames from them.

– In the afternoon hours of the day, the village of Kharrabeh Surk was the target of heavy artillery shelling by the Turkish invasion army and the terrorists, where they damaged the houses of civilians and destroyed the village mosque.

– On the axis of Haj Khalil village and Mount Mîra (Çiyayê Mîra) the Turkish invasion army and the terrorists used heavy weapons to bomb the vicinity of the mountain and the village where the bombing began at 1 pm  this afternoon and continues until the moment of preparation this report.

– On the axis of Shadia village, our forces faced the Turkish invasion army and the terrorists of last night where a tank was signed with a four-wheel drive in the ambush and targeted the ambush directly, where the tank was destroyed and the car in full and killed

5 – Shia (Sheik al-Hadid): Our forces spotted the movements of the Turkish invasion army and the terrorists in the vicinity of the village of Jaqala, and ambushed them last night where a four-wheeled military vehicle was ambushed and completely destroyed.


Leaders of S. Korea, Norway discuss N. Korea, economic cooperation

Democracy and Class Struggle hopes that Norway can play a role in constructive engagement with both Korea's and facilitate inter Korean co-operation and help resolve the crisis on the Korean peninsula.

Nepal: Primitive to Modern Communism by Jason W Smith plus Kiran on Prachanda's Revisionism

Democracy and Class Struggle publish this lecture by Jason Smith as a backgrounder to Nepalese Communism - it does not analyse Bhattarai's and Prachanda's revisionism therefore we find it necessary to add an extract from Kiran on the October Revolution and a link to an article by Basanta to clear any confusion about Prachanda's politics. 


After the death of Mao, many communist parties and organisations of the world pushed revolution and tasks of the communist movement ahead in keeping with the given situation.

The Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) was constituted in this course.

The process of People‘s war in the countries including Peru, Philippines, India and Nepal continued advancing. These events created a new hope and encouragement.

However, the revolution and the communist movement suffered another setback.

The people‘s war in Peru reached almost to extinction.

A part of leadership, Prachanda and Baburam, severely betrayed revolution in Nepal. 

Bob Avakian from the USA followed the path of deviation other than MarxismLeninism-Maoism. 

The RIM reached almost to a defunct condition.

At present, the international communist movement is mainly divided into two streams. They are: right revisionist stream and the revolutionary stream.

The right revisionists, following the path of class collaborationism, parliamentarianism and cabinetism as opposed to class struggle, dictatorship of the proletariat and the theory of violence and becoming agents of imperialism, have joined the reactionary rank and state power.

Their utterance of Marxism and Communism is merely to hold an advertisement and a hoarding board to deceive the people. Contrary to this, the revolutionary stream in the world is also advancing facing many complexities.

The process of people‘s war and new democratic revolution is advancing in many countries including Philippines and India.After the dissolution of socialism and restoration of capitalism in the countries including Russia, the apologists of imperialism and reactionaries have been forcefully creating noise that Communism is dead and the bourgeois democracy has been without alternative.

However, the fact is not that, the globalised imperialism has been entangled in serious crisis, the liberalism to which they claimed to be without alternative has completely failed and the proponents of liberalism have now started favouring protectionism.

The imperialism is getting destroyed in itself. The synthesis reached by Marx that though the Paris Commune has been destroyed, its principles are eternal and they will appear time and again till the oppressed classes are liberated is a scientific truth.

Though the socialist countries have suffered counter-revolution, the principles of October Revolution, like the principles of Paris Commune, will remain immortal and they will appear time and again until the world proletariat and the broad masses of the people are liberated. The birth of the Communism is inevitable.

Lesson from history and our task

In studying October Revolution and Leninism, on the one hand, we must learn from history, and on the other, we must pay attention to our task. In regard to this, the important questions we need to seriously keep in mind are as follows:

First: Dialectics of revolution :The revolution advances dialectically ahead, not in a straight but in a zigzag line, amid rise and fall. According to Lenin, one of the laws of revolution is that the defeated exploiter class firmly resists for long keeping all of its things at risk. After one‘s state power has been destroyed and the heaven of plunder has been snatched, he furiously, emotionally and passionately engages in restoring the lost power. Lenin says,

The transition from capitalism to communism takes an entire historical epoch. Until this epoch is over, the exploiters inevitably cherish the hope of restoration, and this hope turns into attempts at restoration.?14 From this assertion by Lenin a conclusion can be drawn that the possibility of counter-revolution always exists and a historical era is required for the final victory of proletarian revolution.

Second: Petty-bourgeois attitude: Petty-bourgeois attitude always vacillates. The petty-bourgeoisie swing towards revolution when it approaches victory and swing towards counter-revolution when it is defeated. Lenin says, "In the train of the capitalist exploiters follow the wide sections of the petty bourgeoisie, with regard to whom decades of historical experience of all countries testify that they vacillate and hesitate, one day marching behind the proletariat and the next day taking fright at the difficulties of the revolution; that they become panic-stricken at the first defeat or semidefeat of the workers, grow nervous, run about aimlessly, snivel,nd rush from one camp into the other -?just like our Mensheviks and Socialist- Revolutionaries."15These assertions by Lenin apply well in the context of today‘s world and Nepal as well.

Third: The whim of becoming a so-called new: There seems a whim of becoming new in the world and Nepalese communist movement. The utterances like the propositions of Marx, Lenin and Mao have lagged behind, one must not stick to the old and the theory should be creatively developed seem to have been presented in an attractive way. The old path, conservatism and dogmatism are opposed but that new and creativity have ultimately gone to serve the reaction.

If we talk of Nepal, the erstwhile CPN UML and the present Prachanda and Baburam, in their whim to become new, have degenerated into reaction.

We must firmly oppose the old path, conservatism and dogmatism to make revolution; however that opposition must not be from the empiricist, right revisionist and reactionary perspective but from Marxist one.

Great Lenin had vehemently opposed dogmatism and empiricism in the course of developing theory and the angle of his opposition was Marxist.

Fourth: Democratic republic and cabinetism: Till the whole twentieth century and the initial period of the twenty first century, the spectre of democratic republic and cabinetism caused to frighten the ICM. And it is frightening now in Nepal very much.

The communists had accepted democratic republic during a period of struggle against feudalism, nevertheless after capitalism changed into imperialism and reaction they opposed it.

Lenin put forward a slogan of the Soviet Republic against democratic republic.

The democratic republic is the main form of old democratic revolution and the bourgeois parliamentarian system. After the First World War and the Russian October Revolution, the era of democratic republic= and bourgeois parliamentarian republic ended, and the era of proletarian socialist revolution begun.

The democratic revolution that is accomplished in the underdeveloped countries became a part of socialist revolution. Let it be remembered, Mao has explicitly clarified it in his article headed On new democracy.?

Nevertheless, what is strange is that those who want others to call them communist shamelessly say that the establishment of democratic republic is the beginning of new chapter of new era.

What more theoretical and political degeneration can be other than this?

So far as the question of cabinetism is concerned, it has dangerously appeared in Nepal before us. Lenin says, The petty-bourgeois democrats, those sham socialists who replaced the class struggle by dreams of class harmony, even pictured the socialist transformation in a dreamy fashion—not as the overthrow of the rule of the exploiting class, but as the peaceful submission of the minority to the majority which has become aware of its aims.

This petty-bourgeois utopia, which is inseparable from the idea of the state being above classes, led in practice to the betrayal of the interests of the working classes, as was shown,for example, by the history of the French revolutions of 1848 and 1871, and by the experience of socialist? participation in bourgeois Cabinets in Britain, France, Italy and other countries at the turn of the century.16

After the February revolution in Russia, the social democrats and Mensheviks had joined the reactionary bourgeois cabinet and Lenin had termed them agent, pawn and puppet of the bourgeoisie.

Yes, same type of new puppets is emerging now in Nepal in the name of communists.

Fifth: Preparation of revolution: The revolutions that were carried out in 1905, 1917 February and October in Russia were the consequences of planned theoretical, political, organisational and military preparation made by Lenin. In this context, Lenin had carried out ruthless ideological struggle against spontaneity, legal Marxism, economism, liquidationism, Menshevikism and cabinetism and on the other, he had deeply studied and synthesised the questions including degeneration of capitalism into imperialism, imperialism and war and the relation between imperialism and opportunism.

We must learn well on the preparation of revolution from Lenin and we must very much responsibly carry on the task of revolution that goes ahead from new democracy to socialism and communism.

Sixth:The question of organising communist international: The establishment of the  communist international is an urgent necessity for the world proletarian revolution to advance. Lenin had played important role on this question after Marx and Engels.

He had carried out preparation of the Third International around the First World War by waging ideological struggle against right revisionism present in the Second International and organised the Third International right after the October socialist revolution. At the time of the Second World War the Third International was dissolved and later Cominform was organised. It did not work after the demise of Stalin. Mao did not have opportunity to organise new international.

Various efforts have been done to organise communist international after Mao.

Now the ICM is divided in various streams. At present, learning from Lenin and waging ideological struggle against right opportunism present in the ICM, a concrete initiative to organise the communist international is necessary to take up.